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Couldn't stay awake for the Oscars the other night, but had sort of been hoping to catch a glimpse of Berenice Bejo, star of The Artist:

Every time I saw that trailer with her winking at the camera, I found myself taken not only with her beauty, but with the illusion engendered by the wink: that she has a playful sense of humor.

It seems to me that when I went to Seville in 1999 I saw a lot of women who looked like her. (It made me want to study Spanish.) You'd see them on the street, behind shop counters, at the outdoor restaurants, and on motor scooters. There seems to be a law in Spain that you're not allowed to purchase a motor scooter unless you pass a certain standard of beauty.

They all smoked, which wasn't a plus. (I don't think the Europeans have discovered the causal relationship with cancer yet.) On the other hand, they don't seem to have discovered plastic surgery yet, either, which is mostly a plus. If Berenice were American she'd be sporting twin torpedoes and lips puffed beyond recognition.

She evidently showed up at the Oscars looking like this:

(A little artifice is nice, as long as it can be washed off afterward.)

Berenice was actually born in Argentina, and her family moved to France when she was three. But she'd look right at home riding a motor scooter on the streets of Seville.

OOTD: 2/29 - happy leap year day!

Jacket: Jcrew Maritime blazer
Shirt: Jcrew Polkadot tank
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

I apologize for the lack in posts. This week our school has a "short term week" where we have paused our "regular" classes and are having 3 hour seminars. Some staff are teaching bowling. My hubby is teaching Avian Biology. And me, I am teaching choreography for the school musical in May. Just a tad bit more preparation than teaching kids how to bowl a strike, so my days have been swamped with placing kids in the musical, staging fight and chase scenes, etc.

And happy leap year day? Do you know anyone who celebrates their actual Bday today?

Consistency, a stock reporting service, quoted Oscar Wilde this morning: "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative."

It's similar to another oft-quoted line, "Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." (This is actually a misquotation of a Ralph Waldo Emerson's "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.") 

Emerson lived from 1803 to 1882, whereas Wilde lived from 1854 to 1900, so Wilde may have been cribbing. 

In any case, you may find it as annoying as I do to hear someone hide behind that quote. 

If so, the next time just reply, "And reciting a cliche like that is the hobgoblin of people who can't think for themselves."

The Man Who Would Be King

Sean Connery made only three really great movies in his life: Robin and Marian, The Wind and the Lion, and The Man Who Would Be King. All three came out in 1975 and 1976. (The first four Bond movies are culturally iconic, but they were really more cool than great.)

The Man Who Would Be King is on at 8PM on TCM this evening. It's based on the story by Rudyard Kipling. Kipling was certainly not politically correct by today's standards, and the movie cleaves fairly closely to the story. But Kipling also deals skillfully with timeless notions like courage, ingenuity, ego, and hubris, which resonate in any era.

By 1975, Connery was no longer the young panther he was in the early Bond movies, but he still looked great, and he was perfect in the role of an adventurer whose ego gets the better of him. (Later in his career he was cast as a wise man several times, but he was never convincing in those roles.) Connery's romantic interest was played by Shakira Caine, the wife of his co-star Michael.

At 10PM, you can turn to FX and watch Justified, another great boys' adventure story. This one was created by Elmore Leonard, who deals with similar timeless themes.

So people should still be enjoying him in another hundred years as well.

Lamp Shade Switcharoo

Got a ho-hum lamp shade that could use a little spicing up? New lamp shades can be very pricey (pretty shades here are always at least $50. Usually closer to $100/$150+!). I had an old white silky shade on hand that I decided to paint red a couple weeks ago. I tested two different colors, but I knew I wanted the Oxblood color from the get-go. I think it's a really good idea to temper bright, garish colors with muddy, off-tone colors in a space.

I had an old quart of glossy red paint on hand that was the perfect color (Man, I wish Home Depot still carried that Ralph Lauren paint line! Those colors were so pretty!). So, the trick to painting lampshades? Either water the paint down, or better yet, thin it down with paint conditioner. I've used this brand with great luck.

But the real trick to painting lampshades (or furniture, or really anything with a brush) is to load the brush with a consistant amount of paint every time, lay the paint down smoothly the first time and then resist every temptation to go back over what you have done! Just let it dry. Once it's fully cured in a couple hours, you can lightly sand the whole shade and give it a second coat to cover up any imperfections in the first layer.

