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When I was a kid living in Japan we went to some kind of picnic. They had all kinds of fun stuff for kids where you could actually win cool toys. Well I got in  a foot race, hopin to win a really cool squirt gun. I ran my ass off and was a mile in front of everybody else when the big kid a ways back yells up to me that he'll "kill me if I don't let him win."  So I waited and waited seems like forever, just standing there a few feet from the finish line and my future squirt gun...and let him pass...
I bring this up because I've never won anything since then... no contest, no Publishers Clearing House 1000 $$ a week for life....NOTHING.
But last weekend at Saturday Market Kim asked us if we would like to be the Beautiful Booth of the Month.  This was pretty cool because another vendor just left our booth and told us we should be beautiful booth of the Month...Poof, and there it was.  And now my life is changed forever I'm sure because now the "CURSE OF THE BULLY" has finally lifted...
Kim did a beautiful job of the Presentation on the Beautiful Booth page..... and she takes amazing pics seemingly effortlessly. 
And now I'm ready.... I'll be by the front door waiting for the Publishers Clearing House van....

New Stuff

I may have had a toothache all week but still managed to get a bunch of new stuff done...
If you are in Eugene Saturday come by and see us at Saturday Market...

Looking out the Window, through a reflection in a Teacup

Looking out the Window, through a reflection in a Teacup......


We're official! We're #22 on the waiting list for our sweet little girl from Ethiopia. Part of me is anxious about the wait, but I know that God has perfect timing for us to be united with the child He has for our family so that gives me comfort. Wow, so the journey has really begun!

Finding Balance

Finding Balance (addendum to Previous post)

You know there go the dang dogs barking like crazy at nothing again, the "fool" down the hill is shootin off his gun all drunk again, the fighter jets that nobody seems to know where they come from are buzzing right over the tree tops breaking the sound barrier and scaring the goats again, In the paper it say's more innocent folks in Iraq and Afghanistan were killed... another child abused to death, etc. etc. etc.  There are so many things we don't want to hear, or see, or feel....and energetically we block these things... First we judge them, we apply some dualistic energy to them, then we suppress them. Unconsciously over so much time we have built our relationship with the world upon dualistic judgments that put us totally out of balance with our own true nature....where health resides. I think it's becoming time to energetically love and accept EVERYTHING as equally valid in this Creation.  Actually begin following some of the basic spiritual Laws like Don't judge, Love your neighbor, and "turning the other cheek", because until we do we will never find balance and Health.

Free to be Fertile.. Free to be Free

I was contacted by a wonderful woman by the name of Lisa. She liked a stone carving I had done that was set with turquoise and she wondered if I could replace the turquoise with moonstone. She was interested in a fertility pendant.   I told her swapping the stone wasn't really possible but that I did have some Moonstone and would look in my rock drawer to see if I had something similar.   So I went and opened the drawer, and sitting right on the middle, was this perfect pregnant belly fertility stone.  I've been wanting to do fertility pendants but we don't have much need around here for one, with Taryn getting pregnant on our first try...and 5 pregnant goats outside gettin ready to pop.
Well here was the glorious opportunity, and the stone was perfect, it even had (you can barely see in the picture) a natural spiral line going into the belly .... a spiral being  something Lisa suggested I work into the was there, I just carved along it.... Amazingly magical...  This is why I love this "vocation".

Then I was sitting here with this raging pain in my tooth, seeing it energetically as caused by a lot more than a careless dentist doing piss poor work...  I've been seeing some of my physical problems energetically lately, seeing how most of them seem to be coming from areas of myself I basically try to ignore, and since fertility was on my mind, I extrapolated the following blog post..

