Ignorance and Hatred taken to a whole new Level

I apologize for the tone of this ahead of time.  It is angry.  But that's the way I felt. 

Last night I found this posted on my Facebook Timeline by a "family member".  It actually made me physically sick.
 This is a picture of some poor guy whose country we invaded to steal resources, get control of the region, and make money for 1% of the folks controlling the War Profit Machine.
We invaded his country, after murdering millions with sanctions, (mostly women, children and the elderly) who could not get medicine to treat their dysentery that was caused when we bombed their water treatment facilities then blockaded any incoming medicine, in our first Non-war with them.
 So after weakening the countries population and murdering millions who literally shit themselves to death, we made up a lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction, and invaded them again. Killing more millions of innocent people who just happened to get in the way of the War Machine.
 Of course there were no weapons of mass destruction,
 and we had no good purpose in Invading this country.

Or possibly this poor guy was in another country we attacked to get access to the Caspian Sea and the oil there, that Cheney told his friends at the Oil Company where he was CEO, years before 9/11, that we'd get that Pipeline one way or another... killing innocent people on the pretext of looking for one guy,  a guy on the CIA's payroll who they decided to use as a scapegoat for their little 9/11 bit of evilness. 
The text below the picture of this poor man protesting our murdering of his people and destroying his country says,
"American Flag $25
Gasoline $2
Cigarette Lighter $2.50
 Catching yourself on fire because you are a terrorist asshole:  PRICELESS"

Now this was incredibly disturbing in itself, a man on fire and possibly burning to death, but what made me nauseous was the comments below which I cut and pasted, kindly removing the names of the ignorant sheep who posted them.

You gotta wonder how this guy becomes a "Terrorist" simply because he is demonstrating our Rape of his country, and how the idiots posting below seem to think the Hero's are the ones who blindly travel over there, paid piss poor wages then dropped like dirt once the job is done of killing these innocent people in foreign lands is done, or they are horribly injured or killed.
I wonder if the heartless fools posting the comments below would consider protesting if China came and started bombing us,
 took over our country,
 murdered our fellow citizens ,
stole everything they could....
 and claimed it was because we had weapons of mass destruction.
Would that make them "terrorists"... or hero's ? 

Of course we do have those weapons,
 we're the only country to ever use them against our fellow humanity....
 and now we've been dumping the radiation over these countries,
 and our Sheep (Military personnel), in very short order will be having cancer problems from this...
 not to mention the poor folks in those countries where we dumped our spent uranium in dirty bombs.

View below the extreme sickness and ignorance that pervades the Sheeple who have been hypnotized and stupefied into idiocy

Kind of makes one very sad to think that these people are Americans and believe they are being patriotic in their ignorant Sheeple Stupidity.  When the reality is, it's people like these that have cost Americas it's Soul....and turned it into a corporate state.

These people are why the World hates Americans..... because this type of low life loser idiot waste of human breath animals..... are pretty much at the bottom of the chain in intelligence, and ability to feel compassion and love.

Here's what they had to say about this poor guy burning to death:
My comments are below each in this color...

  •  Thats right you son of a bitch. You get what you deserve!
    Yeah, sucker...how dare you protest against the mighty force that has killed your children, your old people.... to steal from you. 

  •  LOL. Serves him right! 
     The wrath of the U.S. Flag!!!!
     Yeah, sucker, that'll teach you to live in a country we're invading
     I think he's sacrificing himself. He's hoping for the 70 VIRGINS!

  • Die bitch!Im sure he wouldn't mind Marines pissin on him now LOL

  •  it's his preview to his future...in hell!
    If anyone's going to Hell it's you fool.
     Burn bitch burn!!!! hahah
    No soul, just a sick mind without a heart.
  • You are Hialrious my friend!! LOL--Karla

  •  You burn our flag you.get burned right back! Dont mess with America!
     Yeah sucker, all we did was destroy your country, and you had the gall to burn our flag.

