Affirmative action bake sale

The best parts of this story are the misinterpretations of the bake sale by the politically correct factions. If they were willful, it demonstrates their dishonesty; if they were simply misguided, it betrays their stupidity. Either way....

30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty Nine

Something you hope to change about yourself. And why. 

Okay, well, I guess the question should be what do I want to change most... There are lots of little things I would like to change, and I'm working on it. But the biggest thing is I want to gain focus! I make up a list of things that need done, and I do an eighth of the stuff on it, loose interest, get tired or just get side tracked and never get finished... Well, eventually I finish, but usually two days late... I hate that about me.

It's my biggest obstacle! Because no matter what I want to accomplish, be it a clean house or lost pounds, I always end up getting half way started and then...

Absolutely no connection

(Rezwan Ferdaus)

It was reported last night that a 26-year-old Massachusetts man, Rezwan Ferdhaus, was arrested for plotting to blow up the Pentagon and the US Capitol Building, as well as trying to aid al Qaeda.

A few excerpts from the article:

Rezwan Ferdaus of Ashland, Mass., was arrested Wednesday in Framingham after undercover FBI agents delivered weapons Ferdaus allegedly sought for the alleged plan. The stash included what he thought was 25 pounds of C-4 explosives, as well as three grenades and six fully-automatic AK-47 assault, a press release from the Department of Justice reads....

Ferdaus, who is a Northeastern University graduate with a degree in physics, is accusing of beginning in early 2010 a plot to bring violent “jihad” against the U.S, who he described as "enemies of Allah."

He also supplied eight mobile phones to undercover FBI agents who he thought were recruiters for Al Qaeda, authorities said. The phones were modified to be used as electrical switches for IEDs, and Ferdaus thought they could be used to kill American soldiers, the affidavit said....Ferdaus said “that was exactly what I wanted,” when he was told one of the devices killed three U.S. soldiers and injured four to five others in Iraq in June, authorities said.

"I want the public to understand that Mr. Ferdaus' conduct, as alleged in the complaint, is not reflective of a particular culture, community or religion," said Carmen Ortiz, U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts.

Why is it that federal authorities always feel compelled to add this ridiculous boilerplate when talking about terrorists? Do they think that no one will notice that all the terrorists happen to be Muslim? Do they think the public is too stupid to draw any connection? Is political correctness such an overriding principle these days that it must be invoked to deny the most obvious realities? Do they think that such a statement in this context will be greeted by anything but mockery?

By this logic, we should refrain from vilifying al Qaeda by attributing bad intentions to their culture as well.

Ms. Ortiz might as well have concluded, "Our diversity is our strength."

Magical Healing Salve

So here is the first of the three healing salves we're going to be offering:
OUCH !! Do you have a cut, nick, sore, abrasion, diaper rash, chapped lips, or burn. Well this Magical Healing salve is just the stuff to take care of it. It has healing properties that you will have to experience to believe.
I could go on and on about the ingredients, most of which we grow here. Comfrey for one I have used in some critical situations on myself, once when I tore my arm open, and once when I cracked open my scalp.... It contains a substance that is classified as a cell proliferant...basically it really speeds up the regeneration of cells. When I cracked open my head,, not being one to go to Doctors, I had my wife tie the hairs on each side of the wound stitches, holding it together...then put on a poultice of healed up in a couple of days, when I tore my arm open (I had a hard core job in those days, always gettin injured)...anyway if you pound the stem it is like strings and gelatin...the strings stitch it together, and the gel seals and heals it really quickly (after stopping the bleeding with some alum). The Indians called it "Knitbone" and used it for mending broken bones.
Self Heal and Plantain are both well known for their healing properties and over the years I sort of made it so our lawn was about 70% these, and 30% grass, which is cool because they tolerate drought and our clay soil better than than grass, and we always have healing herbs for bites or cuts right at our fingertips.And the Self Heal flowers look like small lavender flowers all over the lawn. Calendula is also an amazing healing herb/flower and it's been said that it kills tetanus.... I have friends who swear by it, and not believing in vaccines use it when they or their children get puncture do I . Haven't gotten tetanus yet. St Johnswort isn't just good for Depression, it is also an amazing topical healing herb, and propolis is an antibacterial "bee glue" that is amazing. Before antibiotics were used Silver was the medicine of choice for really really bad burns, in fact burn victims were put in tubs of silver water. We make our own and it's way more potent than any you can buy. Tea Tree oil is also quite miraculous in it's healing and antiseptic properties and I put LOTS in this. The base is a nice organic coconut oil which soothes the skin and makes it easier to soak in, mixed just right with bees wax so that it has just the right consistency. We added some Lavender essential oil, and mixed with the tea tree oil and propolis which has an amazing smell....the combination of the 3 smells is wonderful. The salve is a beautiful deep green from the herbs. Added to that is the Magic of a Healing Intention filled with Love.