I feel that in this life or past lives there was a traumatically caused judgment/attachment made to women’s Reproductive areas that is at the center of many women’s infertility. These judgments/attachments we humans basically collect, and they pretty much define us, up to a certain point of our evolution.. Polarized ideas of Good and bad…  These labels of good and bad that we apply to our world in our never ceasing effort to understand our worlds.… actually imparts an energetic charge, to that which we are judging. And realistically whenever we apply our mental and emotional charges we distort that which we judge…from it’s truth a little bit.
Many of us have been around this Creation for quite some time, and over that long period of time it’s possible that many really horrible things have happened to us. Certainly if we were female in many past lives there’s a pretty good chance we were abused by some man…. More than once…… many many times……. And to this area of ourselves we attach many things…anger, pain, guilt, maybe even hatred….. And it doesn’t just go away, and we carry it from life to life….. and it disrupts the energetic truth of that area. And this leads to all kinds of probs…

And if you’ve ever been a guy in a past life or a few, or many….there’s a real good chance that you had to kill somebody and experience the shear terror of that and of war….. And many things attached with that experience…… like maybe guilt for abusing your wife as an outlet for your anger, fear, etc.   And we carry all this stuff, all these judgments that have no real purpose.…and they come to define us, right down to a DNA level…… And that carries from life to life. By now humans have collected so many judgment attachments to pretty much everything….that their total energetic balance ….is off.
How many of our judgments upon ourselves come about when we try to exist within other folks ideas of who we are, or should be?

All of the physical problems I have or have had come from some aspect of Myself that I am suppressing, or putting too much energy into. Suppressing seeing how incredibly incredibly stupid I always “was”…. Every time I learn sumpin reminds me of how stupid I was only moments before…he he.  And I don’t want to see that…it makes me feel bad…. So I suppress it….not going to see how stupid I was…… la la la la la    But then I keep getting slapped on the back of my head cuz I never expected my Stupid past self to sneak up on me… But then that slap turns out to be a sore freakin tooth, or a chronic intestinal problem…or whatever.  So Maybe I oughta just love my stupid self.

I once had a Teacher tell me,” You are not the reflection that you see in the mirror,
you are the one who is doing the looking at the reflection”.
Basically that I was not what I judged myself to be,
Rather I was the one who was judging who I was……
Therefore I was beyond what I was judging….
That change of perspective kind of changed my life at the time…

Are you the person you judge yourself to be
Or are you the one Judging….?

And I wonder what would happen if we stopped judging..
And simply loved the pure dance of Life that it All is…
I wonder?

To not have pain, and to be in perfect health is as simple as::
Forgiving and releasing the judgments we have accepted from others,
 And/or placed on ourselves and the world around us..
 To “forgive” them by Loving them…
and loving ourselves….
All we have to do is release lifetimes of Guilt, fear, anger, resentment, pain, fury, ….. Simple as that…he he

But you know what,
it’s OK….
Because there is nothing within you….
That isn’t loveable
That isn’t glorious to behold…
That requires a judgment to be placed upon it in the first place…
Every cell in your body
Has at it’s center…
A power and Light of a million suns
Within you lies a perfect eternity
And within a Perfect Eternity,
You lie.
So maybe we oughta start focussing on that….
That’d balance us right up…

Why "bad" things happen to "good" people...

My daughter asked me this today, because some good folks she knows keep having hard core things happen to them. I couldn't answer her at the time, not having a "short" answer for that one.... But tonight I wrote this to her, but I wanted to share it with my friends out there as well.
Hi Sweetie,
You asked today why things like that happen to good people.   It’s not an easy , or well short thing to explain….but it is for a reason…..and a good one. One word for it is Karma, but I hesitate from using that word because it is generally mis-understood.  So let me say right up front that Karma has nothing to do with “Punishment”.  People didn’t “do anything wrong” to “deserve” it.  A lot of Church’s push the whole guilt thing on folks…. And we have been swayed for thousands of years from the “Church” into actually believing that there is some relevance to Guilt…. Guilt is one of the Church’s hooks.  And over those thousands of years on this planet that the “church” has imposed this idea of guilt upon mankind, it has actually become a part of most humans DNA. And Guilt….a very un natural (and worthless) thing, is a part of most humans.  But it is not a part of any real Law that dictates how things are in this Universe.  We have been hypnotized, as part of the plan of evolution, to, when our souls are still young and finding their unique separate expression, to believe and be part of a duality of Good and Evil, pleasure and Pain. In fact we form who we “are” based upon seeking that which we desire (good), and running from that which is Painful (bad).   And upon our perceptions within this duality of good and bad, pleasure and Pain we define that unique separate expression that each of our souls are destined to make.   You can think of everything “good” as having a positive charge, and everything “Bad” having a negative charge……. And you will see that Karma is simply a basic energetic Law that rules the universe of duality… Everything in Creation is “energetic”. From each atom within us…to the planets that circle around suns….. It’s all Energetic…. A flux between positive and negative……. And built in to this whole dance of energy is the fact that it seems that All this energy, on all levels, seeks to find a Place of Balance (within the polarity). Karma is this Law, the Law of Seeking Balance.