  •  LMFAO! Rashed Al-sarhan! At least they would be able to put the fire out that way buhahaha!

  •  Hilarious but they certainly need to adjust the cost of Gasoline. haha
    Yeah, it'd be really funny if it was your kid, maybe protesting in the Occupy Movement... Yeah, burn baby burn.
     now i see it. on my phone so the pic is small. just enlarged it and yes, that is BEAUTIFUL! PAYBACKS A BITCH!

  • gotta LOVE when that happens !
    Any idea what "Love" means ?
    These colors dont fuckin run, they bite back HOOOOOOAAAHHH!!!!!
    Brain Dead Moron

  •  I like my insurgents well done thank you lmao!!
     Now that is a priceless picture. :)
     The world would be better off if it was you in the picture...

  •  I love the text at the bottom
    Surprised you can read it..

  •  F**KING LOL !!
  •  If at least one terrorist would burn to a crisp when one of our flags are burned, can we send a few million there?
     Love it!!
  • Sicko, he's not a Terrorist just because he's protesting us Invading his country.
  •  Is this in the Koran ?
     U.S. Will burn yur ASS everytime!!!!
    Yep, anything for a buck for the rich man. 
     Watch him burn!! Too bad there isn't a video!!!
    One very sick puppy, do you torture small animals for fun?
      This is too awesome! Hahaha
    Compared to what sicko.
  •  I'm totally jacking this!
     why is it they can burn what we take pride in but we cant burn the koran what come around goes around
  •  YEAH, they burned our Flag, we just burned their cities, their women and children and old people...and anyone else who got in our way.
     i love how they're all running away like cowards instead of helping the very person they rallied around
  •  It may not be proper etiquette or very Christianly to get this much pleasure from someone else's obvioud pain, but DAMN! I just can't help myself. Hehe
    Boohyah! In your face! 
    You are correct, there is nothing Christ Like about a single response here....mostly Satanic to the core...
    Don't mess with the US of A!
     They didn't....we messed with them

    It makes me so sad to see
    Because we are civilized and don't stoop. We walk tall, walk proud and... Well, let's just leave it at that :-)
     OMG, it sounds like there was one brave soul here who actually has a heart and soul...

  •  Rashed Al-sarhan
    He couldn't get a Marine to piss on him now for anything!
  •  These people expect us to understand and be sympathetic to their cause when they have the nerve to publicly disrespect our beliefs with INTENTIONAL burning of our flag. If they got so murderously mad when their Koran was INADVERTENTLY consumed among burning debris, imagine what these self-rightheous fanatics would do if their Koran, or perhaps their flag is burned INTENTIONALLY.

  • burn you idiot moronic loser
    LMFAO, LOVE IT!!!!
  •  Burn our flag. Our flag will burn your ass.
  •  dirt bag!!
     Lifes a bitch aint it!
    Yeah, if you live in a country we want to Rape..
  •  We should be thanking this guy. He is showing what happens if you fuc* with the USA: you go down in a ball of flames. 
    He didn't mess with us, we terrorized Them.

  •  Karma is a bitch also LMAO HOOAH
    Yeah and if you had any conception of what Karma is, you'd be really really scared. 
    Amazing isn't it...... Can you believe there are people this Lost, so devoid of any soul as to actually cheer on the misery of another human being, who was simply, in his way, protesting the evil that the United States has brought upon his Land and People. 
    Just for the record, a man going into another country, being ordered to murder his fellow man....and doing that... for no real and good reason except that it's "good Business" for a few rich Pigs. 
     Is not a Hero.
      He's a fool.
      He's a Sheep.
     He's a Tool in the hands of Madmen. 

    If they were hero's they would refuse the order to kill their fellow men.
    If they were brave they would stand firm in the Principle that Murder is Wrong. 

    My heart is so saddened that there are people, Americans....who cheer a painful burning death of another human being, simply for burning a symbol, that to him means the death and destruction of all he holds dear.