The body as a machine

Blood flows, oxygen is inhaled, muscles stretch.  Our bodies are meant to be used, meant to move, work and play.  The body houses everything necessary to accomplish these things – our mind, our soul/spirit, our personality, our intelligence, our preferences and our beliefs.  We focus so much on the exterior of the body and how it looks that we often forget why we have a body in the first place.

I went to a Memorial Day cookout this weekend and played volleyball for most of the day.  It was an amazing feeling to jump, run and dive without wondering what I looked like.  No one cared whether I was wearing makeup or not, they just wanted me to not suck at serving and passing.  They didn’t care that I was sweaty because it meant I was working hard.  The grass stains on my pants didn’t mean that I was ugly or un-feminine, but that I was diving on the ground and really getting into the spirit of competition.  I had so much fun.

Today, my muscles are incredibly sore.  Everything hurts – my back, shoulders, quads, everything.  I have color on my skin from a long day in the sun, and a few bruises on my legs.  These marks are reminders that I used my body – I put it to work and challenged it to perform.  For one day I didn’t feel like a statue, painted and clothed and placed in the public eye to be gawked at and judged.  I wasn’t standing still, trying to take up as little space as possible and hoping to go unnoticed.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  I yelled, laughed, danced and tried to take up as much space as I could (at least on the volleyball court).

It brought me back to my tomboy days.  All the way through high school I was a competitive athlete.  I focused intensely on my training and was always pushing myself to be better.  Though I was slightly self-conscious about my body and my appearance back then, it was never as overwhelming as it is now.  At least, it wasn’t something that caused me extreme anxiety.  I was so focused on what my body could do, that what it looked like was less important.  Since high school, I have participated to a smaller degree in sports and continued a fairly active lifestyle, but have lost the “body as a machine” mentality.  This weekend showed me that I need to head back in that direction.  I want to take pride in a healthy, capable body.  I want strong muscles, endurance and flexibility.  I’m hoping that refocusing will eradicate some of my BDD compulsions and some of the negativity surrounding how I view myself, just as it did this weekend.

I feel like I should end this post with a giant roar of accomplishment.  ROOOOOOOAR!!!!


Aren't hands fascinating? You can tell a lot about a person's journey in life by looking at their hands. And isn't it interesting that we all have such unique hands? I can recall the look of my grandparents' and parents' hands almost as well as their faces.

I was so struck with this simple black and white photograph of a hand (a self portrait by John Coplans). I would love to try something similar. Wouldn't this be an especially cool art series? Maybe photograph your child's hand every year on their birthday or something? I'm trying to figure out a good way to photograph Evie's hand before she loses all that gorgeous baby chub. What's better than wrist and knuckle fat rolls?

(Images via this great post at Habitually Chic on Fredrick Malle's apartments. I am CRAZY over his style.)

Just have to share this...

    For those of you who don't know, my mother is a Jehovah's Witness. I was raised to be, but the Great Goddess was in my heart from day one, so that didn't work out so well! Anyways, we were talking the other day and she was telling me about a conversation I just have to share with all of you.

    Apparently, she and a group from her Kingdom Hall (their church) were doing their door to door work when one of the women in the group noticed a Pentacle on the property or door or something of one of the houses and said she was afraid to go to the door. The woman said she hated going to door like that because the people were scary. My mom said, and I quote: "I'll take a Pagan over a Born Again any day!" and happily took the door for her.

    She said when she got back in the car the lady asked her why she was so happy to take that door knowing their could be a witch behind it. And my mother said "Because Pagans know the Christian faith better than Christians do." She said she went on to tell the woman that while Christians claim to know what their bible says that most of them have rarely read it beyond the popular scriptures or readings done in church. Pagans on the other hand not only know what is in the Bible, but know the history behind it and behind the Church and Religion which came out of it.

    As a Pagan, I would have to agree with her. I have gotten in to many a biblical debates with Christians, and known the Bible better than they do. That said, I have to give credit to my mother for that - Although not so happily. There is a great deal of religious contention between my family and I but compliments like that one show me that at least someone is opening their eyes to the fact that Pagans aren't Cat Sacrificing, Devil Worshipers who will beat up old ladies and rape children - as I've been told in some forums... Even if that person does still believe her Pagan daughter is doomed - at least she knows we aren't all crazy!
Eternity Breathed
Eternity Breathed that First Gasp
And the Story Began
The Tree of Life
The Ascension of Man
and Fruiting
And dropping the Seed...
To begin Once again
The Soul needs to Feed

Feed the Soul
Feed the Joy

This wood blows me away....look at the Sheen. 