Don't forget to paint the inside rims, but I like to stop where the fabric hem rolls in. Leave the inside white or black (or line it!). You can paint paper shades too, but I wouldn't water your paint down in that case- use the conditioner or just straight paint. I've painted a couple different types of shades and most of the time it works great, but it should go without saying I wouldn't mess with a really lovely expensive shade. Reserve this project for those approaching-nasty yellowing shades that so often come with lovely vintage lamps!

PS The Homies are out again! (They always sneak up on me, so thanks to those of you who nominated and voted for me already in both the Best DIY blog and Best Home Design categories - I'm not holding my breath, but I am super flattered. xox) I love the Homies because they make it so easy to find really great, new-to-me blogs! It's risky business though, finding a new blog that fits you so well you just can't go to bed until you've read through to their very first post! :) Dare I click through the list before the weekend?!

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A question

I got an email last night that read

"How is 'Merry meet' and 'Blessed be' used?

Are these greetings to be used in certain curcumstances or like you say hello?
If in curcumstances please feel free to elaborate."

Myself, I have heard Blessed Be used as a sigh of relief before but other than that I have no other knowledge or any other usages. 
Anybody else know? 
if you do can you answer in the comments?

Why the Lin-sanity?

Everybody knows the story by now: Jeremy Lin went unrecruited by all the big time basketball schools, including Stanford, even though he was from Palo Alto. He was cut by two NBA teams. And he was only given playing time by the Knicks as a last resort by the coach when other point guards were unavailable. Since then, he's led the Knicks to a 8-2 record.

The whole thing is reminiscent of one of those sports movies where the walk-on becomes the starting quarterback at a big time football school, or where the 40 year old family man breaks into the major leagues as a pitcher.

It's a classic underdog story, but that doesn't quite explain the cultural phenomenon Lin has become.

That has more to do with how Lin is the anti-Lebron.

Lebron James embodies the popular conception of what an NBA player is. Here's Lebron signing huge endorsement contracts with Nike, Sprite, McDonald's, and State Farm. There he is blowing powder up into the air and referring to himself King James. Here's Lebron ordering organizers to confiscate a CBS videotape of a college player dunking on him at the Nike Lebron James Skills Academy. There's Lebron reserving a special TV show for his announcement that he's going to leave his hometown team for greener pastures in Miami. Here he is in Las Vegas ordering Cristal champagne. And there's Lebron at a fancy nightclub in Manhattan....

Lebron has never done anything truly bad. But because of his general air of entitlement he's been ranked among the six least popular sports personalities in both 2010 and 2012.

Lin, on the other hand, is the opposite of the typical spoiled NBA player. There's Jeremy asking a chaplain to pray that he won't be cut a third time. Here's Jeremy saying that he's gotten too much credit for the recent victories and that his teammates deserve more. There he is saying that he's looking forward to Carmelo Anthony's return. Here's Jeremy blaming himself for the loss to the Hornets and saying he needs to get better. There's Jeremy out celebrating in Manhattan -- with his parents. Here he is at a team party, spending the entire night nursing one beer. And there's Jeremy saying he doesn't deserve to be included in the All Star festivities.

If the Eastern Conference finals come down to the Knicks and the Heat, it won't be hard to figure out whom the majority of Americans will be rooting for. 

Chinese Wallpaper in Acrylic Frames

A while back I was gifted a set of hand-painted chinese wallpaper panels from this eBay store. They let you customize the background color (I sent in a Martha Stewart paint swatch that I liked - the color is Heavy Goose), and they let you choose which scene you'd like. I asked for the panels to be painted on PAPER (not silk, which is standard).

The panels are not inexpensive, but when you consider the cost of Gracie or DeGournay, these are down right affordable. I was planning for the panels to go in my bedroom and I wanted them to be more chill in color and pattern. Well, it turns out it didn't work to hang the panels in our bedroom for a lot of (boring) reasons, so I've been storing them for about a year now. Recently though, we bought some new living room furniture and the whole apartment has been in a state of flux. It seemed like a good time to move the gallery wall to the living room and set up the chinois panels by the table.