You can buy enough to last years for just a few dollars here on our store:
Click Here

30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty Eight

What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

Seeing how my tubes are tied, I would be running to the hospital in fear of a tubal pregnancy if I were pregnant... And if I got someone pregnant I'm thinking I would be a millionaire! 

But, lets go hypothetical here... What if I were pregnant again... Well, honestly, I don't know that it would really complicate or even change anything at this point. I have 3 children, once you get past the point of the parents having the majority and control, adding a child or two isn't really a big deal. Other than needing some more diapers, I'd me set... So no big deal!

Somebody at the AP has a sly sense of humor

Obama advisor David Axelrod gave a speech in Manchester, NH yesterday in which he said that the President's road to a second term will be a "titanic struggle."

This morning's headline read:

Axelrod: Obama faces "Titanic struggle."

Axelrod had used the word titanic as an adjective, meaning that there was no need to capitalize it. But some rascal over at the AP decided to liken Obama's fate to that of the ill-fated ship. (Obviously, Axelrod himself would never have wanted to make that connection.)

Actually, knowing the AP, whoever wrote that headline was probably just stupid rather than sly.

Nice women, average women, and sociopaths (VI)

Situation: A drunk at a frat party sees three coeds and yells, "Hey, any a you girls wanna get laid?"

Nice girl: Winces slightly, but continues to stare straight ahead, pretending not to hear. Thinks to herself, wow, he must be really drunk. My mother was right about these parties.

Average girl: Looks disgusted and mutters to her friends, "What an asshole!" Thinks, I'm never coming to another one of these stupid keggers again.

Sociopath: Calmly replies, "No thanks, I hear you're a lousy lay." Hopes his friends heard her comment. She is gratified when when her friends give her admiring looks. Later, on the way out, she says in a soft voice to the guy, "Seriously, don't you ever wonder why you never get laid?" When she sees the look of discomfiture on his face, she feels good.

Situation: You become a nurse.

Nice woman: Genuinely wants to help people. Is a cheerful, friendly presence; her patients tend to end up assuming that most nurses must be really nice. Actually likes most of her patients, and feels sympathy for many. When the other nurses make jokes about various patients, she remains silent, a little dismayed at their insensitivity.

Average woman: Is drawn to the job because of the pay, benefits, and job security. Hates cleaning bedpans, avoids it when possible. Treats her patients professionally; feigns sympathy when that is called for, and actually feels it on occasion. Whenever a good-looking male patient arrives on the ward, tries to be assigned to his room.

Sociopath: Works on a cancer ward because she gets a certain frisson from being around dying people. Gives patients and their families alike her bromides about the Great Beyond, knowing that she will make an impression because they are at an emotionally vulnerable moment. Gets sort of high thinking about what a good person she is as she does this. On the few occasions she gets a very rich patient, she acts extra nice, hoping to be remembered in the will. Whenever she dislikes a patient, she surreptitiously decreases the amount of painkiller in his IV.

Situation: A potential rival for your boyfriend's affections appears on the scene:

Nice woman: Fervently hopes that this woman doesn't steal her beau. Acts more clingy than usual around him.

Average woman: Accuses her boyfriend of being attracted to the woman, then makes catty comments about her weight and clothing.

Sociopath: Tells her (white) boyfriend that the woman's last boyfriend was a 6' 8" black guy. Tells people in their circle that the woman has been saying nasty things about them. Tells the woman to stay away from her boyfriend. Keys her car.

My back is jacked

I feel like such an old lady typing this - but somehow I messed up my back this week and it hurts bad. :( Like, back labor 24 hours a day. Not fun. I have a big deadline on Friday so I'm focusing every bit of my energy on that - I feel bad that I won't be around here much this week. I'm hoping to be back in action soon. All next week, starting Monday, I have a seriously amazing house tour to share with you. (Remember my friend Emily? It's her whole house!) TONS of tips and inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration, here are some images that I keep coming back to lately. The colors!!

Mario Buatta

Arch Digest

Melanie Acevedo

Hoping to be able to post again here this week, but if I can't, don't forget to enter my favorite things give away! I've been reading all the comments and I love seeing your choices!