Now we’re going to change our viewpoint a bit, take another perspective.

Souls have a certain “process” about their evolution…
A soul is born and …
look at it like this:
 God is All Souls and All Creation
Each soul is like a cell in God’s body
We Create God…all souls and Creation is the “Body” of what we call God.
And God Makes us, as our placement in the Body of God determines our souls unique separate expression..
So within the All we’ll call God
We have our special and unique placement…
And this determines “our souls expression”.
But here is the Thing,
Once a soul makes it’s unique separate expression…
When it has, on one level, Filled it’s position in the Web of God
Then the evolution changes.
No longer is one defining themselves by adding judgments upon judgments upon judgments….
Because this is how souls had grown before…
Do you realize that on some level we have judgments placed on pretty much everything that surrounds us…
Either we “Like” something, or we dislike it.
On a persons body, in fact, every trauma gets stored at the site of the trauma….
And it does this because we attach a judgment to the trauma…. As “Bad”
And suddenly that plants it idea of “Bad” on the site of the trauma….
These even carry over through lifetimes.
A trauma in a past life
Can give you cancer in this one…
Simply because.
 a Judgment held at that position for any amount of time
 means that for that amount of time,
 that area has been energetically “out of Balance”…
Because when a judgment is made upon a thing,
 it put’s it out of balance with that person…
So we ignore that area or whatever…
And energetically it is “Not right”
but all this judging of things,
This pulling to ourselves with our desire
And pushing things away with our fear….
Gives us an energetic relationship with every single freakin thing we come across in our worlds.
We become puppets of our Judgments…
Slaves to our ideas, and feelings …of good and bad.
“Judge Not Lest ye Be Judged”
is a simple and powerful statement,
that will lead a soul to Freedom,
if the words were actually heeded.
It is not that some huge white guy God dude with an attitude will Judge you,
if you judge somebody else,
But it’s simple Law.
If you place a judgment upon a thing
You are putting upon it an energy
 that places it into a polarity
that requires it to seek Balance
within the polarity.
Every judgment we make places a polarity upon something else…
Yin and Yang, constantly pushing upon each other…seeking balance.
This seeking balance…is Karma

And this is OK, it’s the way it works…..
But, once our souls make their unique separate expression…..
well then our whole direction changes.
No longer collecting, based upon judgments of good and bad
But rather walking back down the path we just came up…
making all those judgments in duality.
But now we are facing these things we had judged….
And we are facing them with Love
And we see how our judgments were kind of like created from Illusions,
 based upon other illusions. 
And the path becomes an un ravelling of all the judgments we had clothed our souls in.

Here’s something pretty concise I wrote some time ago that explains Karma. It’s from a discussion I was having to some folks online

“Jeff Wilson:   This is a reply I made on another forum on the topic of Karma, the person speaking of the fallacy of it being a system of reward/punishment. I wanted to share it here.

I agree, the punishment/reward concept was not really what Karma is really about.
All throughout our evolution as souls judgements are made...
dualistic assumptions which we impose on the simple truths of Life...
dualistic assumptions that rob us of clear vision...
And when these dualistic assumptions are labeled "bad"...we repress them....
when they are labeled "good" we desire them.
The problem with the "bad" is we put forth a lot of energy to push it away from ourselves...
to hide it in dark corners of ourselves where we don't have to deal with it. But all the energy that it takes to maintain it in it's dark it a new life , and this life has no real existence...except in our Fear.
And as our fear feeds grows and grows...yet with our mighty wills we still hold it at bay.
Well, guess what...we can't do that forever... We have to face the things we have judged as bad and feared eventually....
They ALL come back eventually.
And as you say, rather than look at this as a cause of suffering...
it becomes our path to Freedom.
Karma is our path to Freedom..
At some point we all turn on the road we have traveled,
we are returning to our Source..
.but upon this road we encounter ALL those things we have judged good and bad on our trip up the road...
The bad ones have become our Demons...
the Good ones...our illusions...
Yet now we face them without Judgement...
without fear or desire...
and this allows them to be what they really are....
just another star in the sky...
This is our Karma....
facing our judgements...
Simple as that.

