The simple answer to end war and corruption

Once upon a Time there was a Country 
Of and For
the People.
But then some people there got very lazy..
and others got very greedy.
And before you knew it
this country became a Slave State.
Where 99% of the populace worked to support 1% of the populace
who lived richer than Kings.
The 1% allowed most of the populace just enough money to get by..
And kept them hypnotized into believing that they were free.
Those who weren't given enough to get by..
were demonized.
The 99% were kept sedated with substances in their water supplies (fluoride and chlorine)
they were fed "foods" that made them stupid and sick so that they would depend upon the Controllers
who ran the "Medical" Business and their Government..... to keep them from Death
and make all their decisions for them.
And a whole new "science" arose that would keep the 99% just well enough
to remain the slaves of the 1%.

These days you can see folks "occupying" This and That.
Attempting to make a Difference in a world Run by Banksters and War Piggie Profiteers.
They've mostly figured out that their votes at the ballot box don't change things.
But the sad reality is
Standing in front of the Banks and other institutions that have stolen the souls of the Countries
Isn't making much of a difference either.
It's maybe making a few more of the Sheeple wake up for a few brief moments
before they go back to sleep in front of Fox News,
But the War Piggies and Banksters are sitting up there in their Ivory Towers...
Laughing their asses off at these Protesters.
Here's the Truth of it:
The folks with all the best Intentions go stand in front of a municipal building
waving signs and shouting slogans.
They might do it every weekend
because they have to go back to work on Monday...
Making a Living to pay their bills.

So they go to work on Monday..
and every couple of weeks, maybe once a month they get paid for
whatever it is they do to survive.
And out of every paycheck they hand a good portion of their hard earned income
over to the Banksters and War Piggie Profiteers.
Who use it mostly to destroy lives.
They pay for the killing of innocent people in foreign lands
with every paycheck
They pay to bail out the Banksters who have stolen the homes of many thousands of these hardworking people.
They pay the Banksters....
and the poor folks who are robbed of their homes....
can live on the streets.
Every April 15th they give a portion of their income to the most corrupt and evil
people on the planet..
allowing them to do more evil and corrupt things....
These good intentioned people finance all the evil that takes place in the world they live in..
Then they go out on the weekend
wave their signs
and yell their slogans.

Are they ignorant to the fact that they are funding the evil they hate?
They are intelligent....
Can't they see that they are the ones responsible for the deaths of innocent people in foreign lands?
After all it was them who paid for the guns and bullets and missiles...
and the salaries of the soldiers sent to murder. 

Well they could see this..
but I think it's a Truth to painful to bear.

They feel Helpless.

I mean if they don't pay this blood money
they can go to prison..

They can have their homes taken from them,

like they've seen the Banksters do to some of their friends.
Only it would be Uncle Sam throwing them in Jail,
Fining them to the point they must sell their homes or whatever to stay out of Jail.

Do they ever question how this can even be?

It's like the Illegal "Protection" rackets that the Mafia get in trouble for perpetrating.
Only on a much bigger scale..
And it's legal..

And they don't question because they are living under the false impression that they are paying for needed services....
They are paying for their retirement with Social Security.

Well as I remember Social Security was taken out totally separately from the rest of the money..

A large Percentage of which which goes directly to fund murder and mayhem the world over..
And goes indirectly...eventually
to 1% of the population..

So they dutifully every year of their working life..
Pay this blood money...
They fear the hired thugs coming and throwing them in Jail if they don't
or forcing them from their homes.

And yet if Nobody paid this blood money
there would be no money to pay the hired thugs.
No money to pay the soldiers killing innocent folks in foreign lands.
No money going into the vaults of the banksters and War Piggie Profiteers.
No money being siphoned off from the 99%
to the 1 %.
Folks feel real brave standing up against the hired thugs while waving their signs.
But if they were really brave
They would stop paying those hired thugs salaries.
I mean really the answer is so simple.
If the 99% quit paying this blood money
the Wars for Profit would end.
The poisoning of the population with crap in the water air and food would end.
The "medical" profession would become a profession designed to help people get  and stay well.
Not help Pharmaceutical companies get richer.

Take 0 deductions from your paychecks..
And don't pay on April 15th.

Everybody do this.

It's the only way to stop the corrupt system in it's tracks.

Don't fund it...
it'll die..
Then start all over with something SANE.
Something For the People....
 of the People.

The simple answer to end war and corruption?

Don't finance it...