30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty Seven

What's the best thing going for you right now?

My family! Without a doubt! I have the worlds most wonderful husband and three of the most beautiful children I have ever met. At times both my children and my husband drive me up a wall, but at the end of the day they make my world worth living in!

My husband is supportive, generous, hard working, gentle, loving and of course, wildly handsome! My sons and daughter are ridiculously intelligent - sometimes to smart for their own good - generally well behaved and down right hilarious! All in all, I could be anything or do anything with their support - no questions!

Kohler Contest - SPONSORED POST

Hi friends! This is a sponsored post written by someone else. Thanks for being supportive of the sponsors that help me keep things running here at LGN, especially the great ones like Kohler! Lots of love. xx

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Just head over and upload a photo of that beautiful locket from your mom or the gorgeous grandfather clock that adorns your dining room. Then give a brief backstory on your chosen vintage item. A panel of judges will choose one grand prize winner to win a trip for two to New York City, a professional design consultation, and stunning Kohler products. Three first prize winners will score Kohler products as well.

The contest ends on October 31st. Head to to enter.

30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty Six

Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?

Yes. When I was a teen. I have BiPolar II Disorder, which is mostly depression with some mania mixed in. And whenever I was at a point where the mania and the depression mixed, I would become highly suicidal. I was growing up in a family with very strict rules and ideas about life and simply didn't fit their mold - frankly, I still don't. Our religious, civil and social ideas were all very different. My faith, sexuality and individualism were not just discouraged, but forbidden and things seemed to just get worse and worse. There were quite a few times when I wanted to just give up, and a few attempts as well.

Why we can't win in Afghanistan

Yesterday's NY Times article about the Haqqani crime family in Afghanistan talked about how far their tentacles reach, into kidnapping, arms smuggling, fencing, and extortion, including demanding protection money from companies building American-financed roads and schools.

The Haqqanis are Afghanistan in a nutshell. To them,the world was never divided up into communists. vs. capitalists, or the US vs. the USSR. To them, it's divided up into Muslims vs. infidels, the locals vs. any invaders, and the Haqqanis vs. the world.

The Haqqanis have allied themselves at various times with the CIA, the Saudi spy service, Osama bin Laden, and most recently with the Pakistani spy agency, the ISI. The Haqqanis, considered freedom fighters during the Soviet occupation, were behind the recent assault on the US Embassy in Kabul. They have shifting alliances, but their only true loyalties are to Islam and the Haqqanis.

The article included the following paragraph about their leader:

Jalaluddin Haqqani’s fierce temperament was matched by his devotion to the rules of Islam, the official said. Shot in the knee one time during the daytime fast of Ramadan, Mr. Haqqani had medics dig the bullet out without anesthesia rather than violate a religious tenet by swallowing pain medication, the official said. There is little doubt in Afghanistan that if the family were to gain power, it would institute strict Islamic rule.

Now ask yourself the following questions: Would Hamid Karzai, take a bullet to the knee and forgo pain medication? Does Karzai head up a corrupt administration? Did he win the last election fairly? Is there any chance the Taliban will support him once we're gone? Does the average Afghan identify in any way, however remotely, with Americans? Have we not already announced that we will be withdrawing according to a certain timetable, letting the Taliban know that they have only to wait us out? Do our Pakistani allies feel any intrinsic loyalty to us, or are they playing a double game? Is there any chance we take all those backwards, medieval, Muslim tribes, each isolated by forbidding mountains, and turn them all into a cohesive, functioning, modern democracy?

Al Qaeda has been driven out of Afghanistan. So why are we still there?


Rumors are now circulating that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may reconsider and run for President. If he should happen to win the nomination, it will certainly give the lie to my theory about Romney winning the Republican nomination, and why.

In the meantime, expect the NY Times and its ilk to publish a lot of full body shots of the overweight Christie. The Times is too dignified to refer to him as "the corpulent conservative" or "the fat free-trader." (Leave that to MSNBC and The Daily Kos.) But they will certainly take every photographic opportunity to emphasize Christie's jowly appearance.

Christie is the combative sort that the partisans want on their side. So he fulfills the "bar fight" litmus test if not the good-looks one. He has a more conservative record than Romney. And he is smarter and better on his feet than Perry.

If Christie can make a few jokes at his own expense at the outset of his campaign, he'll be a formidable candidate. A couple suggestions:

"I wouldn't have entered this campaign if I didn't think I could win. If I don't, though, Plan B is to get on Biggest Loser."