I knew I wanted to do acrylic on the framing of the panels, but I also wanted this project to be as cheap as possible. I ended up buying four sheets of 1/8" plexiglass at Canal Street plastics for about $60 a sheet. I'm sure all you lucky suburbanites could find it for way cheaper though. I had them cut the sheets so there would be a 1" border all around the almost 8' long wall panels. The sheets come looking like this, wrapped in a paper film to protect the plexi.

I drilled three holes along the top and bottom of the plexiglass, and then one on each side in the middle, for a total of eight holes per panel. The trick to drilling through plexi without cracking it is to use a small bit (1/8" at most), drill slow and to put a piece of plywood underneath for added support. Also be sure to leave the paper film on during the drilling process.

Once the holes were drilled, I hung the wallpaper panels directly to my walls using poster (NOT picture!) hanging strips. These are super thin and help the panels lay pretty flat against the wall. Also they are completely removable and won't damage my walls or the paper panels.

I probably used 12 strips per panel (I bought the bulk pack of 48 strips) and made sure to stay close to the edges for the most part.

I went one panel at a time, first hanging the wallpaper (using a level!) and then mounting the acrylic directly on top of the wallpaper. I just used bright gold screws to mount the acrylic to the wall. I started out using wall anchors, but ditched those pretty quickly. The screws on their own were working really well. These screws I had on hand sort of had an unthreaded neck to them, so it would have been really tricky to drill them in all the way flush with the acrylic (and probably would have cracked the plexi), so I left them sticking out a bit, about a 1/4", and I really like it actually!

I had bought 24 of these big brassy buttons to epoxy to the tops of the screws to give it a more finished look, but I ended up not going that route. It looked a little overdone or something. I think the exposed screws somehow make the panels less stuffy maybe? Personal preference.

I just finished hanging these last night, so I'm still sort of letting the whole look settle in on me. I might end up changing some things, but for now I'm happy.

I'm working on another DIY for the dining room so I'll share some wider-angle after shots when that project is done.

PS! If you try this yourself, I totally recommend butting up the acrylic sheets right next to each other rather than spacing them out the way I did. I wish we didn't have to make space between the panels for electrical outlets. (oh, the sad realities of renting!)

How was your weekend? Michael is going to Brazil this week and I'm jealous. Also I'm not super excited about being a single mom all week. Hats off to those of you who do it solo all the time. You are much stronger than I!

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This morning I have come to the conclusion that us women must be biologically altered to be self serving masochists.

Honestly we are the only ones in the animal kingdom that will question our own intelligence while waxing or while doing general hair removal that hurts but when it's all done will still go back a few days later for more.
Not only that but mother nature helps too for those during puberty and before menopause for at least a week a month.

What brought on this idea?
This evil thing brought on this train of leg down and I'm about to go back for more.

*face palm*

Two recent must-reads by Steve Sailer

Awkward & Pointless

The countdown to our meeting was tense to say the least.  The plan was to meet Jaymie at Richard's office after our son's soccer game.  I may have said this meeting was set up for the Saturday right after DDay.  That seems wrong.  I think it was the second Saturday after DDay.  Details like that don't really matter, except I am fairly certain I didn't have the strength to deal with Jaymie face to face just 4 days into the collapse of life as I knew it.

Richard was freaking out.  I've never seen him so nervous.  I didn't know he was capable of so many emotions.  Seriously, he was like a teenage girl right before her period.  Guess that's what happens when you are caught with your hand in the pussy jar.  (Sorry.  That was crass, but I'm not gonna delete it.)

He was insistent that I tell him exactly what he was supposed to say to Jaymie during the meeting.  That would kind of defeat the purpose, right?  I wanted him to tell her the truth!  Or, at least what he told me was the truth....He never loved her!  It was fun.  He thought he deserved a mistress. It was exciting, but he lied through his teeth when he told her they would be together forever.  It wasn't real love.  It was a selfish fantasy, nothing more.

I was a complete fool. (do I say that a lot?)  Thought I could ram-rod a confrontation that would help me figure it all out, fix everything.  If not everything, than perhaps start to climb out of the depths of relationship ruin and see a way forward.  Such a good reason to write this blog!  Try to save others from making the same ignorant mistakes I made!  Shine a little light on the utter darkness that is DDay!  Richard did love her.  It was a love enveloped in the fog of his breakdown, but I am sure it felt real to him.  Took me another month to get him to admit it, even though I knew it on DDay because of "the Flinch."

