"10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won't Tell You"

This is actual wisdom.

The Natural Life: What's in your Vaccine?

One of the key points to understanding why vaccines can be so dangerous is knowing what is actually in them. I've heard from parent after parent that vaccines are "Mercury Free," "Chemical Free," and that they "Just contain some dead viruses." ALL of these statements are 100% FALSE, FALSE & FALSE!!!  It never ceases to amaze me what people believe simply because their doctor said it. And doctors will say anything!

Now, I could sit here and type up the entire list of vaccines and their complete ingredients - BUT why do that when the CDC has been so wonderful in providing all of that information in PFD files for us!
I suggest you save them to your computer so you have them on hand all the time while you are doing your research!

How to Clean Lucite

I picked up this vintage lucite stool at the flea market a week or two ago and this weekend I had a minute to reupholster the seat and clean up the base.

I was so excited to use this laminated fabric I bought at Purl Soho a while back. You can find lots of laminated fabrics online. They're great to use on dining chairs and play room chairs, or seating in the bathroom.

I took off the old, dingy fabric and used the old fabric as a pattern to cut out the laminated fabric. This way it was easy to choose where I wanted to center the fabric on the pattern.

Laminated fabric, like vinyl, is a little tricky to work with around corners and round edges because it is so thick. Don't be afraid to pull tightly and try hard to keep the folds on the underside of the seat, rather than along the edge.

Before I put the new seat on, I cleaned the acrylic frame. There's definitnely a right and a wrong way to clean lucite. NEVER use Windex!! It deteriorates the acrylic slightly over time and makes it look cloudy instead of bright and clear.

The best way to clean lucite is simply warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Then just wipe it down with a dry cloth and you're all done. I've seen acrylic polish solutions out there but I've never used them before.

So happy to have a new little waterproof stool in our bathroom for sitting on while I bathe the girls!

PS Here's the post were I painted the little blue vanity. And remember Emily's laminated fabric bench in her dining room? Have you found a great use or source for laminated fabric?

Beltane plans

Well we think we have plans for Beltane now. We'll dance and sing, light a fire and plant in a friends garden. The friend in question isn't pagan or religious for that matter but she said we could borrow a corner of her garden as long as she can enjoy the planting and harvest with us. We have to celebrate a little early however because of conflicting schedules and the time that everybody can get together.

The planting is on very short notice (today) and only 2 of us can make it though I hear rumor that our host invited other friends to enjoy in the planting.
The fire will be tomorrow the 30th, not a bon fire, just a small one in a fire pit but it will more than serve the 3 of us plus one other friend.
Me and L have solo plans later in the evening on Beltane
And I know a few others are going to dance in circles around the may pole while me and L are on the opposite side of town.

This is probably the busiest festival we've had in years, so many parts but so little lines. Thank the goddess! I hate having to recite spells in front of people.
I have a bit of a speech impediment that gets worse as I get nervous, add in a stutter and a nervousness performing in front of more than 1 person and you have yourself a very odd looking lead.

Good news abound!
I've been looking for a job for almost 5 months now and I will admit this latest and fourth month has been harder because all the jobs out there I have already sent in my resume for, even people who are not hiring have my resume and I haven't heard back from any one. This economy kinda burned out and the job search is kinda burning me out.
However a few friends of mine who have jobs in decent places, armed with my resume and are my references themselves are trying to get me a commuter job.
Now I don't particularly like commuter jobs, having to spend a week or longer in a camp setting (worse than dorms and worse food), being away from friends, family, my life. But right now I'll take what I can get, and if it means I also get my foot in the door for better job opportunities then count me in!
Obviously a little about that will be mentioned around the fire and hopefully Beltane will help me start something new, a chapter in my life where I can start working towards financial goals that I've had to put on hold for a while.
Like buying a house and starting a family.

Maybe some day soon.

Anyways back to work on my personal projects and Beltane plans,


Picture from

A far more telling story about Tiger

When I first heard that Tiger had a string of mistresses, my initial reaction was, ho-hum, at least half the men presented with those same opportunities would do the same.

When I read about the extent of his sexual activity, and how he would often squeeze two or three girlfriends per day, I thought, well, those are the steroids talking. But then I thought, a lot of other top athletes juice as well. (The evidence presented by our eyes is always more compelling than the denials issued by the athletes.)

While neither the steroids nor the mistresses make Tiger a candidate for sainthood, neither necessarily showed behavior that far from the norm, either.

