No Sleep Til Brooklyn! (RIP MCA)

I'm so excited that we can finally share our news! We're moving to Brooklyn Heights this summer! We found the perfect-for-us brownstone. It has lots of space (even a back yard!) and Michael's commute will be about 10 minutes, door to door.

The best and worst part of all - the house needs some renovating. For the past decade, four bachelors have been living there and they have not been super... tidy, let's say. Mostly, the house needs a good scrubbing  and some new paint. But also the kitchen and bathrooms need various levels of upgrading. The great news is the owners are willing to subsidize our rent and pay for the renovating. And I get to blog about it! Hooray!

I can't tell you how thrilled we are. We've been having a nagging feeling for the past couple months that we needed to move, though we weren't sure where. We looked at a couple of apartments in our neighborhood, and I stalked real estate (in other states even!) and then I randomly checked the Craiglist listings for Brooklyn Heights one day about a month ago. There was this tiny little sentence or two about a brownstone available and that they were looking for a family. Not much more info than that, and no photos (normally sort of a deal breaker, right?). I decided to call anyway and I'm SO glad I did. The owners are just the nicest people. The process has taken about a million times longer than most NYC real estate transactions (two years ago we found, toured and signed on our loft in less than 72 hours!), but it's sort of nice to do things the good old fashioned slow way every once in a while. We feel good, they feel good - it really is the perfect place for our family.

We're going to finish up the school year here in Manhattan, then we'll go out of town for a little vacation and come back at the end of July to move just a hop, skip and a jump across the bridge. I still have some projects I'd like to wrap up and photograph here at the loft anyway, so the timing works really well.

I'm so jazzed about this, guys! It's been sort of a rough year for us in some aspects, and we needed a big win. This was totally in the 'win' category. :)