"Vote for Obese, not Obama."

"It's sort of ironic. I may be fat, but I'm a lot better at trimming down government than the skinny guy who's in office right now."

Ronald Reagan got a huge amount of mileage from of making a joke about his own age. Christie could gain similar traction.

The two hikers

(Sarah Shroud, Shane Bauer, and Josh Fattal; Shroud was released earlier.)

There's been a lot of recent publicity about the two American hikers, Josh Fattall and Shane Bauer, who were released by Iran this past weekend. What's been missing from all the commentary is any mention of how incredibly dumb they were to be backpacking on the Iraq-Iran border in the first place.

Exactly how stupid were they? Here's a clue. Bauer said that he hoped his release from prison would also bring "freedom for political prisoners in America and Iran."

Yep. Our prisons, just like Iran's, are full of political prisoners.

That's how dumb you have to be to go hiking in Iran.

Note the picture above. Wherever you find masculine white women and feminine white men, you will almost always find a certain brand of political correctness. (Tell me you couldn't have guessed the political views of the three above just from their appearance.)

For my next vacation, I plan a trip to Somalia. I understand the beaches there are quite lovely.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it's no more lawless over there than it is here.

Super Awesome Give Away

You guys, I've been blogging here for almost FOUR YEARS! It simultaneously feels much shorter and much, much longer than that. :) Thank you for all the love and support you've shown me. I have the sweetest, most respectful and encouraging readers. I really love you all - you make it easy to want to show up here every weekday.

As a thank you, I'm going to be putting together some give-aways over the next couple of months called Jenny's Favorite Things. Are you excited? You should be. Check it all out here. (comments on this post closed)


30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty Five

The reason you believe you're still alive today.

In general? Because I haven't died yet...  The long version, because I owe my life to someone I once loved!

When I was a teenager I attempted to take my life. The first time, I swallowed a bottle of pills, and got REALLY sick, but survived. The second time I tried to hang myself, but the rope broke...  I told a friend of mine that I was planning to do it again, she was supposed to help me get some better pills... But then she was to afraid that she was going to get in trouble and chickened out.. She found an old note I had written her and turned it in to our school guidance counselor who forced my mother to have me committed.

I planned to spend a few days in there, get the pills they were going to give me, and use those... But then, fate stepped in and I met someone that changed it all for me! His name was Jeremy, and he was in there because of some drug issues. All the therapy, drugs and bad hospital food couldn't do what he did. I know it sounds corny, and on some level I guess it is, but when you're 15 and feel like you aren't loved, and someone shows you you can be, it matters! He wasn't like any of the guys I'd been with before him. He was smart, kind, hansom, romantic and honest... Something like I had never met til then. Not only did he treat me like someone who deserved to be loved, but like someone who deserved to live...

We staid in contact for quite a few years after I got out, and dated for a while outside... But we lost touch about 8 years ago. I've tried (recently) to find him, but have yet to be able to. I would love for him to meet my husband and children! I owe them as much to him as I do anyone else. I honestly believe it was him that changed how I thought about me, and my life! I don't regret trying to kill myself, I wouldn't take it back for a second...  Because I met someone that showed me how to love!

Nice guys, average guys, and sociopaths (V)

Situation: You work at a suicide hotline.

Nice guy: Signs up for the job because he's always felt badly for people who are in despair. Has also seen how much pain this can cause those left behind, as one of his friends died this way. Gets involved in the lives of those he talks to, on two occasions actually meeting them in person. Eventually gives up the work because he finds it too upsetting, and can't handle it.

Average guy: Does it because he likes to think of himself as a good person. Makes an honest attempt to help, but steers clear of personal involvement. Figures he has saved four lives so far -- which is way more than most people have. (In fact, he has partially saved two -- which is still more than most.) Mentions his job at every opportunity, and finds it is a great way for getting dates with a certain type of girl. This discovery compels him to mention it even more frequently.

Sociopath: Works there so he can savor others' misery. Occasionally subtly encourages people to commit suicide, telling them under the guise of sympathy that their lives really are bleak, and that he understands why they think they have nothing to live for. Secretly gloats about the two times he pushed people over the edge. Lords his job over people who don't do such public service work, aggressively asking why they feel don't have to help out. Loudly attributes the nice guy's quitting to the fact that he "doesn't care."

Situation: Your school is holding a fundraiser.

Nice guy: Helps out, anonymously contributing what he can afford.

