Big Bad Wolf In Da Crib Y'all, The Sequel

I'm stunned that I'm stunned at the news yesterday afternoon that once again, my CRAZY-A$$ uncle was arrested on like six more, count 'em, six more felony drug counts.

This of course, while he's out on bond and awaiting trial on the first baker's dozen of felony drug counts.

That would be three months ago folks!

And he just kept right on doing the CRAZY-A$$ stuff in my grandparent's house, arrogant and invincible as ever.

If you haven't read my post by this same title from December, you need to read it real fast. My uncle is pushing 80! He's like thirty years OLDER than the Brian Cranston character on AMC's Breaking Bad, which in my opinion is seriously one of best shows on television.

So, Uncle Jimmy's bond is now set at over $1,000, far. Turns out, your bond gets set a little high when your already out on bond and pull the same SH!T...who knew?

Welcome to Jackson Parish, ladies and gentlemen...