Then I read a few excerpts from the recent book on Tiger by his former coach, Hank Haney. Much of what Haney described was just regular hijinks, what most would place in the category of relatively harmless practical jokes.

But the one thing that really stood out was when Haney said that when Tiger was having dinner at a restaurant, as soon as he was finished eating, he would get up and leave, expecting everyone see to get up and follow, whether or not they were finished with their own food: "When he was done -- and he habitually ate fast -- you were done."

That I was thrown by. Just getting up and in the middle of a meal and expecting everyone else to follow? Even among some of the extreme narcissists I've been acquainted with, I've never known -- or even heard of -- anyone else who does that.

That, more than any of his other transgressions, indicates a personality far from the norm.



The Natural Life: Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices - A documentary by Dr. Tenpenny

Dr. Tenpenny is one of the leading proponents in vaccine education.  Anyone looking to be properly informed on Vaccines, DEFINITELY needs to watch this!

Copy Cat Design: Chic, Modern Desk

Colleen, who may have suckered me into buying a gingham dress, is back in action today with another killer copy cat post! I loved this room from Adore too! PS Colleen mentions Pinterest in her round up. Thought I would mention she is one of my favorite Pinners around. Follow her here.

I have a confession. I really, really love office supplies. Walking into Container Store makes my knees buckle, and guys, I am not an organized person. So when I saw Claudia Stephenson's Sydney office area in Adore magazine, I was a little smitten. 

I love the glass ball lamp in the picture, but I'd settle for a lucite one too. Another option are these mini ball lamps--you get a pair for $220, which is quite the deal!

In my fantasy life, my pencils all match. The little things.

We should probably refrain from choosing bright pink for every storage container. Unless this is for a young girl, in which case I suggest you go wild. A simple, natural fiber storage basket adds just enough texture.

A little luxury for your workspace, that's it!

Stash receipts and other not-so-pretty but necessary things.

A little caveat: if you spend a significant amount of time at your desk, definitely invest in something more comfortable than a side chair. But plopping down for a little Pinterest session, I love this chair.

A place for the bits and bobs to live, like business cards.

Resist the temptation to buy a matching desk set and use non-office things, like votive holders, small vases, and drinking glasses, as pencil holders. 

I dig the small collection of vintage Penguin editions in the image. Popping into used book stores is one of my favorite things, and you can always find some cool-looking covers.

Pretty square scarves make excellent art. This office uses a Hermes scarf, but I'm a little partial to this Kate Spade pattern!

Ground all the color and slickness with a simple jute rug.

For an x-desk, I really like this one from Z Gallerie. But if you just want a simple white lacquer desk, nothing much beats the Parsons Desk from West Elm. 

News and Trade show

I'm still trying to figure out what to do about Beltane... Anima is helping me look because she has the same problem with living in an apartment downtown.
Still looking for suggestions.

I have some good news which I can't tell you about yet. (24-48 hours before I can)
and some mundane news that I still can't tell you yet.

Though I am allowed to tell you that I just got a request for me to draw a picture.
I'm on one of those mini job sites that allow you to advertise yourself to do small jobs for little money (money is tight). I don't get commissions from those sites very often but it is helping me keep my head above water in this financial mess. (taxes and other prices rise while income stays the same or drops)

What I really need is a good paying job where I can turn my talents (mainly drawing) into good use.  But so far I haven't found that yet so I'll keep on plodding away.

If you live in the wood buffalo/fort mcmurray area you are probably excited about the trade show that's happening tomorrow.
Personally I can't wait to go as I love the caramel apples and all the neat little things we can't find around town often. (and no I'm not being paid to advertise there and I'm not selling anything there)

I started a fresh batch of lentils today using the same methods as last time, I just love those things but I don't go through them very fast.

The bag is a bit stained because I also use it to cook peas pudding along with other yummy things but  it does the job nicely. Keeps the lentils all aired out and well drained after rinsing.

Now some bad news that I can share with you, and yes this will sound a bit whiny so you are warned...

I hate getting sick, having the chest cough is worse than most other sicky things I get. I like being able to breath thank you very much, so please can you sickness please leave my lungs alone and let me enjoy breathing again without sputtering or being in discomfort.

anyways back to life


OOTD: 4/26 - Citron, Oh How I Love Thee!