Thank you Medicine Woman Anita for the Gifting of the wood.
(Not to mention bringing in our Little Bracken in Peace and Gently.)

I carved this in Manzanita, buffed it down to the finest shine....
A Golden Bronze Shine...OH My.
The design Did itself........
I really Love this one....

Celtic Knot Tree of Life

I love this design of a Tree of Life in a Celtic Knot.
I inlaid it with Malachite in rare Oregon Myrtlewood.
It's strung on braided cotton cord.
A very powerful piece with lots of Tree and Earth energy..

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Sometimes in our Day to Day life..
with the hustle and bustle
Our Roots become disconnected from the Earth
We become Un Grounded
And lose connection
with the only way we can Truly
So an occasional
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Is a really Healthy Trip to Take.
You don't need some fancy Earth Digging device
You just Need a Strong Intention
And Focus.
Roots Deep
Strong within the Connection

Shield of the Tree Clan

There are many who belong to the Clan of the Tree
And most of them only remember this in their deepest Dreams
of Light and Unity
Which upon arising they Quickly forget
But when they see the Shield
something within them stirs
And for that moment
their Soul remembers
And suddenly they know they are part of something Much Bigger

Tree of Life Inlay

I inlaid Malachite in this Beautiful piece of rare Oregon Myrtlewood.
I connected the cotton cord in a cool way by cutting a notch into the necklace and tying it in the notch...
This is a nice grounding piece.

Bear Totem Carve down in Sassafras

Peace is the Way
I inlaid Malachite in this beautiful and colorful piece of Sassafras wood

Turtle Totem

Amazing Creatures..... 
I'd say all about the Power of Grounded Intention.....

 It sure feels good to be gettin things Created.

Coming out of the crazy closet

I have something to tell you.  I’m crazy.  Fuh real, yo.

For those of you who know me well, your response is probably going to be, “well, duh…” Yes, I’m that kind of crazy, too ~ the loud, silly, random, dance when I feel like it, make myself laugh uncontrollably crazy.  

But I’m also crazy in my head crazy.

For the past seven years I have been living with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).  Honestly, it’s probably been even longer than that, but seven years ago is when it started to really interfere with my life. 

What is BDD?
Unfortunately, BDD is not as well known as many other neurological disorders, and studies are still being done on the most effective forms of treatment.  It’s difficult to explain BDD, and very often people who have the disorder live with it in silence, out of shame, fear or confusion.  The easiest way for me to describe BDD is to say that the affected individual will look in the mirror and see something completely different from what everyone else sees.  I see a certain image of myself in the mirror that is not true to life.  I have no idea how I actually appear to others because my brain is telling me that I look a different way.

BDD can affect any area of the body that you can think of, including (but not limited to) the nose, feet, hair, breasts and even knees.  The main focus of my disordered thinking is my skin, but it also affects some facial features.

BDD is problematic for multiple reasons:
·       Extended, untamed thinking of this nature often leads to depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, social isolation, and an inability to lead a normal life.
·       Individuals with BDD often become so focused on their physical appearance that they have extreme difficulty with other responsibilities, such as keeping a job or maintaining a steady relationship.
·       Severe mental anguish manifests itself physically, leaving many BDD sufferers with ailments that include migraines, heart palpitations and vomiting.
·       Because BDD has only recently been acknowledged in the medical community, many people with this disorder are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

I highly recommend reading this Wikipedia article on BDD.  It is extremely thorough and gives an in-depth look at the disorder.

It is important to note that BDD is not vanity.  It is a serious disorder that can not simply be willed away, or something that will disappear with time.  We would not tell someone with an eating disorder that they are self-centered, but would instead acknowledge their struggle with disordered thinking ~ this is the same for individuals with BDD.

Personal Progress
After moving home a few months ago, I decided to get some serious help.  I didn’t want to continue being afraid of the mirror, or being hesitant to go outside and engage with the rest of the world.  I just wanted to live a normal life. 

I started an experimental SSRI soon after arriving home, which has been an incredible help.  Though I still very much say that I am struggling with BDD, it is easier to manage each day.  I am about to begin cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)  as well, which will hopefully target my disordered body image directly and allow me to gain some control over my crazy brain.

