Insomnia Nonsense at 3am

Insomnia is a funny thing. In four and a half hours I have our monthly "Walk-n-Roll" morning at my daughter's school followed by an absolute jam-packed, back to back day filled with busy errand-type stuff ranging from meeting the pest control guy to showing somebody a condo we're trying to sell.

And I'm wide awake like I just ate a snickers and drank a triple grande white mocha.

As I'm writing, I'm trying to remind myself that this doesn't happen to me very often, so I feel especially bad for folks I know who fight this all the time.

I really don't know what to do with myself. I can't be loud. I can't do anything in the front room where there aren't even curtains. I can't go in the office since it's recently become the dog's bedroom and God knows I don't want them bouncing off the walls.

I guess insomniacs are supposed to just sit here and think, or continue to lay in bed and think.

Stuff on mind at 3am includes:
the new business my husband just started with my bff's husband,
some school bullsh!t at my daughter's school,
my ever-growing a$$,
how I might re-arrange some furniture in the front room,
remembering to order a glass table-topper for our dining room table,
hoping I can remember that my daughter has early dismissal today,
contemplating the very cool birthday night out I'm planning for my cool niece's upcoming birthday,
stressing on the fact that I'm in over my head as a "campaign manager" for my sweet brother-in-law and his Leukemia Lymphoma Society's "Man of the Year" bid,
trying to remember the very safe place I put the key to the condo I have to show later today, wondering why I agreed to let my friend who's just starting her new Mary Kay business to come over today of all days to give me a "facial,"
afraid my little boy is never going to break out of his super-sensitivity and ever just "shake it off" like I always tell him to,
still freaking out that it costs $100 to fill up my tank,
wondering how I'm going to get my mom's ipad back to her today with all my other stuff today,
remembering just now that my girlfriend needs to leave for Houston super early so she'll be bringing her little boy over here at 5am tomorrow morning when I probably will be sleeping,
and wondering why anyone would find my endless and relatively meaningless rants the least bit interesting. (oh yeah, no one does...)

How might I use this insomnia wisely, for fighting the forces of evil and sh!t?? ...but NOT wake up anyone (or dog) in my house??

DVR is the answer. I recorded GCB and the Housewives of course. Time to waste my alertness on nonsense. God help everyone who has the great misfortune to cross my path throughout this quickly developing day.