{Cardigan: Jcrew :: Tank: Jcrew :: Skirt: Jcrew Cotton in Citron :: Necklace: Jcrew Palm Springs :: Wedges: Jcrew}

I was quite excited to wear my Citron pencil skirt today. Silly, I know. If you would have told me that I'd be that excited about a yellow/green pencil skirt, I would have told you that was crazy, but alas here we are. Seriously though, this pencil skirt is awesome - I think Citron should be the color of the year right now (Sorry Tangerine Tango). It goes with navy, tan, coral, white, stripes, dots, black & white....LOTS! And this skirt is popping up on blogs all over! (@ Kendieveryday, @ Apples & Pencil Skirts, @ Jane Squared

Nice guys, average guys, and sociopaths (XV)

SITUATION: A guy has been lying to his roommates about the rent for their apartment, telling them that it was higher than it was, and has been pocketing the difference. He has just been caught; his roommates are outraged. How does he react?

Nice guy: Wouldn’t do this in the first place.

Average guy: Probably wouldn’t do this in the first place, but if he did, and were caught, would feel shame and embarrassment. Might try to half-heartedly justify it on the basis of it being his lease.

Sociopath: Would be completely unembarrassed, and would shrug it off by saying, as if his roommates are crazy for getting angry in the first place, “Hey man, it’s a dog eat dog world out there. You don’t expect me not to try to make a little profit, do you?”

SITUATION: Two buddies stumble across $4000 in cash in a brown paper bag on a park bench. What do they do?

Nice guy: Wants to find the rightful owner and return the money.

Average guy: Suggests splitting the money evenly, and swears his buddy to secrecy.

Sociopath: He counts the money himself, tells his buddy it totals $3000, then suggests he should keep $2000 to his buddy's $1000 because he's the one who suggested going to the park in the first place. He threatens to kill his buddy if he ever blabs about their find.

SITUATION: Two cops bust a major drug dealer, find $200,000 on a table in his house.

Nice guy: Wants to turn the money in as evidence.

Average guy: Although inclined to be honest, is sorely tempted. Potentially swayed either way by his partner.

Sociopath: Tells his partner, "Hey, that money is ours. Far as I'm concerned, we earned it. We're the ones who busted this scumbag. Hey, you put your life on the line for sixty grand a year so you can watch some stockbroker drive around in his seventy grand BMW? Fuck that. Hey, do it for your kids. Don't tell me they don't deserve better."

The Ties That Bind

I've been thinking a lot lately about the idea of binding together a handful of inexpensive/less expensive flat weave rugs to make a large custom size rug. I think the look would be super casual and boho. See how cool Amanda Peet's rug looks?

Here are a few less expensive small rugs and runners that I think would look really great stitched together. Pricing listed below.

Overstock Patterned Sisal: $194 for four rugs to make an 8x10. This rug looks a little more on the rusty side in person. I'd love to see it paired with this pretty turquoise twine!

Overstock Nikolay Rug: Four runners makes an 8x10 for $374. And how perfect is the combo with neon pink twine?

IKEA Soften Rug: $150 for six rugs to make an 8x10. I think this would be a super dramatic and sophisticated look, with dark charcoal twine. I imagine it in a chic living room or a really cool office.

Pottery Barn Chindi Stripe : Make a 6x6' rug to go under a round pedestal table for your breakfast nook. $236 for six rugs. (I really want this one!)

IKEA Andrup Rug: $140 for four rugs to make an 8x10. What a steal for a GREAT play room rug! I'm loving that sky blue jute twine!

West Elm Izmir Dhurrie: $206 to make a 5x7 rug. I would pair it with this neon yellow twine for a super cool little boys room rug. It's outdoor material, so you can even hose it down! Keep some IKEA flokati throws handy for layered texture and comfort, though if you take a close look at all the images, the rug actually looks just like wool! I bet it's softer than most outdoor rugs.

I can't wait to try this idea out in our next place. It looks like such a simple over-under type stitch (blanket or whip stitch, maybe?). So very easy!

OOTD: 4/25 - The Blessing of JCAs and Reviews

{Shirt: Jcrew Jewel Necklace :: Skirt: LOFT :: Wedges: Madewell :: Bracelets: Jcrew & Sfera :: Watch: AE}

I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts my mom brought during our Spring Break again. I think I have already worn this shirt 5 times already.  But unfortunately, it seems to have currently disappeared from the Jcrew website. If it pops back, I highly recommend! (as does Tweed & Toile)

I kept true today to my neutral-colored natured self that I am but added some red accents with the wedges and watch. Tomorrow, though, I'm breaking out the Citron pencil skirt again! Woohoo!!