The drive to Richard's office was 45 minutes of nerves on steroids.  Richard, still scared to death that he would say the wrong thing and I'd throw him out of the house again.  (I let him back on the third night, in the guest bedroom.  The lovely, Dr. K, suggested it.)  For me, it was about facing a pathetic, immature girl that let herself be swept up by a man old enough to be her grandfather.  I felt nothing but disdain for her.  I wasn't nervous, because I was in control, my comfort zone.  Not nervous, but oh, so angry!   I felt explosive.  I had to reel it in and get through this, accomplish my lame as it was.  I thought this would make it better for me.  I was soooo grasping at straws.  If I could be convinced that Richard was only in it for hot sex with a young hard body, that might be less painful.  If he really loved someone else, truly gave her a piece of his heart, I couldn't fathom how our marriage could be redeemed.

We arrived first and waited on the street by the main entrance.  She was late.  Hey, no one wants to be on time to face the jury when the verdict is sure to be "Guilty as Hell"!  She drove by once.  I remember Richard spotting her instantly.  "There she is."  He seemed to breathe out in relief and anticipation.  Not the reaction I expected.  Nothing is normal in my new reality.  She parked.  Headed toward the door and never looked me in the eye once.  Into the elevator we went.  Google AWKWARD.  You'll find an image of the 3 of us in that elevator.

We decided to sit in Richard's conference room.  She chose a chair at the back.  I sat with Richard on the opposite side of the table.  Can't you just see it??  Jaymie trying to look composed.  Sitting up so very straight with her hands folded in her lap.  Striving for the essence of dignity, knowing there might as well have been a colossal "A" stitched to the front of her chest.  I was sitting across from her on the edge of my seat, ready to hear MY husband set this little piece of morally corrupt trash straight.  Richard never sat down.  He squirmed, fidgeted and tried to use humor to lighten the mood.  He can be such an ass.  He actually started the conversation with, " chance of a three way, huh?"  I seethed, "Get on with it."

I am about to disappoint you.  If I tell you what was said in the meeting, I'd be making most of it up.  Only one of us cried.  That was my poor hormonal husband.  Jaymie had her head down for the most part.  She spoke after Richard finished telling her their affair was not real and he was more sorry than he could say.  She spoke, but I can't remember a damn word of it.  What could she say...I'm such an idiot....I'm truly sorry...your husband is pretty good in bed for an old guy...What?  I didn't go there to hear a thing from her.  I wanted, no...I thought I NEEDED, to hear Richard tell her it was over and it had never been real.  Reality is honest.  In his midlife crisis, she was his Porsche.

I've held on to one clear memory of this ill-conceived meeting, at the end, I had my say.  I told Jaymie any woman capable of causing so much hurt to another woman, was not at real woman at all.  A person so selfish might never earn her place in the ranks of womanhood.  I was trying to give her the smallest benefit of the doubt because of her age.  I told her that, too.  Then I said, "I hope the pain you have brought to my family comes back to you ten fold."  Then, she said that she was not there to defend herself, as if there was any defense for fucking another woman's husband.  I told her that, too.  Got in the last word.  Meeting ajourned.

She left alone.   Richard and I waited to give her time to get to her car so she could drive her worthless ass back to Mommy and Daddy's house.  On our ride home, Richard was sweating it out, waiting for my approval of his performance.  That's all it was.  An Oscar worthy performance.

OOTD: 2/25 - capri weather!

Cardigan: Jcrew
Top: Jcrew
Pants: Jcrew
Shoes: Jcrew Marquette flats

I'm breaking out my cargo capris today! It hit 65 degrees today. Spring is starting to arrive here and I couldn't be happier :)

Demons? Do Pagans even believe in Demons?

Recently I posted polls on quite a few sites asking if people (all Pagans) believed in Demons, and I was rather shocked by the answers I got. I, like many Pagans, grew up Christian, and was taught from a young age that Demons were a part of reality. But as I studied and started to explore the Pagan community I fell in to this belief that, like the Devil, demons are not a common Pagan belief. Fortunately, I've never been one to define my beliefs by those of others... Nor do I feel that the beliefs of others should dictate what anyone else believes! So the idea that I believe in demons didn't, to me, weigh heavily on my faith as a Pagan.