Average guy: Asks what everyone else is giving, then grudgingly gives that. Has no interest in being involved.

Sociopath: Either gets really involved, getting on the committee and taking over, or, if he can't take over, mocks the proceedings from a distance. If takes over, is actually skillful at fundraising, knowing just how to manipulate others into giving money. Makes a big show of talking about how it's important to him to "give back" to the community, and garners whatever publicity he can for his public spirit. If he can't take over, he tells everyone how stupid they are to give since the school just wastes their money anyway.

Situation: You've just plowed into a cyclist on a deserted country road; he is badly injured and only semi-conscious.

Nice guy: Stops car, gets out, checks cyclist, doesn't think twice, phones 911 immediately. Is extremely upset, and panicked. Tries to comfort cyclist, tell him that help is on the way, but is not sure cyclist could hear him. Feels terrible for cyclist. Briefly wonders what the legal repercussions will be.

Average guy: Stops car, gets out, checks cyclist. The thought occurs to him that he could just leave and probably get away with it, but he doesn't seriously consider this. Phones 911 and tells cyclist he just did so. Feels badly for cyclist, wonders if there's something he should be doing before the ambulance arrives, but he's read about people who are sued for doing that kind of thing and decides against it. His thoughts soon stray to what this will mean to him: will I go to jail? Shit, I wish I hadn't had that drink, but after only one drink my blood alcohol must be under the legal limit. I wonder if they'll find out about this at work....Geez, the guy looks pretty bad. 

Sociopath: Calmly looks around, sees no one else is there. He sees through the window that the cyclist is hurt badly. Wonders if the cyclist will be able to identify him. Briefly considers running him over again just to make sure he can't, but decides against it, realizing that could land him in real trouble. Then drives off, thinking, they'll never catch me. And if they do, I'll just say I hadn't realized I'd hit anyone. Works self up into a fit of anger thinking, what the hell was that asshole doing going for a goddamn bike ride at this hour? Sees a Burger King and thinks, hey, a Whopper would really hit the spot right now, so stops to get one. Wolfs it down, his appetite undiminished. Arrives looking perfectly unruffled for his job at the suicide hot line.

30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty Four

Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs.

For My Husband...

1.) Love of a Lifetime - Firehouse
Because it was our wedding song!

2.) Ace Of Spades - Moterhead
Because when we started seeing each other he would plan this song endlessly!

3.) Hemorrhage - Fuel
This is the only song I've ever seen him get emotional over.

4.) Welcome to the Jungle - Guns & Roses
Because he thinks he's so bad ass...  lol

5.) Hello Darlin' - Conway Twitty
Because he LOVES Family Guy!

6.) Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
Because if this isn't out theme song, I don't know what is!

7.) Butter Fly Kisses - Bob Carlisle
Because even though he loves all his kids, his little girl is his pride & joy!

8.) Buffy The Vampire Slayer Opening Credits Theme
Because we watched the hell out of this show! And still tend to!

9.) Save Me - Shinedown
He would know why - that's all I'm sayin'

10.) Texas Walker Ranger Opening Credits Theme
Because as my hubby will tell you, Song Lists are afraid not to have Chuck Norris on them! lol

Another INSANE sale and Big Changes coming

Well we're skipping Market again this weekend.
Taryn has the Flu and last weekend we lost money at Market,
so we're staying home and I'm going to work....
so here we go again with a big sale.  
It'll be good till early Monday Morning
We have lots of new Heartful Reminder Magnets made out of beautiful woods
, carved down into, then with the words painted in.

We're making some changes to our business.
We're both passionate about a lot of things.
For me herbal healing has always been something that I've had a .... feel for.
Here on the property we grow lots of different herbs, in fact our lawn is mostly Self Heal and Plantain.  ( I sort of have been heading it in that direction for a while).
So we decided that with all our interests and blessings we should share a little more eclectically. 

So we're going to start offering healing salves.
Over the years I've discovered some herbs that practically work miracles.
I used to work in a Mill, and once I tore my scalp open pretty badly.
Man can the scalp bleed......
Well I've never much been one for doctors so I had my wife tie the hairs on either side of the tear together, then I used Comfrey goop on it.
Comfrey growing in the Garden

  It healed in a couple of days, same thing once I ripped the skin on my arm apart, should have had stitches but got it to stop bleeding with alum powder and used pounded comfrey (It makes a mucilage with fibers and dries into a bandage ). It also healed in a few days.    
So I decided to make a healing salve with comfrey and other ingredients we grow here, self heal, plantain, and St Johnswort, and calendula
Calendula growing out back we're selling seeds now.

and some colloidal silver.
I'm also going to make another salve for bruises and aches and pains..... and one that I'm really excited about that I've always wanted to buy, but never had the money when I had the hankering....and now I found the recipe for "Black Salve" which is for skin problems and also quite famous for skin cancer.....  So stay tuned for these.

