Magical Scents

A long time ago in a place far far away (Stanford California) I came across a store selling nothing but essential oils. This was in the days of my maniacal meditating..he he. And I discovered something back then about scents. It was that different scents were attuned to different centers in the body. Some were attuned to the Heart, some to the Third eye...some were very grounding, and others very uplifting. I also discovered that most "manly" scents tended to be very grounding, and most feminine scents were more attuned to centers upwards from the Heart. In fact you could say that there are distinctly Male and Female scents.... and of course this is culturally driven and quite limiting to the Spirit. As you all know little girls must grow up to have babies and stay home taking care of them, and little boys must grow up to go to work, and War. And most available scents for men and women were designed to keep them firmly in their little limiting boxes. 

Well I decided that I wanted scents that would allow a man and woman escape from the limited box defined by a limited culture. I wanted a scent that would awaken all the centers in men and women. That would be grounding for a woman while still letting her "smell womanly". And that would allow a man to open his heart and mind, and still smell manly.
The idea is to let males touch their feminine side, and females touch their masculine side....allowing them to be more balanced humans.
This blend was made with the Female in mind. It is sweet and beautiful.... yet strong and grounded. Males can certainly wear this, especially ones who are not afraid to express their feminine side. I love this mix personally, but am going to make one more.... for the men out there seeking balance in this narrowly defined culture. 

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