Terrariums at West Elm

So, just like my preserved boxwoods, I love terrariums for their easy maintenance. You don't have to do much to keep terrariums alive other than give them lots of sun and a spray of water every month or so.

I was excited when last month West Elm invited me to come and make a terrarium along with a few other NYC bloggers, led by their star designer, Shane Powers. He is a garden and plant extraordinaire (he works a lot with Martha).

We used these huge glass terrariums for potting cacti and succulents in special cactus soil mix and black sand.

That was one of Shane's tricks that I loved - using layers of colored sand to cover the potting soil. Look how pretty the layers look here:

It was such a fun night, chatting with blog/industry friends while getting our hands dirty. I loved sitting next to Mat Sanders and getting the scoop about the new Domino. Did you hear there is a special issue coming to news stands April 17? Mat is the new Market Editor and from what I could coerce out of him it sounds like they have a lot of great things in store for us Domino fans. :)

Do you have any exciting weekend plans? Michael gets home tomorrow (thank heaven above)! I missed that guy.


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