Reasons for “coming out” as crazy
Selfishly, I’m sick and tired of living a lie, never fully being myself, feeling shame, and keeping a big part of myself a secret.  Because I’m afraid that someone is going to find out, I have to edit what I say so that I don’t slip up.  Also, keeping my BDD hidden allows the stigma of shame surrounding “being a crazy” to continue.  Shoving it aside like some dirty secret makes it seem like a bigger deal than it is.  I have some whacked out synapses in my brain that I’m trying to fix so I can enjoy life again.  That’s all.

Not-so-selfishly, I want to help other people who are going through this (and people who are dealing with their own life issues, mental or otherwise).  It’s pretty difficult to find good female role models in the media, which is part of the reason why my idea of beauty is so messed up to begin with.  I want to be that strong female role model.  I want to create a community where people can speak openly.  I want to show that people are not perfect ~ even the celebrities that we admire have their own issues beneath the surface.

Ideally, I will be able to lead by example and show that it is possible to overcome BDD (et al) and lead an extraordinary life.  Not just a normal one, but one that you’ve dreamed about.  I hope to become a successful musician/performer, so that I can spread this message in a big way by doing what I love and being happy, healthy and myself.  I am not perfect, and that is okay.  However, I want to take this road towards becoming a better version of myself. 

I hope you will come along for the journey.  I hope I can help you.  I hope we can be healthy and happy together.

With Love,           


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Trees Trees I do Love Trees

Moonlit Tree of Destiny Guardian of the Portal

It seemed like a Dream
Waking to see
the Tree in the Moonlight
Open and Clear
to the Shining White Light
It wasn't a Dream
It was the Beginning of Life
And the end
and Beginning...
Guardian at the Portal
Bright.... And Reflective

If you can love the Reflection
You will be permitted to Pass...

Silent Wood Tree of Life

Led deep into the Forest of Love
Come to gaze into a Reflective Pool so Clear
At the base of the Tree
in this Silent Place
At Once
and at last
The Reflection
No longer brings Fear...
And the Heart Grows Wings
And the Soul Joyfully Sings

Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms

    Hey all, for those of you who haven't seen this yet, Circle of Mom's is building a list of the top 25 Faith based Mommy Blogs. And amidst all the mainstream moms there are those of us who walk different paths, Pagan Paths.

   Now, here's my selfish and rather arrogant wish, that we could ALL be in that top 25! Now, voting runs through Jun 8, 2011 at 5pm PST and you are able to vote and re-vote daily for as many blogs as you wish. (One vote per blog per day.)  So, please support us Pagan Mommy Bloggers and vote us up!!!

   So, why are you still here? Go Vote!

Being "Misunderstood"

Being Misunderstood:

I was inspired to write this in Response to something a friend said about people making assumptions about them and judging them based upon those assumptions, which were erroneous.. 

Being Misunderstood

That used to be my biggest pet peeves
then I finally realized how we each inhabit an entirely unique and different position in 
the Web of it All....
which is basically determined by when in the Evolution of 
your soul was born..

No two souls ever in exactly the same place.
Therefore we each have a totally unique perspective 
that is all our own.
And this is all part of the Plan.
So the fact of the matter is
Not one person in existence now 
or ever, 
will totally be able to understand us 
(operating from a different vantage point in the web)...

So my expectations to "be understood" were really a dance of futility.

Some in the Web are closer to us,

and can come closer to understanding our perspective...
But there are those who it will simply be impossible for.

After all, nobody really sees "you"...
They see reflections 
of their own thoughts,
and feelings
...superimposed on you.

Have a Wonderful Day

New Office Chairs

I'm working on getting pictures of my office to share, but I thought you might like to see the desk chairs we decided on in the meantime?

Our new desk is really long (long enough for two large work stations), so I wanted to buy a pair of matching desk chairs. I wanted them to be good looking and super comfortable, so I figured I needed to buy vintage. I scoured craigslist and eBay for a month or two looking for a pair of reasonably priced Miller/Eames aluminum group management chairs. But since I needed two, and I didn't want to buy a new knock-off version, I struck out a lot in my pretty specific search. Most pairs were going to cost at least $1000 or more (no bueno).

