OOTD: 5/14 - the 40th of May

{Cardigan: Jcrew, Top: Jcrew, Skirt: Jcrew Cotton Pencil in Citron, Belt: Jcrew, Pumps: Spain}

We had a near 90 degree today here in Spain. My Spanish neighbors are aghast at the quick rise in temperatures from mid-50s to 90s, mainly because it's uncommon this drastic change in weather and there is very famous Spanish saying. The saying goes like this..."Hasta el cuarenta de Mayo, no te quites tu sayo", meaning until the 40th of May don't put away your coat. And Spaniards hold to this saying pretty closely. I once had a mailman tell me I was certainly not Spanish because I did not have socks on with my flats in October. That is one thing I enjoy learning about a culture - the small things that they are passionate about that make them who they are. 

P.S. Pulled out my Citron pencil skirt again - I'm loving this skirt!!