Declaring war

After the recent controversy over whether religious institutions ought to be forced to pay for contraception if it goes against their beliefs, liberals decided to characterize the argument by saying that "Republicans have decided to declare war on women."

It's hard to imagine that Republicans have the resources to wage such a war, given that in recent memory they have already declared war on the poor, minorities, gays, the middle class, children, and the elderly.

At least, according to the Democrats.

It's amazing the Republicans have any ammunition left.

To say that your political opponents have "declared war" on various powerless groups is typical of the type of low-level hysteria and exaggeration which pervades liberal thinking. One has to wonder how many people are swayed by that type of formulation.

Exactly what are those people supposed to think? "Oh no -- the Republicans have declared war on me just because I'm a woman! I better vote Democrat!"

Aren't the Democrats insulting voters' intelligence by suggesting that they will subscribe to such a simple-minded line of thought?

But just in case there are voters that dumb, perhaps the Republicans should resort to that sort of mis-characterization as well. Perhaps they should have struck first and framed the debate by tremulously crying, "Oh great, just great -- the Democrats have decided to declare war on freedom of religion!" (By the way, isn't respecting other religions part of what multiculturalism supposed to be about?)

Maybe the Republicans should try to reframe all political debates in such military terms.

They should describe affirmative action as "war on Asian-Americans and whites." Welfare as "war on the middle class." Public pensions as "war on taxpayers." Etc.

Or maybe not. Generally only liberals fall for this sort of hyperbole.