I had been told by other Pagans that if you believe in demons you aren't a "real Pagan." And I had read over and over again that demons & Paganism simply didn't mix. To be honest here, I am a firm believer that anyone who feels the need to define someone elses faith needs to reevaluate their own! And I think that for the most part, the authors of these books were simply trying to make people understand that there is nothing "demonic" or "evil" about Paganism, especially since the vast majority of "newbies" have been raised in - at the very least - a very Christianized society.   So neither of these aspects really affected how I saw things either. But I was still generally of the belief that I was in the minority. That was, at least, until I started polling others... Here's what I found!

My polls were placed on facebook (in/on a few different groups/pages), on Cafemom (in groups), and on Pagan-Place. In total there were about 100 people who replied. While that's a small percentage of the Pagans in the US, it's what I consider to be a good general representation. All in all, 59% stated that they do believe in Demons! I was kinda shocked by that!

Now, I didn't ask for any of these people to define how they saw demons, or what they believed demons to be. Because of that, I'm not going to speculate. However, I am going to explain MY beliefs, because, frankly, that's what this blog is!

While most people tend to think of demons as a Christian belief, this simply isn't accurate. Christian beliefs, of course, are the most common belief systems today which hold such beliefs, or at least which preach them so loudly. But in fact numerous ancient belief systems held beliefs in similar beings. Egyptian, Sumerian, Native American, Babylonian, Japanese and Chinese belief systems all contained "demon-like" beliefs, as did so many others. So I don't quite understand where this idea that demons can't be a Pagan belief has come from, but as I said, it doesn't bother me.

I believe, in demons. I do not believe in the Devil!  I don't see any reason why you have to believe in the devil simply because you believe in demons - although I've been told I'm wrong...  But to me, demons are simply "lower beings." They are not evil, they are not "dark." They are simply lesser... Lower on the "spiritual ladder" if you will. 

Demons, by my belief, are spiritual beings, although they can, and often do, exist on the physical plain as well. We often think of the Gods, as "higher powers" but it's rare that people consider the idea of "lower beings." I, as usual, am rather different than most... I see all beings on a "ladder" of existence. The Great Gods would exists as the highest of the higher beings, demons, would be on a lower rung - Although, please note I do NOT say lowest, because I do not discount the idea that there could be lower beings, I simply don't know of them.

To me, demons are like fae. (I'm NOT saying Fae are demons!!) When you look at fae, you have faeries, brownies, elves, and so on - lots and lots of races all wrapped up in to the classification of fae. Well, demons are the same way. There are lots of types of demons, all classified the same way. Some of these are undoubtedly more "evil" than others - just like any other type of being. But that doesn't make they all evil!

Why do people see them as evil? Well, I can't completely answer that. But the reason I think people see demons as evil is simply because people are undereducated. At one point people believed diseases, SIDS, and numerous other negative things happened because of demons...  And we need to remember that at one point Fae & Witches were classified as "demonic" as well. Obviously, people blame things which have nothing to do with demons are blamed on them. Why? Mostly because they were told to. Clergy and Priests often blamed these things on demons because they didn't have a better answer.

The other reason I believe people equate demons with evil is because, like us, demons aren't fond of the bottom. Possessions by demons - as well as other entities - is not completely uncommon. And of course it always seems like they are preying on the young and weak. Unfortunately I can not say that I can dispute this. I have, believe it or not, seen a minor possession with my own eyes, and will never forget that experience. But I do NOT believe that these possessions actually mean demons are evil.

How can someone believe in demonic possession and NOT believe demons are evil? I guess because I see them much the same way I see humans.  Serial killers are often seen as "evil." But research has shown that a great many of them aren't acting out of a place of evil, they are simply "damaged." Does that make them good? Nope. But it means they are in a grey area. They don't act because they are bad or evil, but because they have a need or drive that comes from a place of flaw. In demons, this isn't a flaw, as much as a "disadvantage."

Demons, like you and I, are striving to move up the spiritual ladder. Unlike you and I, however, demons aren't going through the same type of birth, life, death, rebirth, cycle, and aren't able to move up, quite as easily as we do. Eventually, we will ascend to something higher, something more pure. Demons, to a large degree, are stuck where they are. They aren't moving up, they aren't changing. It's simply their nature. But they want to move up. They want to be something stronger - they want to be US! And what a better way to be us than to actually take over one of us? I can't think of a better way, can you?