OH, and don’t judge the judgments….he he..

And to answer your question one step further……
Many of our “trials” we set up in between Life times.
During the death process, towards the end of it,
is a stage where we basically decide our next life.
We have some help during this stage,
because we actually travel in Groups…
And since souls are always in the process of finding completion
Or of finding balance…..
In between lives we actually can do a lot more evolving, than we do in our lives…
And in between we kind of set up, what we need in the next life
To either help us find completion
Or to help us find balance…
 So we kind of set up our next life’s lessons..
We choose a general path that will aid us
Because when we’re in that  particular stage between lives
That I call ,”the White Hall”
We are a lot more …Hmmm,
Clear headed…and free of emotion

Things happen because we choose them to happen so we can culminate our unique expression
Or so that we can find balance  within the Oneness beyond duality.
AND because Karma is an energetic Law that pulls us from one polarity,
To another…
Seeking balance, or resolution…

Crappa Doodle Doo

CRASH !!!!    AAAARRGGHHHH!!!!  Expletive, expletive, expletive.
So today I had hoped to finish the Greenhouse.  It was crazy amazing. I had just the number of windows, and looks like probably just the number of nails I’ll need. So I’m putting in two of the last windows. On the side next to the door. It took a long time with a hammer and chisel and chain saw to cut out a notch to fit the last window in.  I wanted it to look really great and just use two huge slices of log to hold both windows in, so I had to install two windows at once. This really was a two person job but I didn’t want to go and take Taryn from whatever she was doing…and to be truthful knew it would take time for her to get organized and come out….and I’m the worlds least patient person.  So I decided to try and do it myself.   Then the upper of the two windows, a beautiful double paned window that matched nicely the one below it……. Took a nose dive out of the frame…and I couldn’t stop it…and it came crashing down into a zillion pieces and shards.    This was a weird size window…and I cut out a space for it to fit like a glove…..   Managed to have just enough old windows collected to fill all the openings….. then the freakin thing took a nose dive, and I don’t have another one to fill the big hole…  Crappa doodle doo….
Will I ever learn to just ask for help when I need it?
Let’s hope.
So the plan is to see if I can dismantle that frame…take a piece of glass out of a double window I cut apart with a hack saw, to fill another spot….and take my last piece of glass in to a glass shop and see how much they’ll charge to cut and fit it back in the frame.  But we are in the beginning of a month with all the bills to pay and we had a nasty surprise from the power company.  A bill that was an amount of about three months use. Seems the leaky hose I fixed down to the goat pen, and a I think a faulty ballast to a light in my shop….had the meter running fast circles…… So…I guess I’ll just stick some plastic in the hole for a while….and finish up all I can, until I can get the window fixed…….. Did I already say, Crappa Doodle Doo.
But on the good side there was an old gate I had to remove from the old garden entrance because it was in the way of the greenhouse and getting it done.  And on one side of the garden we had a couple posts that have been waiting for a gate....for a very long time.  Now there is a gate there, and we can easily go from the garden to the chicken yard without a big detour...and it looks really good. 