Then I saw this gorgeous chair on the One Kings Lane Windsor Smith sale.

It was about $1000 I think, but it had been newly reupholstered (I LOVE the lavender linen!!).

Anyway, it got me to broaden my search parameters to just simply 'vintage office chairs' and that same day I found the perfect chairs for my office space.

They were made mid-century by company called Jansko. They are super comfortable (though I'm sure not as comfortable as the Eames chairs would have been) .

And the price? Only $135 for the pair! I got them from this great eBay seller, who has lots of fun retro/vintage furniture. He shipped them well and fast.

I love the bright blue color! Sort of reminds me of Kate Spade's (much more beautiful) blue leather desk chair.

Happy Memorial Day!! See you next week. xx

Sophisticated Nursery

I get lots of emails asking for boys' room/nursery inspiration. In case you didn't notice, we're sort of lacking in the little boys department at the Komenda household. But if I were to have a little guy, this nursery would definitely be in the inspiration file. I love how sophisticated it is! You can just tell this kid is going to be so cool when he grows up.

Check out the whole room on the great blog, Design Crisis.

Gold Hangers

Our closets are getting reorganized this month too. Is it strange that I want all new hangers? The interior of my closet is getting painted a bold color, so I really want hangers in a brass or gold tone, but they need to be slim.


I almost bought these gold hangers from Gracious Home (here's another source). They are heavy gauge aluminum wire - not cheesy dry cleaners hangers. While I'm sure I'd love these forever, they are pricey at about $2 each. Do you know of any good subs?

My friend here in the city swears by the huggable hangers line and says her blouses never slip and she has much more room in her tiny closet now. I like that these ones are in a brass finish.

A Pagan Timeline

 Pagan history is hard to really sum up. Because All pre-Christian religions with the exception of Judism are technically Pagan, it's hard to say this is what was believed... Because they all held different beliefs. But, we know some basics and that's where I will really focus. 

Below you will find a basic time-line of paganism and see how it progresses through the years... 