And I don't think it's a matter of "preying" on the weak or young, as much as it's a matter of not being strong enough to take over those of us who have a stronger will. The more in touch we are with our own spirituality and our own faith, the stronger we become, and the harder it is for another being - demon or not - to control us.

To me, this is also the reason as to why exorcism works so well. Exorcism happens when someone of a very strong faith, and very strong spirituality, uses their energy, their force, to remove a being, from another person. Usually, people are used to seeing Catholic Priests in this role, but the fact is just about anyone with a strong faith or spirituality can act in the role of exorcist. I've known Priests and Priestesses of numerous paths who have done exorcisms, and who have been successful at it.

I wouldn't suggest that someone go out looking for contact with a demon, but if it happens I don't necessarily feel it's something that can't be overcome, or even something which needs to be feared. Instead, I feel people need to better educate themselves on demons, as well as other beings, in an effort to better understand them, and of course, to better protect against their attacks, when they occur.

In the end, I feel demons are simply a part of the balance. We tend to happily accept the existence of kind, loving or "good" higher powers. So why is the idea of lower beings so hard for people to grasp? I don't know. To me, if there is higher, there must be lower. And while I don't believe that higher means better, I also don't understand the idea that lower means worse. It just means different...

OOTD: 2/24 - Personal Shopper

Cardigan: Jcrew
Shirt: Zara
Pants: Jcrew 120s Cropped Trouser
Bracelets: Jcrew
Shoes: Jcrew Jules heels

I admit it. I have a personal shopper. If you are a lover of Crew, you probably have one too and know exactly what I'm referring to. If not, you probably think me to be something that I am not.

My personal shopper, Stephanie, is awesome. She's helped me find several items that are hard to find. The Jules shoes I'm wearing are one of those items. I remember seeing these in a 2008 catalog and loving them, but they were pricey. I'd never ever considered purchasing shoes at that price but I really really liked them. And what do you know in my waiting and deciding if I was going to get them, they disappear from the website, so I call Ms. Stephanie who gives me the number of a store in New Jersey. Several days later my shoes arrive (& 25% off as that store was running a sale on them!) and my love continued for them.

Do you have a personal shopper? Has he/she snagged great finds for you?

Special Delivery

If all goes as planned, this rug from eBay and a new pair of arm chairs and will arrive at our apartment today! It feels like Christmas morning!

I know the rug is going to need a professional cleaning, but I'm hoping the colors are pretty in real life. But I have high hopes that my $220 were not spent in vain! I think it will clean up nicely.

It's a pretty big rug (10x13) and I'm thinking the plan is to put it in my office with the hope that it will lighten up the room a bit.

I'm thinking about doing a grasscloth-ish DIY on the walls in there that might end up being sort of dark, so it will be nice to strike some balance on the floors.

PS We sold those pretty blue chairs a few months ago. They just weren't comfortable after long stretches of time. I'm pretty jazzed about the replacement office chairs though. They're at the upholsterers now, but I'll be sure to share soon.

Happy weekend friends!!


"Be Careful"

So Bracken was climbing up on the couch the other day, and I caught myself saying over and over,
"be Careful, be careful."

Then I thought for a second,

What am I telling him here"?

I'm saying be full of care.

I'm saying be afraid..

I'm saying, "Worry" about a possible disaster.

I'm saying,"live in Fear".

Jeeze, how helpful is that,

Then I said,

Be Care free....

Not Careful

Can we teach our children to be safe

without using Fear as a tool? 

I think it's very important that we try.

We live surrounded by  social, political, educational, media and religious systems

that manipulate the masses,
with Fear.

And so we have ,"the masses" 

Who basically live in a constant state of fear..

Now this is wonderful for those who wish to control these sheep 
for their own purposes.
which generally speaking, is to make money off of them.

Bush was elected, because of Fear..
People get vaccinated,
 buy insurance,
 go to the doctor,
keep their heads down
and their mouths shut..
Out of Fear. 

Children grow up and forget how to sing,
or play,
 or dance .
They forget how they are capable of doing almost anything...

Out of Fear.   