Skirted Bassinet

When I was pregnant with Evie, I meant to add a skirt to our simple white bassinet. I never quite got around to it before she was born, but if I had, it would look a lot like the one here. This lady NAILED it.

Check out her whole nursery tour here and also a few more photos on her blog.

PS Some people in the comments section of the Apt Therapy tour were all upset that this nursery is so grown-up looking. I think it's lovely to have a more sophisticated space for children as long as everything is safe. And I think I feel that way especially about a nursery, since the parents will be the ones with the most vivid memories of time spent in that room! What do you think?

I'm a lucky duckling to have such a good sister

Well while wondering how to explain to my aunt differences in belief systems apparently my sister took the initiative. She lives only close to our aunt and suffered from brain freeze at the same time the rest of us did, so while doing errands she dropped into our aunts house and had a heart to heart.
I don't know exactly what was said but early this morning our aunt phoned me to apologize and to ask if I was offended.
She admitted that she had no clue about the difference between different gods and still doesn't, but at least now she knows that they are not all the same christian god.

Now the only things I need to think of this week are finding a new job and Beltane.

Richard is Dead

Richard loves Jaymie, the Movie, consumed my thoughts first thing each morning as soon as I opened my eyes.   Most of my days started with tears seeping into my pillow.  Anticipation of struggling through another day of mental mayhem was so damn daunting.
Jaymie loves Richard, the Sequel, played in my head for hours when I would try to rest at night.  I'd say try to sleep, but that was never what I hoped for when I crawled, emotionally spent, into my bed.  If I was able to rest my body, my mind, my spirit for a few hours each night, I was so grateful.  Even with the mixture of sedatives and booze that I retreated to much too frequently, my thoughts of him with her had no intermission.

Broken.  I saw my marriage as broken.  Not just damaged or fractured, but shattered and beyond repair.  Richard swore it wasn't.  He never stopped loving me, but that was inconceivable.  The love he proclaimed to her was too massive, too all encompassing.  How could he have any left for me?  If he did love me, I believed it was a love of comfort, not passion.  I am mother to his children.  He has slept next to me for 30 years.  Through tough times and the happiest of days, we have shared it all.  His love for me was almost an obligation.  He desired her.  He wanted her.  The love he felt for her consumed him.

I had zero interest in sharing my husband affections with a 24 year old needy, bird brained bimbo.

Richard was no longer the man I married, not even close.  I kept telling him, "My husband is dead."  You might say that's a bit over the top, a tad too dramatic.  I beg to differ.  My life had done the proverbial 180.   My husband, the strong, dependable, levelheaded partner I could always count on had vanished.  Richard was dead.  The man that I saw through my swollen, blood-shot eyes was a stranger.

This stranger was a very determined son-of -a-bitch, completely resolved in his story that he never stopped loving me.  Come on!  How feasible is that??  I'd have to be as half-witted as Jaymie to buy that bullshit.

OK...enough.  You get it.  I wasn't buying the crap he was selling.  My theory was ever so much more plausible, logical and credible.  He loved her utterly.  He was just scared of giving up his safe life for what he ultimately yearned for.

Scheming, planning.... time to take the control of my life back.  My management skills and my take charge personality dictated my next questionable move.  I offered my deceased husband up to the female vulture.  A love that was as pure and beyond doubt as the emails testified, would not expire in 6 short weeks.  She could have her "perfect" man back.  I barely knew this bastard.

I sent this to Richard & Jaymie.  I thought I was being oh so rational!  At the time, it felt so liberating to just let my marriage go.  He had already gambled it all, I was just throwing the dice one more time.

As I have now had the opportunity to read some of the emails you two shared, I realize how important the written word is to you both.  I am hoping by opening this line of communication, we all can find some measure of hope or closure.  

Jaymie:  You may have already moved on.  Richard thinks that is the case.  If so, please accept my apology for intruding.  But, I believe very strongly that you can't love someone that much, that fast and just shut it off.  I read the letters.  I heard some of the voice mails.  I heard your voice when you told me that what you two shared was undeniable regardless of the limitations and that you never thought you would have to defend the love you shared.  I also read the email after I found out about you telling Richard that you were breaking up with him.  It said you were doing that MOSTLY because I was willing to work through all this and fight for our marriage.  That may no longer be true.  
This email gives my husband permission to explore what he might still be able to have with you in his life.  

