OOTD: 4/15 - Nautical

Blazer: Jcrew Maritime :: Top: H&M :: Pants: Jcrew :: Shoes: Jcrew :: Bracelets: Jcrew

I always like the nautical look for some reason. Something about it always reminds me of spring. Our day was beautiful here, and the hubby and I were able to get a good run in today. I also just started Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred workout with some friends/co-workers after school. Doing a workout is always better if you do it with others than by yourself - I always feel more motivated!

We snapped my OOTD pictures today during our walk with our dog-child, Carson. Carson keeps on our toes and has many stories of the adventures we have had with him since he came into our lives. He even made the big move with us from the US to Spain. We just couldn't imagine life without him or the excitement he brings :)