A Popular New Spiritual Practice

A Popular New Spiritual Practice

Well maybe it isn't all that new, but it seems they are writing books about it now, and I'm afraid we know some folks who are what you might call zealots, about it.
Now I must admit most of my life I followed the dictates of this "Spiritual Practice" believing in it, believing that it worked.  But then 30 years later, I find it doesn't work at all.
Now some people have filed this Practice under the heading of ," The Secret", or "the Law of Attraction"...  And just as folks did with the Bible, are only taking parts that suit their agenda. At least that is what I want to believe, I started reading "The Secret" and found so much ego based BS, that I couldn't read the whole thing, but would like to believe that at some point they looked at the whole picture, and not just the La La Land parts that made the book an easy sell for folks who wanted a quick fix at making all the stuff they wanted to accumulate, come to them.
So I'm going to tell you the main tenet of this new Religion, this new practice that claims to help folks evolve spiritually, and I'll put it in the words I used to use when I'd try to sell it to folks.
First Tenet:  "If there is something that makes you feel bad, uncomfortable, or in any way threatens your Peace.... simply don't think about it.  Our "crap" thrives upon attention and it will go away from lack of attention.  Simply focus on something else, something that feels better."  Thinking about it ,"just makes it bigger".

OK, I did this most of my life, and preached it's benefits all the way along, though never finding that elusive Peace, I felt plenty justified in telling folks this was how to get it.... just don't focus on the "Negative".

Well 30 years later I figured out the total fallacy of this approach.
Here is the truth of the matter.
Things "bother" us, feel painful to face, because we have placed a judgment upon them of them being "Negative".  We are livin in a world of our judgments, chasing those we have assigned a positive value to, and hiding from, turning away from and ignoring those that don't feel good. 
Well here is the News folks.  They do not go away from lack of attention.  The fact of the matter is, the energy of our denial of them simply allows them to grow huge back there in the dark corners where we have sent them.  The food of these hidden judgments (demons), is our denial of them. 
Taryn was just reading to me something Sonia Choquette said that I wanted to share. She said (In True Balance, an excellent book about balancing Chakras, actually the best I've seen on the subject),"It's not our feelings themselves that cause us difficulty in life, but the repression or judgment of our feelings."  She say's that," Often when unpleasant feelings arise, people shut them down because they have been taught that unpleasant feelings are bad. In truth, feelings themselves are neither bad nor good, but serve only to bring focus to something that requires attention."
Now we know a person who has emotionally and psychologically abused one of their family members for basically the lifetime of the one family member.  Finally the abused family member quit the congregation of the families chosen church which we could call the Church of the Almighty Denial, and after a time they began to see how following the church's doctrines had injured their Spirit.  So the abused person spoke honestly.  "I'm tired of being abused for my whole life, and won't take it any more. "
  Well the family who was still attending church at the Church of Almighty Denial, no matter how many times and how clearly the abused spoke out, they just couldn't seem to hear it.  They all felt very sorry for this poor person who only needed to forgive to move on and become Spiritual Folks like them.   Of course they aren't going to say what needs to be forgiven, because then they'd have to look at it, it would feel uncomfortable...and would not fit in with their Spiritual Practices number one tenet of ..... Denial.
The abuser never admitted anything and fabricated lies to discredit the abused person.  So the poor abused family member was ostracized, treated like they are the one with some kind of problem, some kind of spiritual deficit. And every attempt is made to bring them guilt for ever opening a door the family wants to keep closed so they can keep pretending to be comfortable in their collective stupor.  This has created much guilt and sadness for the poor abused person because even though they don't want to attend the Church of Denial with their family, they would still like to keep a connection with some of the non-abusive family members, who the abuser has spared no price at turning them against the abused person.

Well here is the news.... Abuse is not acceptable, even if it is denied by your church doctrine.. 
And here's some more news.... Hiding from painful Truth's, does not make them go away.... They just grow and grow back there in the corner....and will attack you some day.   They will seem to come out of nowhere, and they will slap your ass down.
So if you are one of the Congregation of the Church of the Almighty Denial, take my word for it...It won't Save you.   Try the Church of Truth on for size....it might be painful for a time until you learn to forgive your judgments.... but there will be no demons hiding and growing in dark corners.  The Church of Truth opens the doors and windows of Spirit and let's the light of love shine in.  The Church of the Almighty Denial, closes the doors and windows keeping the Light out and focuses on paintings on the walls that have no real Reality.
Choose Love....
Not Denial....