Richard:  I know you're not happy about me sending this email, but because you love me and you want me to heal, you will try to understand why I'm writing it.  You finally admitted to me that you did indeed love Jaymie.  No more, it was never love.  No more, I was just searching for something or I was crazy.  You found it in your heart to admit the truth and I can not tell you how much that means to me.  Even though I always knew that you really did love her, because I know you so well, it felt liberating to hear you say it. You say you want nothing more than a small amount of hope that we can salvage what is left of our marriage, that I can find a way to forgive you.  I say I need you to leave so I can begin my new life.  Here in lies the rub.......
I can't be with you if there is ANY chance that you are still in love with Jaymie.  I deserve so much better than that.  I need you to be SURE that you are done with what you had with Jaymie, then I may be able to give you hope.  If, as the discussion evolves, you find your love for one another is still alive, then I want closure to give me resolve to deal with the end of our lives together.  

By sending this email to you both, my hope is that we can discuss our possible options, our happiest futures.  

If we are all honest with each other, maybe we can find the paths that will eventually lead us all to a better, happier place.  We may find hope that Richard & I will stay married, that we will be better than before and we will grow old together.  But, we may also discover that Richard desires a new path.   One that fills him up with joy in ways I could not.  This is where you come in, Jaymie.  You can shut down this open line by ignoring it or you can help me find my way.

Please, help me.

Early election call

Last September, this blog was the first to call the Republican nomination for Mitt Romney.

In that same spirit, this blog is now calling the general election for Romney as well.

Despite the fact that Intrade has the odds of Obama winning at 59.9% (vs. 38.3% for Romney), there is just too much sentiment built up against the President. He has lost the independents, who are crucial for his election. Young people are no longer as enthusiastic. And black people, his most dependable voting bloc, are projected to show up in smaller numbers than they did for the historic 2008 election.

There may also be further revelations about Obama's background which would further alienate the electorate. These may have to do with the provenance of his birth certificate, or who paid for his college education, or why he is not registered as a lawyer in the state of Illinois. But given the effort which has gone into sealing his records, academic and otherwise, an October surprise would not be surprising.

So far, the best they've been able to come up with about Romney is that some of the multitude of companies he bought and sold fired some people, and that he once transported his dog on top of a car.

So this blog declares Romney the winner.

You heard it here first.

The Natural Life: Reading Labels

Recently I read an article about how many "Green" products really aren't. And it reminded me of a story, which I felt I needed to share here. When I first started trying to switch over to a greener more eco-friendly lifestyle I found it to be not quite as easy as I first thought. One of the first thing I switched was our dish detergent, because it made sense to be a good place to start - I mean, why put all those extra chemicals on the dishes we were going to put out food on? So, that's where I decided to start.

I was super excited to see that there were a number of name brand companies making products labeled "Green," "Natural" or "Eco-Friendly." So, the next time I was at the store I picked one up and put it in the buggy... I didn't ever think to read the label. Why would I? I saw words like "All Natural" and "Eco-Friendly" right on the label, why would I have cause to think it wasn't really so green?

So, anyways, I got home, put away  the groceries and started to load the dishwasher. I unscrewed the lid and pulled back the foil so I could fill the machine. When I did I splashed some of the product on my hand and shirt, which of course, was brand new & black (figures right?).  At the time I didn't think anything of it. I figured I would finish loading the dishes, and then go clean up my hands and shirt, no big deal... Well, I was wrong! I finished up the dishes and went to clean up...

Now, I am HIGHLY allergic to Chlorine, but this was supposed to be a natural and green product, why would I worry about Chlorine? Well, I should have! Not only was my shirt (you know the brand new black one) ruined, but my hand had broken out in an allergic rash. At that point, I went to read the label.  Let me just say, this was FAR from Green or Eco-Friendly!

It was at that point that I started to do some more homework about what it means to be a green or eco-friendly product. As I learned there is really no guidelines or rules which are required to be met in order to label something as green, all natural or eco-friendly. These terms are literally free for companies to use, regardless of how truthful the statement is. What I found was many companies replace one or two chemicals with a more natural option and then call the entire product green, while not actually creating a product which is eco-friendly...