2000 BC Babylon's Code of Hammurabi instructs, "If a man has laid a charge of witchcraft and has not justified it, he upon whom the witchcraft is laid shall go to the holy river; he shall plunge into the holy river and if the holy river overcome him, he who accused him shall take to himself his house." 
3rd cent. AD Under the pre-Christian Roman Empire, punishment of burning alive was enacted by the State against witches who brought about another person's death through their enchantments.
306 AD The Christian Council of Elvira (Canon 6) refuses last rites to those who had killed a man by a magical spell because such a crime could not be effected "without idolatry" (i.e. the help of the devil).
313 Conversion of Emperor Constantine; Christianity is granted official toleration by the Roman Empire.
314 Canon 24 of the Council of Ancyra imposes five years of penance upon those who consult magicians. Here, the offense lies in participation in paganism.
785 The Council of Paderborn rules that sorcerers are to be reduced to serfdom and made over to the service of the Church.
906 The document De ecclesiasticis disciplinis ascribed to Regino of Prüm describes popular notions of witchcraft and states it is the duty of priests to "instruct the people that these things are absolutely untrue and that such imaginings are planted in the minds of mis-believing folk, not by a Divine spirit, but by the spirit of evil."
1080 Pope Gregory VII writes a letter to King Harold of Denmark forbidding witches to be put to death upon presumption of their having caused storms, failure of crops or pestilence.
1225 In Germany, the secular law code "Sachsenspiegel" designated death by fire as the proper punishment for witchcraft.
1258 Pope Alexander IV instructs, "The Inquisitors, deputed to investigate heresy, must not intrude into investigations of divination or sorcery without knowledge of manifest heresy involved." "Manifest heresy" is defined as: "praying at the altars of idols, to offer sacrifices, to consult demons, to elicit responses from them... or associate themselves publicly with heretics."
1275 The first "witch" is burned to death after judicial sentence of an inquisitor, in Toulouse, France. Her name was Hugues de Baniol and she "confessed" to having given birth to a monster after intercourse with an evil spirit and to having nourished it with babies' flesh which she procured in her nocturnal expeditions.
1300-30 Beginning of the witch trials in Europe.
1334 Large-scale witch trial in Toulouse, France, in which 63 persons were accused. Of these, eight were handed over to the state to be burned and the rest were imprisoned.
1374 Pope Gregory XI declares that all magic is done with the aid of demons and thus is open to prosecution for heresy.
1400 Peter de Gruyères, a secular judge, carries out large-scale witch trials in Bern, Switzerland.
1435-50 Number of witch trails rises sharply.
1484 Pope Innocent VIII publishes the bull Summis desiderantes affectibus ("Desiring with the Greatest Ardor") condemning witchcraft as Satanism, the worst of all possible heresies. The bull also officially grants Heinrich Krämer and James Sprenger, Dominican inquisitors, the right to prosecute persons of any class or any form of crime.
1486 Heinrich Krämer and Jacob Sprenger publish Malleus maleficarum ("The Hammer of Witches"), a learned but misogynistic book blaming witchcraft chiefly on women. It was reprinted many times thanks to the newly-invented printing press and was a major influence on the witch-hunt hysteria of the next two centuries. It was regarded as the standard handbook on witchcraft until well into the 18th century.
1530s Prosecutions for witchcraft begin in Mexico.
1532 The penal code Carolina decrees that sorcery throughout the German empire should be treated as a criminal offense, and if it injured any person, the witch was to be burned at the stake.
1572 The Protestant ruler of Saxony imposes the penalty of burning for witchcraft of every kind, including fortune-telling.
1580-1630 Period in which witch-hunts are most severe.
1583 121 persons are burned as witches over three months in Osnabruck, Germany.
1590 Witch trials in North Berwick, Scotland.
1609 In response to a witch panic in the Basque region, La Suprema (the ruling body of the Spanish Inquisition) issues an "Edict of Silence" forbidding all discussion of witchcraft. For, as one inquisitor noted, "There were neither witches nor bewitched until they were talked and written about."
1631 The Jesuit Friedrich von Spee publishes Cautio criminalis against the witch craze.
1647 First hanging for witchcraft in New England.
1668-76 Outbreak of witch-hunts in Sweden.
1692 Between May and October, 19 people are tried and hanged as witches in Salem, Massachusetts.
1749 The last trial for witchcraft in Germany is carried out at Würzburg.
1754 Torture is abolished in Prussia.
1782 Last known execution for witchcraft takes place in Switzerland, in the Protestant canton of Glarus.
1807 Torture is abolished in Bavaria.
1822 Torture is abolished in Hanover.
1875 Birth of Aleister Crowley, occultist who influenced Gerald Gardner.
1885 Birth of Gerald Gardner, founder of Wicca.
1890s Aleister Crowley joins the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, of which William Butler Yeats was also a member.
1899 Charles Godfrey Leland publishes Aradia or the Goddess of the Witches.
1910 Crowley meets a leader of German Masonic order called the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), a combination of Masonic rites and the traditions of the Rosicrucians, the Templars, the Illuminists, and Bengali Tantrism. Crowley was soon initiated into the order and progressing through the degrees of the order.
1912 Crowley is named Grand Master of the O.T.O. for Great Britain and Ireland.
1921 Margaret Murray published The Witch-Cult in Western Europe.
1926 Birth of Alexander Sanders, founder of Alexandrian Wicca.
1929 Margaret Murray published her article “Witchcraft” in the 14th edition of Encyclopædia Britannica.
1939 The O.T.O. in Germany is effectively dissolved by the Nazis.
1939 Gardner joins the Folklore Society and presents a paper on witchcraft.
1939 The year Gerald Gardner claims he was initiated into a witch cult called the New Forest Coven, led by Dorothy Clutterbuck.
1940 Zsuzsanna Budapest, feminist writer and leader of Dianic Wicca, is born on January 30.
1940s Gardner joins the nudist group The Fiveacres Country Club.
1946 Gardner begins work on High Magic's Aid, a fictional novel partially based on those of his Southern Coven. The witches of his coven opposed making their rituals public, which is why it was presented as fiction and filled out with rituals from other sources.
1947 Gardner and Edith Woodford-Grimes start a company called Ancient Crafts Ltd.
1947 Gardner meets Crowley at Crowley's home in Hastings for the first time on May 1, and visits him again several times during May.
1947 Gardner becomes a member of the O.T.O. in May and is authorized by Crowley to found an O.T.O. encampment and initiate new members.
1947 Crowley dies on December 1.
1947 On December 27, Gardner writes a letter claiming to have been designated as successor to Crowley as leader of the O.T.O. Karl Germer assumed leadership instead, and held it until his death in 1962.
1949 Gerald Gardner publishes High Magic's Aid under the pseudonym Scire.
1950 Gardner begins distancing himself from Crowley and the O.T.O. in favor of Wicca.
1950 Gardner states in a letter that Crowley had participated in the witch cult but left in disgust due to the leadership of the High Priestess and the nudity.
1951 Gardner founds the "Northern Coven" in London and holds a small rite at his home near the British Museum on May Eve.
1953 Doreen Valiente is initated by Gardner, and soon became High Priestess.
1954 Gardner publishes Witchcraft Today, an event which many regard as the founding of Wicca.
1957 Wicca splits into two factions, one that supports Gardner's growing publicity of the religion (led by Gardner) and one that opposes it (led by Doreen Valiente).
1959 Gardner publishes The Meaning of Witchcraft, in which he first uses the term "Wicca."
1963-64 Gardner winters in Lebanon to help his failing health.
1964 Gardner dies of heart failure on the SS Scottish Prince in the Mediterranean. His body is buried at the next port of call, Tunis.
1989 Valiente publishes The Rebirth of Witchcraft, a first-hand account of the history and development of Wicca.