Simply Awesome...and Awesomely Simple Chicken Vegetable Curry

Simply Awesome...and Awesomely Simple Chicken Vegetable Curry
over Pan Fried Rice Noodles
This turned out to be an amazing meal, so I thought I'd share it with my friends.. But I'm afraid we ate it all, so I just have the recipe to share instead...
So I started out with a big cast iron pan with some Deck Family Farm bacon Grease in it. I cut up half a huge purple onion, a few cloves of garlic, a tablespoon or so of celery seed and maybe 1/4 cup of leftover radishes from Taryn's salad. I started cooking this on med. clarifying and slightly caramelizing the mixture. Then I cut up a breast and thigh of Deck Family Farm Chicken that we cooked in a crock pot Saturday so we'd have dinner when we got home. (somehow pregnant Taryn didn't eat the whole chicken that first night).
Then I cut up a couple of carrots and threw in about 3/4 cup frozen peas. Cooked all that for a while with some soy sauce. (If I had white wine I would have used it). Cooked that a bit then added a can of Coconut milk and a modicum of curry powder. ( I'm cuttin back on Fire creating foods...and this is a pretty fiery dinner).... 
Then I added some leftover vegetable soup Taryn had made with beets, and carrots and Kale and celery and Chicken bone broth....  AAAARRRHHH    AHHHH !!!
 I stirred all this in with the coconut milk and everything else.
Meanwhile I was boiling some Rice Noodles.  They got done and I drained the water and put them in a pan with a bunch of melted organic local butter and started frying them...then I put maybe a tbs. of toasted sesame oil in the pan and fried the suckers up with some salt.   
Then I poured the coconut chicken curry sauce over the top, and Pansies!...or, violets?.... no......VIOLA!  Incredible edible tasty....
OH, and P.S.
The inspiration that I didn't follow through on....which I actually couldn't have ....cuz we didn't have a lime......was to, at the end..... squeeze a fresh half lime over the top of each of our bowls....with some finely grated  lime peel on top of that.   That would cool some of the Fire of that meal.. (like the celery seed, or celery would do.)

These are a few of my favorite things....

1. Long walks with Ean as he talks about the birds and the dogs on the street
2. Watching Ean laugh as he slides at the park
3. Thoroughly enjoying sliding and racing Ean through the obstacle course at the infatable bounce house!
4. Going shopping with Ean at Target where he loves to see the popcorn as well as a trip to the mall to share an ice cream (shh, don't tell daddy)
5. Reading Ean's favorite book about "Big Brother, Little Brother"
6. Watching Ean race on his bike around the kitchen on the side of the wheel before he crashes into the couch
7. Visiting the zoo on a cool early morning

I miss my little Ean - but I'm so glad to have had these months to be with him. He truly is my sunshine!

Turkey Tail. (Not Just Old Tom's Fantasy) Miracle Cure

Turkey Tail… (Not just Old Tom’s Fantasy)

We were blessed this year with an amazing crop of Turkey Tail (Tramets Versicolor) mushrooms.
Sadly the bulk of the crop was growing out of out Gate posts out back, shortening their life span substantially.

But we also had an old apple tree stump totally covered with them. From this stump I took my bounty.  The other day I was out back and this incredible bounty prompted me to find out about this mushroom that I’ve pretty much avoided because I knew I couldn’t eat it.  So I did some research.  Holy Cow, this is a most powerful mushroom. Stops a lot of cancers, is an immune stimulant. It’s good for the heart and Spleen and very good for the liver.   Well I was needing a good liver cleanse…really badly.  Why with such an awesome diet and no “bad” habits would I need a liver cleanse?, you might ask.  Well I bought the pharmaceutical company’s evil line for the …well my whole life, believing the answer to intestional problems was their medications.  Starting on Rolaids in High School, going to the harder stuff like Zantac years later, then finally to the really hard core stuff like Prilosec.  You know they did a study with Prilosec, gave it to a group with heart burn type problems, and others without those problems…After a bit of time guess what…Now Off the Prilosec EVERYBODY had heart burn problems. So the poor folks who never had a problem now needed Prilosec to keep from having one.  Like a lot of Americans I was fooled. I think Prilosec is now the #1 selling drug.  But it does nothing for the actual problems…it only treats symptoms of the problems…while making the actual problem worse…Pretty Sneaky Huh….. Well it’s worth Billions a year, why be Truthful….?  Minor side effect is it’s very hard on the liver…. So… First I gave up Prilosec….it took about a year, reducing the little bee bee number that are packed into the capsules a little more each day. Finally a couple weeks ago after years taking it, I quit…switching to the less hard core Zantac, still can’t totally quit without EXTREME discomfort.  But I’m getting there because now I understand that GERD, and acid indigestion are caused by the over production of acid due to poor digestion letting stuff through that tells the system it’s not digested totally, so amp up the acid. The whole “valve problem” that the Pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe was a disease, is merely another symptom.  The solution is Healing the digestive track, getting it so it can work.  So I’m taking digestive enzymes and lots of Fermented foods and drinks, and Aloe. When I get some money there is an amino acid that works on the gut, healing it. I forget which one, glutathianine, or glutamine or sumpin lika dat.  So I’m still takin the Zantac at reduced doses, and my liver is screamin…. Soooo I make myself a magical soup. Not being in the possession of any good old milk thistle (the best for liver cleansing) , I decided to make some tea from the mushroom….. GAG !. It wasn’t all that Great… it tasted like mushroom tea, (go figure).. So in the middle of the night I had an inspiration.  Put it in Miso Soup, the little voice said. And I tried it and it was amazing.  So what I have prepared here is a Liver Cleansing/healing soup.
I crushed up the mushrooms.

