Self-improvement vs. consumption

People can be divided into two groups: those into self-improvement, and those into consumption.

The former make an effort to read and learn about new things. They try to use their time efficiently, and eat healthily. They set goals, and try hard to reach them. They also enjoy competition, and testing themselves in various ways. Even when they don't enjoy it, they may test themselves just for the challenge.

The latter love vacations, parties, nice clothes, expensive cars, well-appointed homes, jewelry, fancy meals, fine wines, boxes of bonbons, etc. They measure their lives by what they have, as opposed to what they are.

Even the two types have a goal in common, they go about attaining it differently. The former try to lose weight through exercise and diet. The latter, via liposuction. The former make money by working for it. The latter, by marrying it.

There's not much overlap.