Aiden A. Kelly publishes Crafting the Art of Magic, Book I, which aims to show that Gardner's Book of Shadows could be entirely traced to earlier sources.
The U.S. Veterans Administration approves the Pentagram as a symbol permitted on headstones for fallen soldiers in military cemeteries.

Tips on Country Living

For those new to Country Living:
If you raise livestock of any kind in the Country,
you can not call your place a Farm or a Ranch
unless you have at least one Dog.

  Otherwise you have to call it
a Predator Feeding Station.....

Having two retarded dogs I wish this wasn't the case....

But it is.

Lateral File Tool Storage

Living in an apartment again, with no garage or basement, has reminded me how important it is to have a place for everything. I have a bad habit of small scale organizing - where I organize things sort of wherever they happen to be, rather than designing an organization plan.

We have two areas in our loft mostly dedicated to storage - the pantry and Evie's room. Right after we moved in, I painted out an old bookcase and stuck it in the pantry/laundry room and sort of filled it with whatever had been put in the room during the move.

Somehow all of our tools got put in Evie's room, which is super annoying because I usually need the tools when Evie is napping! I don't know how I lasted this long, but I'm finally get our house really, really organized. I made a game plan last week:

Evie's Room:
Sewing machine and supplies
Musical instruments

Laundry supplies
Cleaning supplies
Accessory kitchen appliances

I want the pantry to sort of act like our garage. I considered getting a big tool box to organize everything, but space is pretty tight. I found a 36" wide lateral file cabinet on Craigslist that I think will work perfectly for tool storage with very easy access. And I like that I can lock the drawers to keep the girls out of the sharp stuff.

Buying a tall file cabinet reminded me of this project from Mary McDonald's office featured in Domino years ago. She photocopied a sample of her favorite wallpaper and had kinkos blow up the image to fit the drawer fronts.

A version of this project could be fun for my cabinet, but I'd maybe go a little more subtle with the pattern.

A Live Tasty Healthy Treat

 Arugula Flowers, Watercress Flowers, Kale Flowers and Chive Flowers.    I like to save the seeds from these to make Sprouts.  And if at just the right time I take the tip top flowers off, it makes the seed pods swell and seems to increase the seed bounty.  Gets done faster because all the energy goes to the seeds, not to more flowers. And the longer it takes the greater chance of Fungus or bug damage.  So we Feasted. I made us a salad with these potent little Babies and with Salad mix we traded for at Market, and Cukes and carrots we traded for (Thank you Sweet Leaf).   Aren't they so beautiful.
 The White flowers are the Arugula (yum), Small yellow are the Watercress, the large yellow are the Kale, and the Purple are the Chives...(really tasty in soup by the way)

Some Incredibly Cute Pictures of Bracken

Little Roo in His Pouch, Helping Dad in the Greenhouse

Snug as a Bug in a Rug
At Market Saturday

A Women took a Bunch of Pics of us at Market
The rest of the pics were taking by a woman passerby at Market who was in awe of Brackens Cuteness. She showed up and asked if she could take our Pics about 3 minutes after another guy who also fell in love with Brackens cuteness had just finished taking pics.    I gotta admit, .....nothin much cuter...