Al and Keith

There's something incredibly gratifying about seeing the Al Gore-Keith Olbermann breakup over at Current TV.

Given Obermann's history, the bulk of the blame has to lie with him. He was evidently very much himself at Current, demanding vacation time in the middle of important elections and complaining bitterly about the quality of his car service, especially when the drivers had the nerve to talk to him. He would also carp on the air about the poor quality of his graphics, and sometimes didn't bother to show up for work.

But both Olbermann and Gore have made the list of famous people who have Aspergers Syndrome.

It certainly doesn't seem entirely coincidental that both men have Aspergers, and are also so rigidly liberal. (Limousine liberalism of the type demonstrated by these two also seems to reflect a full blown narcissism -- how else could anyone be so hypocritical?)

People with any degree of autism, even Aspergers, have a hard time getting along with others. It takes a patient, understanding, and flexible person to abide the rigidity of someone with Aspergers. People who have Aspergers themselves rarely exhibit that kind of patience or flexibility. So when two Aspies meet, it tends to be more of a collision than a collegial meeting of like-minded people. Thus Al Gore and Keith Olbermann.

It's a little like when two sociopaths meet. Sociopaths generally prefer to surround themselves with innocent, trusting, loyal, honest, compliant types who will let them have their way and who do not see through them. Thus, when two sociopaths meet, you usually get fireworks.

One has to wonder where Olbermann will go next. After his long trail of broken relationships, he has to be radioactive.