I think to the degree that we can save our children,
from Fear..

Is the degree that we help Lighten the World.

And I don't mean sheltering our children..

I don't mean keeping them hidden from the world .

I mean teaching them to live without Judgment.

Because short of something directly threatening to harm us...

Fears are bred upon Judgments...

If rather we teach our children to see clearly.
to comprehend the world through silence and non-judgment...

They will always be safer..

There is no awareness to fear.

Because awareness only exists in the Present.

And Fear only exists in the Past and Future.

Fear drains the life force from us
feeding constructs from the past
projected into a possible future.
A considerable amount of energy expended
to create a potentially crappy future.

There is no place for Fear...

Silence and non-judgment

bring Clarity...

Let's teach our children to be Care Free....

Ignorance and Hatred taken to a whole new Level

I apologize for the tone of this ahead of time.  It is angry.  But that's the way I felt. 

Last night I found this posted on my Facebook Timeline by a "family member".  It actually made me physically sick.
 This is a picture of some poor guy whose country we invaded to steal resources, get control of the region, and make money for 1% of the folks controlling the War Profit Machine.
We invaded his country, after murdering millions with sanctions, (mostly women, children and the elderly) who could not get medicine to treat their dysentery that was caused when we bombed their water treatment facilities then blockaded any incoming medicine, in our first Non-war with them.
 So after weakening the countries population and murdering millions who literally shit themselves to death, we made up a lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction, and invaded them again. Killing more millions of innocent people who just happened to get in the way of the War Machine.
 Of course there were no weapons of mass destruction,
 and we had no good purpose in Invading this country.

Or possibly this poor guy was in another country we attacked to get access to the Caspian Sea and the oil there, that Cheney told his friends at the Oil Company where he was CEO, years before 9/11, that we'd get that Pipeline one way or another... killing innocent people on the pretext of looking for one guy,  a guy on the CIA's payroll who they decided to use as a scapegoat for their little 9/11 bit of evilness. 
The text below the picture of this poor man protesting our murdering of his people and destroying his country says,
"American Flag $25
Gasoline $2
Cigarette Lighter $2.50
 Catching yourself on fire because you are a terrorist asshole:  PRICELESS"

Now this was incredibly disturbing in itself, a man on fire and possibly burning to death, but what made me nauseous was the comments below which I cut and pasted, kindly removing the names of the ignorant sheep who posted them.

You gotta wonder how this guy becomes a "Terrorist" simply because he is demonstrating our Rape of his country, and how the idiots posting below seem to think the Hero's are the ones who blindly travel over there, paid piss poor wages then dropped like dirt once the job is done of killing these innocent people in foreign lands is done, or they are horribly injured or killed.
I wonder if the heartless fools posting the comments below would consider protesting if China came and started bombing us,
 took over our country,
 murdered our fellow citizens ,
stole everything they could....
 and claimed it was because we had weapons of mass destruction.
Would that make them "terrorists"... or hero's ? 

Of course we do have those weapons,
 we're the only country to ever use them against our fellow humanity....
 and now we've been dumping the radiation over these countries,
 and our Sheep (Military personnel), in very short order will be having cancer problems from this...
 not to mention the poor folks in those countries where we dumped our spent uranium in dirty bombs.

View below the extreme sickness and ignorance that pervades the Sheeple who have been hypnotized and stupefied into idiocy

Kind of makes one very sad to think that these people are Americans and believe they are being patriotic in their ignorant Sheeple Stupidity.  When the reality is, it's people like these that have cost Americas it's Soul....and turned it into a corporate state.

These people are why the World hates Americans..... because this type of low life loser idiot waste of human breath animals..... are pretty much at the bottom of the chain in intelligence, and ability to feel compassion and love.

Here's what they had to say about this poor guy burning to death:
My comments are below each in this color...

  •  Thats right you son of a bitch. You get what you deserve!
    Yeah, dare you protest against the mighty force that has killed your children, your old people.... to steal from you. 

  •  LOL. Serves him right! 
     The wrath of the U.S. Flag!!!!
     Yeah, sucker, that'll teach you to live in a country we're invading
     I think he's sacrificing himself. He's hoping for the 70 VIRGINS!