Along with the mushrooms I added the Miso, some dandelion root, some Burdock Root, some Yellow dock root…and to thicken it up and make it go down smooth…some Slippery Elm.

  It tastes really good,
Feels really good….
So I’m happy


Hey Look, someone posted one of our pieces on their Blog. !!!

It is What it Is

It is What it Is

Well I had to interrupt myself from carving a personalized sign for someone because I just kept thinking about this person very close to me who recently has suffered a great loss.
  And I thought about how when this happens we humans tend to go through a period of depression.
 Then I thought about how that is perfectly OK, perfectly natural….
But sometimes we humans through the course of our lives will attach some pretty major “labels” to things…
judgments basically on everything that surrounds us,
 with “Depression” being one of these things we apply judgement to.
 And I thought of how a lot of peoples “problems” with depression,
are not a problem with the actual depression,
but rather a problem with their judgments about depression.
 Depression is Bad….
One should, “snap out of it”,
“Pull themselves up by their bootstraps”….
”get over it”,
not think about it and pretend it isn’t there…
LA la la la. Not there….I’m Happy… la la la.
 And I thought, ” HMMM?”.
Actually what I thought was,”bullshit”,
Then I realized that I was placing another judgment..
 Just like everything else in our Reality, 
Depression doesn’t need to have judgments attached…
“Judge Not” is not merely cute words….
those cute words if actually understood and followed…
are a good route to Enlightenment…..
To Freedom
or God
or whatever you want to call It.
 No added ingredients….. no judgments.
 So dear ones…if you are depressed…..
be depressed,
without judgment or fear placed upon it….
 Be it,
and then it can naturally flow into the next thing…
It really is a good time to stop judging this world and everything in it….
 Just love it,
 What it is…..
It is what it is….

Greenhouse Progress

Well we got the roof on today and some more stuff up on the front... Slow but sure as weather permits.

More Changes

Wow, so it's been a while since I've had time to write. A lot has changed in a few short weeks. I started a new job which has been interesting and hard. I miss Ean so much and long for when I can be home with him again. Carlos' job ended so he is now home with Ean part-time - and he's loving it. I'm really glad that God provided my new job for many reasons but mostly because it gives Carlos a unique time to spend with his son. After all, how many daddy's get to be home with their children? I think it's great for Ean as well as Carlos.

To say the least, I've been very sad. I struggle with why God has chosen this direction for me - that is being away from Ean. However, in the moments I've had to reflect on these last few months, I can see how amazing God has been in providing for our family and giving me remarkable peace in spite of such uncertainty.

We do have exciting news to share - we are officially in the adoption process for a sweet baby girl from Ethiopia! We hope to finalize our home study and dossier this week officially putting us on the waiting list - Yeah! It's not really hit me yet that we will have a new addition to our family, but I'm so excited to see how all of this will unfold. I really believe in my heart that God has a plan for our family which includes in some fashion our involvement in Africa. And, deep in my heart, I know that He knows my desire to be a full-time mommy. I know that in the right time -He will make the path straight.

So, for now, I enjoy walking on the dock and looking at the lake during my lunches on Sea Ray island. And, I get to meet a new group of people. Today as I read my devotion, I was reminded that one of my biggest purposes on this earth is to worship our Lord Jesus Christ which includes honoring the path He's chosen for me. So...once again, we wait.

This week I also celebrated my 36th birthday. Wow, where has the time gone? My wonderful husband surprised me with flowers at my new office, and when I arrived home my mom had sent gorgeous flowers to my house as well! What a blessing. To top it off, I had two sweet cards from my little Ean and a ton of well wishes from my Facebook friends. It truly was one of my best birthdays ever knowing how much I am loved.

So, thank you Lord for loving me so well through those you've put in my life!

Birthday Breakfast Bliss and the rest of the Day too...