We will probably also have herb tea blends and misc herbs and seeds.

In the meantime use the code JOYOUS at checkout and get 20% off anything in the store.

Style Me Pretty

Happy weekend, friends! What do you have going on? It's pretty drizzly here in New York, but I'm feeling good and productive (which, isn't that the best way to feel?).

I hope you have a fun-filled, exciting (and maybe productive?) weekend! See you back here Monday. Lots of exciting things to share next week!

Oh, and in case you're one of the five people in the world that doesn't read Style Me Pretty, head on over and check out my Buying Guide HERE, which was inspired by this beautiful Napa wedding.

Side note: Who else wants to have a redo on their wedding? Same guy. Different reception venue/photographer/flowers, etc, etc. I've talked to my friends who were married 8-10 years ago like I was (ie before blogs and Pinterest) and we all feel the same way :)


The latest trend in China seems to be grooming your dog to make it look like another animal.

Oh well. It is China. Better to be dyed than eaten.

30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty Three

Something you wish you had done in your life.

Oh lord, how much time do we have?  It's weird, because there are a lot of things I would love to have done in my life. Some of which I am in the process of doing or hope to do someday anyways. But I don't think I would want to do anything that would really affect much of my life today.

So, what are some things I wish I had done in my life? Win the lottery, open my own metaphysical shop, write a book, write a cook book, studied nutrition, herbs & natural healing, mastered this whole "natural living" thing...  Hmm... There are so many things... I want to master Tarot & Runes, Palm Reading, Astral Travel, Dream Interpretation and become a better witch-crafter...  Plant a successful garden... 

The list really does go on, and on and on... Really though, I guess there isn't much I wish I would have done, that I can't still do!

Romney wins nomination

In much the same manner that the networks will race each other to be the first to declare a winner even when only a small percentage of the vote tallied, let me be first to declare Mitt Romney the winner of the Republican primaries.

The latest polls (before last night's debate) showed Perry leading Romney by a significant margin. But last night Romney demonstrated why he's going to win, and it was all about body language.

Perry seemed unsure of himself, stumbled in a few of his replies, and garbled a few words out of what sounded like nervousness. Romney, on the other hand, came across generally more confident and aggressive. It all boils down to, who do you want on your side in a (legislative) bar fight. And, frankly, whom you would rather look at.

The fact that the two men stood next to each other favored Romney. Had they been at opposite ends of the podium, the audience would have had the vague impression of two tall handsome men flanking all the less noteworthy candidates. But since the camera could catch both men in the same shot, it was apparent that Romney was a little taller, a little more solid, and a little better-looking.

It also looked as if, had the two gotten into a fistfight, Romney would have prevailed. As silly as it sounds to even bring that up, that factor is deeply ingrained into our psyches from millions of years of that outcome actually mattering.

We make decisions instinctively; we use our logical faculties afterward only to rationalize our instincts. When all is said and done, thinking is but an afterthought. (It's no coincidence that "rational" and "rationalize," though they have almost opposite meanings, come from the same root.)

Although this is far less important to the electorate than the press, Romney also seemed more on top of the facts than Perry did last night. But that's secondary.

A business school professor of mine once pointed out to our class that in 21 of the previous 22 Presidential elections, the taller man won. I checked that out, and it turned out that it was actually 20 out of 22. But the general rule certainly held, and it looks as if it will hold true for this primary season as well.

The other candidates have at this point seemingly been relegated to supporting roles.

Gingrich came across as calm and intelligent as usual. He may be a sociopath, but that's why he never has a deer-in-the-headlights moment, and why he doesn't hesitate to excoriate the moderators if he feels their questions are inappropriate. The electorate could probably find it in its heart to forgive his character if only he were taller and leaner. But Gingrich looks like a pudgy little boy compared to the two tall leading man-types he's up against. The public wants the BMOC who is a star forward, not the towel boy.

Michelle Bachmann sent pulses racing at the outset of the campaign: she seemed to be a Sarah Palin who actually understood the issues. But then, as it turned out, she really didn't. And as sexy as she is, she also gives off craziness vibes (and not just on the cover of Newsweek). Palin looks like a fun girl who likes to party; Bachmann looks like her harder-edged sister who decided to become a high-priced call girl. Here's my sophisticated analysis: I wouldn't mind doing Palin, but somehow I just wouldn't want to do Bachmann.