Hour Tour: Melanie of Plum Cushion

Melanie is the lovely lady behind Plum Cushion (where all your designer pillow dreams come true). She has an amazing eye and I am thrilled to share photos of her gorgeous home with you today. Sources are listed below, but feel free to leave questions in the comment section.

Thanks, Melanie!!

Living room:
Wall color: Verdigris Mist, True Value
Sofa: 'South Beach', Schumacher
Green chair: vintage (hand me down, from mom - reupholstered)
Pink chairs: Gussy Chairs (Etsy)
Bench: hand me down from Hubby's Aunt & Uncle (I just reupholstered it in Kravet's "Passage" in aqua)
Cocktail Table and side tables: Craigslist, professionally lacquered
Console: Craigslist, I painted it Verdigris Mist (the wall color) but in high gloss
Secretary: Craigslist (massively-lucky find)
Framed art: marbled paper from Paper Mojo (I got the idea from LGN), "Blonde Girl in Gray" - original watercolor from Wm. Gangol, purchased on eBay
Draperies: custom, flamestitch fabric purchased on eBay

Bedroom sources:
Wallcovering: Waterhouse Wallhangings (purchased on eBay - and they still have it! )
Bedding: Pottery Barn 'tile print' in orange
Pillows: Chiang Mai Dragon (from Plum Cushion) ;-)
Pelmets: Made by hubby and me, following the instructions on LGN
Flower Mirror: GR Hedges

Striped wall treatment, hand applied (wow was it a job!): All Behr paint. I may be able to scrape up the colors used but I don't have them all in my online file. (please comment if you need these)
Valance: Imperial Trellis

Wall color: Midnight Dream, Behr
Table: Craigslist, professionally refinished
Chairs: Craigslist, painted
Rug: vintage, Turkish, purchased on eBay

Wall color: Valley Mist, Behr
Rug: West Elm
Painting: Original Oil (also a hand me down from my mom)

New Blue Outfit

The silver-leafed cabinets are going to get some new clothes this week. Like I mentioned, the idea was for the cabinets to be an icy blue, (they are currently painted Benjamin Moore's White Ice), but the sunlight in our apartment is so funny. It changes dramatically all day long and most of the time the cabinets look pretty white actually. It's nice, but there is a lot of white in our loft (walls AND floors), so I was hoping the color would have read as a little more blue than it does most of the time. I wanted a pale blue, but not as icy and with a *hint* of green.

Then I did what I should have just done in the first place. I picked up a $3 sample pot from Home Depot. I probably should have picked up a few colors while I was there for comparison's sake, but as soon as I saw the color chip for Martha's Sparkling Brook, I knew that's what I wanted for the cabinets.

I tried a sample patch on the top left corner of the cabinet on the right. I love it. It's similar to the old color, but different enough that it will be worth painting the cabinets again. It's definitely more of what I envisioned in the first place.

Then I ran across this image of Ashley Whittaker's living room today, and I think this is the inspiration my subconscious had all along. Decision confirmed.


Oh! And how could I possibly forget:

Elle Decor

(Speaking of Mr. Hadley - I'm dying to go to his
Sotheby's auction today and bid on that amazing Serge Roche mirror.)

Mirrored (Silver-Leafed) Cabinets

Remember this post? I found two vintage fretwork cabinets for a steal at Everything Goes in Staten Island a while back.

To sass them up a bit (and to give me some hidden storage), I silver leafed the inside of the existing glass panes.

The original wood (it was sort of a fruit wood?) was not so pretty and I knew I wanted to paint it out. While I actually really liked the contrast of the dark color of the wood against the silver-leafed glass, we don't always have the best sun light in our apartment, so I needed to go lighter with the color. I also needed something in the cool color family to balance out the gold tones of our yellow striped rug.

I ended up painting the cabinets a pale icy blue (Benjamin Moore's White Ice OC-58), but I think I'm going to change the color this week -- more on that later.

I love how the panes look kind of like antiqued glass now. You can see very blurry but not true reflections, which makes me happy to know I won't have to actually watch myself when I'm parked in front of ridiculous reality shows (or when I'm doing my Tracy DVD's! Yikes). Huge upside.