  • Die bitch!Im sure he wouldn't mind Marines pissin on him now LOL

  •  it's his preview to his hell!
    If anyone's going to Hell it's you fool.
     Burn bitch burn!!!! hahah
    No soul, just a sick mind without a heart.
  • You are Hialrious my friend!! LOL--Karla

  •  You burn our flag you.get burned right back! Dont mess with America!
     Yeah sucker, all we did was destroy your country, and you had the gall to burn our flag.

  •  LMFAO! Rashed Al-sarhan! At least they would be able to put the fire out that way buhahaha!

  •  Hilarious but they certainly need to adjust the cost of Gasoline. haha
    Yeah, it'd be really funny if it was your kid, maybe protesting in the Occupy Movement... Yeah, burn baby burn.
     now i see it. on my phone so the pic is small. just enlarged it and yes, that is BEAUTIFUL! PAYBACKS A BITCH!

  • gotta LOVE when that happens !
    Any idea what "Love" means ?
    These colors dont fuckin run, they bite back HOOOOOOAAAHHH!!!!!
    Brain Dead Moron

  •  I like my insurgents well done thank you lmao!!
     Now that is a priceless picture. :)
     The world would be better off if it was you in the picture...

  •  I love the text at the bottom
    Surprised you can read it..

  •  F**KING LOL !!
  •  If at least one terrorist would burn to a crisp when one of our flags are burned, can we send a few million there?
     Love it!!
  • Sicko, he's not a Terrorist just because he's protesting us Invading his country.
  •  Is this in the Koran ?
     U.S. Will burn yur ASS everytime!!!!
    Yep, anything for a buck for the rich man. 
     Watch him burn!! Too bad there isn't a video!!!
    One very sick puppy, do you torture small animals for fun?
      This is too awesome! Hahaha
    Compared to what sicko.
  •  I'm totally jacking this!
     why is it they can burn what we take pride in but we cant burn the koran what come around goes around
  •  YEAH, they burned our Flag, we just burned their cities, their women and children and old people...and anyone else who got in our way.
     i love how they're all running away like cowards instead of helping the very person they rallied around
  •  It may not be proper etiquette or very Christianly to get this much pleasure from someone else's obvioud pain, but DAMN! I just can't help myself. Hehe
    Boohyah! In your face! 
    You are correct, there is nothing Christ Like about a single response here....mostly Satanic to the core...
    Don't mess with the US of A!
     They didn't....we messed with them

    It makes me so sad to see
    Because we are civilized and don't stoop. We walk tall, walk proud and... Well, let's just leave it at that :-)
     OMG, it sounds like there was one brave soul here who actually has a heart and soul...

  •  Rashed Al-sarhan
    He couldn't get a Marine to piss on him now for anything!
  •  These people expect us to understand and be sympathetic to their cause when they have the nerve to publicly disrespect our beliefs with INTENTIONAL burning of our flag. If they got so murderously mad when their Koran was INADVERTENTLY consumed among burning debris, imagine what these self-rightheous fanatics would do if their Koran, or perhaps their flag is burned INTENTIONALLY.

  • burn you idiot moronic loser
    LMFAO, LOVE IT!!!!
  •  Burn our flag. Our flag will burn your ass.
  •  dirt bag!!
     Lifes a bitch aint it!
    Yeah, if you live in a country we want to Rape..
  •  We should be thanking this guy. He is showing what happens if you fuc* with the USA: you go down in a ball of flames. 
    He didn't mess with us, we terrorized Them.

  •  Karma is a bitch also LMAO HOOAH
    Yeah and if you had any conception of what Karma is, you'd be really really scared. 
    Amazing isn't it...... Can you believe there are people this Lost, so devoid of any soul as to actually cheer on the misery of another human being, who was simply, in his way, protesting the evil that the United States has brought upon his Land and People. 
    Just for the record, a man going into another country, being ordered to murder his fellow man....and doing that... for no real and good reason except that it's "good Business" for a few rich Pigs. 
     Is not a Hero.
      He's a fool.
      He's a Sheep.
     He's a Tool in the hands of Madmen. 

    If they were hero's they would refuse the order to kill their fellow men.
    If they were brave they would stand firm in the Principle that Murder is Wrong. 

    My heart is so saddened that there are people, Americans....who cheer a painful burning death of another human being, simply for burning a symbol, that to him means the death and destruction of all he holds dear.