How to MakeThe Coolest Wool Boots Ever, Easily

I never ever can get shoes that fit me right, 
that feel good..
and look cool.
 Fact is I don't think they make cool shoes for guys.

 We know some folks who make felt shoes,
 but they are just way beyond our budget,
 and who knows how well they'll fit
 and how comfortable they will be. 

 So I decided I'd figure out how to make my own pair of shoes.
  So one night I was laying
 there in the middle of the Night
 and an inspiration dawned upon me...

It's really easy,
 so I wanted to share it with folks here.

First I got an old wool sweater
 from the Thrift store..
Cut off the sleves,
 and checked to see how it fit on my foot.

Nice and snug.

Then I had some foam I got for free at a garage sale and I cut it into two pieces with my band saw.. (scissors would work.)

One piece for the foot,

and one for my calf.   

 Here you see a Pic of the foam alongside one of the sleeves

 Then I cut a piece out of the top so I could fold it up without a bunch of excess..
 Here it is folded up

See it already kinda looks like a boot.
 Then I needle felted it up and in place...
Made em nice and thick,

Then put em in a pillow case and in the washing machine with some Dr. Bronners soap.

I set the timer for 5 minutes so they wouldn't shrink into baby booties.

I almost left em in too long,
 but I put em on my feet while still wet
With three thick pairs of socks, just to make sure they'd shrink to fit...
 and they formed perfectly to my feet.
I had to wear em wet for a long time, I wanted to be sure they'd mold to my feet.

They did, like a snug glove.
  Then it was just a matter of a bunch of needle felting to thicken it up and put a design on it.
I worked a lot on the soles to make them fit my arches and feel good when walking with em.
 You can see em here with my sandals made by our friend Jolaine strapped on for outside wear.
 Here they are without the sandals.
 I painted the bottoms with Latex rubber. I had some laying around... I put on three thick coats and kind of pulled it up to make knobby treads.  This way I can wear them around the house without the bottoms wearing out

 They are so comfortable and totally warm out in the snow...

Now you can make your own.... See how easy?