Ron Paul appeals to purists, but he's a little too pure to be electable. It's been many decades since he was a track star, and the electorate rarely goes for wizened. He comes across more like a professor at Hogwart's than the dynamic salesman he needs to be.

Gary Johnson had the best line of the night: "My next door neighbor's dogs have produced more shovel ready jobs than Barack Obama has." But Johnson quickly proved himself a one note player: how many different ways can you say you want a balanced budget?

Jon Huntsman came across well, but he was never conservative enough to excite the primary voters. And he's ever-so-slightly milquetoasty, like Tim Pawlenty. Huntsman already has the odor of failure about him, and the electorate, like the sharks in the media, can smell that from miles away.

Rick Santorum is a true -- and somewhat rigid -- conservative, the type who ought to do well in the primaries, but he never caught fire either. When they gave him that question from the muscular gay Iraq vet about gays in the military, Santorum actually came across unpatriotic stumblingly replying that he would reinstitute Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Rick Perry has never lost an election, and like an unbeaten boxer, has grown somewhat overconfident. His Texas roots (unlike Bush's) are genuine. He grew up in a small Texas town, joined the military (not the National Guard), and went to Texas A&M (not Yale). But his Texas colloquialisms don't necessarily translate well on the national stage. When he said, in reference to the Federal Reserve printing so much money, that they would treat Bernanke "pretty ugly" back in Texas," the New York media heard, "We'd string the Jew up."

That is generally not considered the best way to win them over.

But Perry's biggest Achilles heel, other than being up against a taller, slicker, better-looking candidate, is immigration reform. As governor he passed a law granting college benefits to illegal immigrants in Texas that even Americans don't get. When the voters get wind of that, they're going to treat Perry pretty ugly.

(As Romney said in his post-debate interview on Fox last night, had Perry realized he'd be running for President, he'd have thought twice before passing that law.)

So far the media has gone fairly easy on Perry. They are undoubtedly hoping that he wins the nomination, since he represents less of a threat to Obama than Romney does.

But the early physical indications are that Romney is going to win.

Cue the music

Was just switching back and forth between the Republican debate and Last of the Mohicans this evening. Hard not to notice that in practically every scene with Daniel Day-Lewis (as Hawkeye), the music would kick in and lend a certain romantic aura to whatever he was doing.

Had Mitt Romney, or any of the other candidates, arranged to have the stirring, majestic theme from Last of the Mohicans play whenever he -- and only he -- spoke, his words would undoubtedly have resonated more with the viewers. Heck, with that music playing in the background, the American people would have wanted to vote for him then and there.

Now that I think of it, I always sorta wished they'd strike up the James Bond theme whenever I entered a room....

Worth a thousand words

According to Yahoo News, this was not Photoshopped, but an actual photograph taken at the UN yesterday:

The man whose face Obama is obscuring is Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj.

30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty Two

Something you wish you hadn't done in your life.

Sorry, this one's going to be rather kinda boring! I mean, there isn't much I can honestly say I wish I hadn't done. Most of the things I wish I hadn't done are like - I wish I hadn't broken my foot! But nothing really big. I don't have any ex-boyfriends I regret or any big scandalous videos that I'm ashamed of... Note, I didn't say there aren't those videos, just that I don't regret them - lol!

The one thing I do regret doing is helping my one friend by letting them move in to an apartment with me. I ended up putting thousands of dollars in to an apartment that I didn't live in and really wasn't even welcome in for the most part. And I never saw a single penny of the money I lent her and her (at the time) boyfriend either... But to be completely honest, if I had it to do again, if she were to call me today and say "I'm stuck and homeless" I would, once again, do whatever I could to help her, and at this point, her children & husband! So I guess I don't regret it enough! But to me, that's just what friends are, that's what they do! My friends are my family as much as my family is!

Thin lips II

I know this observation goes into the sounds-crazy category, but I keep seeing sociopaths with abnormally thin lips. Usually when I see people with a slit for a mouth, I think of them as having a somewhat carnivorous, feral look -- which is actually an apt metaphor for sociopathy. To draw a correlation between a physical trait and a mental one is what the old-time phrenologists did, and they have long since been discredited.

But I keep coming back to the way novelists used to describe certain mouths as a "cruel." Why would they describe them this way? I am not the only one who has ever noticed this correlation.