What I found to be even more disturbing is that a growing number of companies are sprouting up claiming to have Green products, while masking their ingredients behind "code words" in an effort to trick customers in to purchasing their products - usually at a higher price than they could purchase similar products somewhere else.

It's for this reason that it's very important to read the labels to everything prior to purchasing. If you are looking to purchase a product online, request an ingredients list or copy of the label before ordering. IF a company refuses to provide you with these things, my advice is to look elsewhere for products which are more honest and open, a truly green company, has no reason to hide their ingredients.

It's also very important that you actually know what you're looking for. While it's obvious that ingredients like Chlorine, Ammonia or Benzine are toxic you may not know about others. A good rule of thumb is if you can't pronounce it, don't use it! If you have questions about an ingredient in something, take 30 seconds to run an internet search on it, you'll easily get an answer. However, it's these "code words" which are in my opinion more dangerous than the unpronounceable chemical names, because many people look them over without really questioning what they need. Words such as "Fragrance," "Preservative," "Cleaning or Brightening Agent" or "Stabilizers" should be looked at as higher questionable. These terms usually replace the names of chemicals (you know, those unpronounceable ones) that are far from Eco-Friendly and can in fact be very dangerous.

You'll find that the vast majority of things labeled as green, really aren't. For me, I've gotten to the point where purchasing "green" products means cleaning with Vinegar and Baking Soda, and using products like Crisco and Corn Starch on my children... I'm still mastering making things like soap, shampoo and dishwasher detergent, so for these I do my best to buy what I call "greener" products. By greener I mean, not completely eco-friendly, but greener than your average option. Once I master making my own, I'll stop using these options all together. In some future posts I will post some "how too" information for making your own stuff... A good rule of thumb when making your own products is if you can't eat it don't use it... Please notice (it's sad I have to say this) I said CAN'T not, WON'T, simply because something CAN be eaten, doesn't mean it should be...

If you're scared of DIY upholstery...

I got this settee off craigslist a while back and when we bought the Chesterfield I didn't really have a place for it. The old yellow silk upholstery on the frame was in pretty good shape, but the cushion was bad. The fabric was worn completely through and the feather cushion was a little wimpy and old, and just needed to be replaced.

We almost got rid of the settee but ended up keeping it and I'm so glad we did! I found this black cut velvet on white silk at Mood for $20 a yard and bought the whole bolt (ended up being a little over six yards, which will be *just* right).

My upholsterer quoted me $700 to redo the entire settee, but just to do the cushion (down-wrapped foam) was $250. This is such a great option for beginner DIY upholsterers or tired/lazy DIYers like me! Smoothing and stapling fabric against a frame is not that stressful, but sewing a cushion can get a little tricky!

Once I realized the new foam and feathers would cost me about $150 in materials, paying a professional a little extra to do the hard part was a no-brainer.

I'm hoping to get to the frame upholstery done this week. I pulled off some of the old welting and took out a few inches of staples yesterday to see what I was working with.

The wood is in pretty rough shape - lots of staple and nail damage from about 150 years of upholstery jobs. I might have to do some wood filling here or something.

I'm excited to get this one done and start enjoying the sofa again!

Olympic swimmers better-looking than movie stars

Now that Olympic Trials season is almost over, I'm struck once again by how remarkably good-looking so many of the top male swimmers are, especially compared to recent movie stars. But don't take my word; look at the pictures and make up your own mind:

Michael Klim set world records in both the 100 meter butterfly and freestyle. He made a recent comeback, failed to make the Australian team a month ago, and retired again.

I've always thought Tom Cruise looks exactly like what he is rumored to be:

If the 6'5" Klim and the 5' 7" Cruise were standing side by side in bathing suits near a pool, and no one knew who they were, exactly zero people would gaze at Cruise.

Expect to hear the name Ryan Lochte a lot this summer. He was an individual world champion in four events last year, beating Michael Phelps in two of them.

Here's Leonardo Dicaprio:

Assuming neither was famous, which one do you think would have been more popular with girls in high school?

Pawel Korzeniowski is a former world champ in the 200 meter butterfly, and was the silver medalist to Phelps as recently as 2009:

Adam Sandler perennially places among the top grossing Hollywood stars:

Maybe it's unfair to choose Sandler, who got his start as a comedian rather than a heartthrob, but he has starred in several romantic comedies. Korzeniowski, on the other hand, has the kind of looks which Hollywood prefers to cast in villainous roles these days. But which man would you rather look like?

