In Hiding, Breakin Out, Let the Dragons Sparrows

How many of us are there?

We went into Hiding
A long time ago..

There was just too much pain involved
in being who we really were. 

So we hid.

We Watched



And before you know it...

We forgot.

We forgot who we were,

We forgot what we knew.

It made hiding

But now it's becoming difficult..

to remain Hiding.

The Master Light Switch
just keeps gettin turned up Brighter..

And those things,
 whatever they were
That hurt us
and made us hide...
from them...
and ourselves...

are being exposed. ..

If we look away from them

as we always have in the past,

We will remain their Slaves. 

But if we allow ourselves to Remember

without Judgment...

Then finally we can Shine.

I have very few memories of my Childhood,

I remember visiting my Uncle Lee and Aunt Isla.
But I have maybe a couple dozen, at most
memories of my Family Life.

It's just like this big painful Hole. 

And I know that somewhere in that hole,

is the reason I don't ..

I can't even say it...

My Soul Knows Herbs
but I fight it
I block it..

My soul knows many healing modalities..
But I block it..

My soul knows how to be One with All Creation..

But I block that at all cost..

I've hidden what I know about the ,"yoga's".

Never do I bring up anything about ,

"The Light".

About our unlimited potential..

About the Bliss of being One with Everything.

It seems no body really knows what the Hell I'm talkin about.

When I'm talkin bout the most important things..

That is Freakin Lonely.

And Lonely Hurts...

So I kinda quit talkin,

about when I was 8 years old..

And now,

to be free to be Myself

and do what is my lot in Life...

I must journey to the past 

and face the dragons that captured my soul..

Were they Dragons?

or are they Sparrows?

Let the Dragons... Sparrows

and Sparrows 
be Dragons..

I recently read something my Mom wrote
about our family
when I was growing up...

And it made me realize why I have maybe only 5 memories of my Mom being around
when I was a kid.

And the reason is that she was living ,

or maybe I was living

in an alternate universe..

What she saw through her eyes...

was a totally different reality from what I saw... 

That's freakin weird.