Keep in mind, this correlation doesn't apply to non-whites. It also doesn't apply to gay men, who often seem to have fuller lips for some reason. (And remember that gay men are overrepresented among the ranks of serial killers: think John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Juan Corona, Wayne Williams, Dean Corll, etc.) I also am not suggesting any sort of cause and effect, nor am I suggesting that the lips are the center of compassion. I am only pointing out a correlation, spurious or not.

Take a look at the following pictures of some of the most famous serial killers, whose sociopathy is not in doubt:

Ted Bundy may be the most famous serial killer of all. He is thought to be responsible for the deaths of 36 young women.

Ed Gein fashioned the skin of women into outfits for himself. Thomas Harris used him as the model for Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.

Albert Fish was a sexual sadist and cannibal who murdered at least five children. He also enjoyed inserting needles into his own skin.

Andrei Chikatilo was a Ukrainian who killed at least 53 women and children. At one time he was thought to be the most prolific serial killer ever.

Harold Shipman, a former doctor, may actually have been the most prolific serial killer of all time, with at least 218 deaths attributed to him.

Henry Lee Lucas claimed to have been the most prolific serial killer ever, though many of his claims were later debunked. But he was still unquestionably responsible for many deaths.

Ottis Toole was Lucas's partner in crime.

Dennis Rader was the infamous BTK ("bind torture kill") serial killer.

Arthur Shawcross murdered two children when he was in his twenties. After serving time in jail for those killings, he was released and then in his forties began killing prostitutes. He was known as The Genessee River Killer.

Peter Sutcliffe, known as The Yorkshire Ripper, operated in England during the 1970's.

These are obviously only a sampling of the possible candidates, and there are others who are evidence against the correlation, like David Berkowitz (The Son of Sam) and Gary Ridgway (The Green River Killer). And I repeat, pairing a facial feature with a character trait does seem crazy. But after seeing what seems a disproportionate representation of serial killers with "cruel" lips, it does seem as if maybe eyes are not the only the window to the soul.

Just an observation.

Can you guess what I've got up my sleeve?

This week is insanely busy (what's new), but I've got a project of my own on the brain. Can you guess what it is? Here's a hint...

PS Are you looking for a duvet cover? I was looking for a fun and cheap duvet for a client and thought you'd like to see what caught my eye.

30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty One

Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

I think this is the easiest question so far... A friend doesn't stop being a friend just because you fight or disagree. Any friend who does wasn't a friend in the first place! And your overall friendship doesn't change because of a fight. So there's no question that I would be in that hospital room, holding their hand and making sure they were getting the best care possible. If we still have things to duke out, we can do it when he/she is better. There's no need to allow anger or negativity to affect what could be a life threatening event.

I'm a Giant! Dollhouse Challenge!

We used to have this really huge, amazing doll house last year that we sold when we moved to New York for space reasons. I didn't realize how much they would miss the dollhouse! They ask about it often and Grace even asked for a dollhouse for her birthday. They're a little older now and super into imaginative play, so I'm feeling like we should make room for a dollhouse again.

When Emily (who is so hilarious and nice) invited me to participate in her Dollhouse Challenge I felt like it was a great chance to spend more time with my girls. Especially now that the weather is cooling down (sad!!) and the parks are getting to be a lot less fun. Both Grace and Claire are really into crafty projects, so I thought it might be fun to work on this together.

Last weekend I found this big old dollhouse at a junk shop. It is in horrible shape. I mean, really BAD shape. Which is *just* how I like my houses to start with!

Also, it was a good excuse to finally buy a Dremel! Boy oh boy.

I'm excited. My kids are excited. And other bloggers are excited about their projects. It's going to be a fun group challenge (you can learn all about it here). There's even talk about displaying the finished doll houses in December in California. Cool, right?

Here are some of the fabulous friends in on the challenge:

Emily Henderson from

Nicole from

Morgan from

Erin from

Orlando from

Corbett from

and Kirsten from

And anyone else who wants in on the fun. Feel free to join! In the meantime, I'm trolling eBay and etsy looking for amazing vintage doll furniture, looking through my fabrics and wallpapers for small scale prints and digging through my craft bins for trinkets to repurpose. I can't wait til the girls get home from school this afternoon. They're always telling me how they're decorators too, so this will be fun to come up with mini design plans together.

PS the Lonny team did a dollhouse last year. Love it all - especially that Christmas-ornament-turned-light-fixture in the entry. Pretty!