Another upside is that fingerprints are a total non-issue here like they would be with traditional mirror panes. I can't see any of the Evie-sized smudges at all.

P.S. Do you see a little sneak peek of the navy buffalo check I'm considering for our dining chairs?

The New Norm, and a New Song...and Let Your Light Shine

When the "NORM"

is the Collective Pretending

The Outcasts

are the ones that are Real.

As the Norm becomes Real

The Outcasts

will be the Pretenders..

I just remembered, I wrote a song today,
It's called Livin in La La Land
I plan on maybe puttin it to music and singing it with Taryn for fun.

Livin in La la Land

"Livin in La la Land
We don’t face the Truth
We don’t make a stand
We pretend all the while
Livin in La la land"

You are wearing the mask

Pretending the smile

And the truth of the matter is

You pretend all the while…

The pain is just too heavy

A burden you cannot bear

You’ve invented this Strategy

Of pretending it’s not there

And rather than face it

You pretend not to care..

" Livin in La la Land
We don’t face the Truth
We don’t make a stand
We pretend all the while
Livin in La la land"

“We’re spiritual folks

we know how to forgive”

But you are living in the dark

And that’s no way to live

Your forgiving….
is Pretending

Not facing and Living.

Forgiving is Loving,
and Knowing,
and seeing.

Time to quit pretending

And Really start being.

"Livin in La la Land
We don’t face the Truth
We don’t make a stand
We pretend all the while
Livin in La la land"

It can be hard to take, when folks so "close" to you,
are so totally clueless about who you are....
And the more you attempt to enlighten them with your perspective..
The more they Run in Fear....
and try and put you in a safe little box.
It's sad how much guilt get's lain on folks
for just being who they are
hurtin no one
livin to Feed the Joy
and it's lain on them from folks
who aren't being who they are,
are hurtful
and live to Feed the Fear...
Funny how that works
I think I was somebody's pet mouse in some lifetime...
Oh, yeah, that was in This Lifetime....

So you have come to a point in your evolution where you are ready to face those demons you created in the Past....
And ready to stop feeling guilt, or shame for what has gone to past.
But rather face all those judgments upon your heart and Spirit,
That you or others put in you,
With Love
We who are here are becoming Purer and purer
our Essence you could say is becoming more.... Refined...
down to it's Highest State.
And all the dense crap (Fear, drama, guilt, suffering,malice,greed,not to mention Bad food)
we just have to leave behind..
And you gotta do what you gotta do to 
Don't hide it under no bushel basket, 
you gotta let it shine..

We've been hiding our light under a Basket
because it made most folks around us
those folks we lived and grew up with,
very uncomfortable...
And they didn't much like feeling uncomfortable..
Cuz the Light gonna slap you with the Truth
And they didn't want to be seeing the Truth.
Too Painful
Because it was placed in a stone box full of Judgments.
And we have been built upon by these heavy judgments,
and everything that becomes attached to those judgments....
and it drags us down
it kills our Light..
And when your light is killed
maybe you don't want to be reminded 
by some dang Fool over there Shining Brightly,
"cuz they just don't know better."

Maybe what they Know

Yes it Is

Shine Brightly......

It's time......

Honeycomb Mirror in Action

I finally bought the Pier 1 Honeycomb mirror a few weeks back and I'm loving it! Here's a beautiful home in a recent issue of Southern Living that features the same mirror...

I am obsessed with this over-sized lumbar pillow on the sofa!

Scans via Fran's beautiful blog, Green Street. Don't forget to check out the rest of the images from the spread!

Preview of some things to come

The Ultimate Love Paddle carved in Myrtlewood .  These are so great for Hurky stirring and mixing jobs, or for scooping out lard or butter.

A tree of life love paddle was something someone wanted to see when we did our Giveaway....which I hope to do another next month...

Celtic Knot paddle

Oak Spoon with Celtic Knot

Scrimshaw I did on old ivory.... That's one sexy Tree, could turn George W into a Tree Hugger huh.

 Another scrimshaw

 and another.....

Did 3 different size sets of these amazing birdseye maple earrings.  Check out the Grain on these....cosmic eh.

 Some Tribal Mountain Mahogany earrings
Lots more buttons, these in sassafras, doing some with trees carved in em...