Here's Matt Targett, on the left, celebrating Australia's 400 free relay victory last summer:

This is how he looks when his face isn't contorted:

Strong, arched eyebrows like Targett's can make one look rakish, intrepid, and devilish at the same time. I have no idea what Targett is actually like, but he certainly looks more the way I'd have pictured Robin Hood than Kevin Costner did:

I could have made this post five times as long, with every contrast equally stark, and all the movie stars looking like slightly subhuman wimps by comparison

Most of these swimmers probably couldn't act. But half of today's movie stars can't, either.

In the old days, Johnny Weissmuller became Tarzan and Buster Crabbe became Flash Gordon. That doesn't happen anymore. 

Something's been lost.

OOTD: 4/23 - Pinterest Inspired

Sweater: Jcrew :: Pants: Jcrew :: Necklace: Spain :: Bracelets: Target & Spain

If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, then you're in for a real addiction. At least I was easily sucked in. It is an ingenious idea to create an online bulletin board and to be able to pin whatever your heart desires. Many an outfit (including today's!) has come from Pinterest pins from fashion blogs, websites, etc. 

Are you a Pinterest fan? Does it help you organize your life?

Room Tours: Kristin's Living Room (and white sputnik!)

Kristin has a lovely home in Florida with gorgeous beamed ceilings. She emailed me recently asking for advice on a chandelier and whether or not I thought my sputnik DIY would work in her space, with her wood beams. I suggested going with a white versions and I'm so thrilled with Kristin's results. Don't the white florets look like milk glass? Love! 

Here are some photos of her living room (and one of her breakfast nook - so cute!). Sources listed at the bottom.

sofa table - antique
woven tray on table - a gift from a shop in our town called Decorative Arts
green lamps - one of my favorite vintage finds
green end table - purchased for $8.00 from the Salvation Army and painted!  I love the greek key detailing
small chinoisserie planter - found at an antique store
chinoisserie bird coasters - purchased years ago at Anthropologie
brown leather tufted couch - the company is four hands but I purchased from Decorative Arts (this couch and I were love at first sight! :))
throw pillows on both couches - feather pillow same from T.J. Maxx and were recovered with fabric from Calico Corners
throw blanket - Missoni for Target (I was one of those crazy people that were lined up early in the morning at my local Target) :)
Ottoman - purchased at Home Goods, and reupholstered by my amazing friend Cori who first introduced me to LGN! (fabric from Calico Corners)
white mirrored tray on ottoman - Target and then we repainted it white
tweed couch - company unknown.  Purchased at a boutique home store in Tampa, Fl called Magnolia
Bookshelves - Billy Book cases of course!  Inspired by Jenny, we bought the white bookcases and then painted the backs in a dark brown color.  We then styled them with sentimental objects such as vintage books passed down from family, photos, a painting my husband made for me, silhouette of my son Hudson, etc...
T.V. stand in the middle of the bookshelves - we scored this piece at a garage sale...  It was formerly a buffet.  We repainted it off white to match the bookshelves, took one drawer out to accomodate the electronics and replaced the hardware.
little glass bottle with scent diffuser - Anthropologie
Large green glass jars on top of bookshelves - Decorative Arts
Area Rug - Diamond Jute from Pottery Barn
Children's chairs - Pottery Barn Kids in Sherpa ( I think I sent you a picture of Harper enjoying it! )
Small table in between children's chairs - a vintage find
Entry mahogony table - found this years ago at an antique store with knob and all!
lamp on table - vintage ginger jar lamp; shade from decorative arts
small dragonfly tray on entry table - John Derian tray
potted plant - Anthropologie
floor lamp next to children's chairs - Pottery Barn
bird pictures on wall near children's chairs - these are antique audobon prints.  I repainted the frames gold.
large wooden basket under entry table - antique basket found years ago at the Rennigars Antique show in Mt. Dora, Fl
the window woven roman shades throughout the room - custom made from Levelor.  
Mirror on fireplace - Honeycomb Mirror from Pier 1 (inspired by Jenny and February's Southern Living).  I think that this mirror is even more gorgeous in person.  It's beautiful!
Wooden duck on hearth - carved by my grandfather when I was a child
Chandelier - Ikea Maskros DIY (courtesy of Jenny and Little Green Notebook!) She recommended to keep the chandelier white and use the white fleur cups.  I love, love, love this light fixture!