OK, 57 years old today. "Holy Old dude Batman"..  Don't feel old....and after this amazing Breakfast I felt down right teenagerish. This is a Breakfast to Remember.  Take a look then I'll tell ya all about it.
OK, we don't eat Gluten and boy do we miss bread.  (We're saving up for some rice sourdough starter) But for my birthday we got some Rice English Muffins.  I smeared them with fresh local farm pure unpasteurized butter and browned em. Then last night Taryn made an amazing spinach coconut curry. We put that on top of the English Muffin....then on top of that we put some of Deck Family Farms amazing bacon, then on top of that we put eggs plucked out from under the chickens this morning.....  AND, Freddies had the best Grapefruit on sale, 5 for a dollar...YEE HAW.. I sectioned them and put Honey on top...  
Then I hauled a truck load of wood then worked outside the rest of the day...forgetting lunch and I'd have told you about the amazing Deck Family Farm pork roast dinner with Sweet Potato and corn pics but by then I was so starving I just had to get to eatin it, no time for takin pics.
My amazing wife gave me such a great present. She made me an all natural pillow of wool stuffed in cotton.  I can't wait to sleep on it.  It was a wonderful day, going to take a bath then watch a movie and have buttered popcorn with brewers yeast..... Yum.... 

Master and Student and the Key to Enlightenment

Master and Student
By Jeff Wilson

Once upon a time high in the Himalayan mountains in a cave there was an Enlightened Master. One day his most zealous student came into the cave with a burning question. The Master was sitting there with his eyes closed and a calm expression on his face. The student pondered upon whether or not he should interrupt the old Sage, and finally his impatience got the better of him.
“Master, please show me the Path to Enlightenment,” the young student asked.
The master said nothing, just remained there as silent and unmoving as a stone. The student was beside himself with aspiration for Enlightenment and once again asked, more loudly this time, ”Master, please show me the Path to Enlightenment.”. Again the Master did not move, did not blink an eye, just remained as still and silent as a stone.
Well the student was getting a little angry at his Master for not helping him with his question and once more he queried the old sage, this time in a very loud voice,” Master, please tell me how do I find peace of mind, how do I achieve Enlightenment?”
Well the master opened his eyes and looked right into the eyes of the student and said,” Shut up, Shut up SHUT UP!!!”
Well the student ran from the cave very hurt and angry, and left the Teacher to become a farmer.

Sadly he didn’t realize that his request to be shown the path, was answered
…as well as his request to be told the Path to Enlightenment…

He he

It’s the lack of mental and emotional silence that deprives us of Enlightenment…..
The answer “Shut Up”….was very concise…. 
No wasted words….

Deck Family Farm

Real Food....Real People

Well today was the first day of Saturday Market. And for the third year in a row I missed it due to what is becoming a tradition I could live without....namely I got the flu, third year in a row in the same week, weird.
We have been looking forward to Market for quite a while now, but more than making a few dollars we really wanted to go to pick up our CSA box from Deck Family Farms.
As most of you readers know Taryn and I are all about good food, and rather than spending money on "stuff", good food is our first priority.
  Taryn did tons of research on local farmers, looking for good grass fed meat...we can't seem to bring ourselves to buy the nutrient lacking, poison and fear filled factory farmed "meat" that is available in the stores...and even the "organic" store bought meat is questionable.  So after a lot of research we decided to give Deck Family Farm a try.
We were not disappointed, in fact much the opposite.
Now if you haven't eaten "real" grass fed meat before let me warn tastes different. It has this quality not found in store bought meats, hmmm..what can I call it....OH yeah, FLAVOR.
So, even though I was at home developing a personal relationship with the throne in our "restroom", Taryn ventured all the way over to the big city to pick up our CSA box.  Now I have to tell you that this is like a monthly Christmas for us because you never know exactly what you'll get, but it's always wonderful.  She finally came home with the box and OH MY God, it was like a box full of heaven. "Lamb Salami"...we love lamb. I actually hated it until we got some from Deck, and I figured out a way to cook it that makes it taste like meat candy, if you can imagine that. Pork Roast, Steaks, Sausage, Real Bacon with no deadly chemicals.... hamburger, etc.  With the baby on the way, Taryn can eat a box like this by herself in a few days...(just kidding honey) NOT...he he.
Now let me tell you something about these folks at Deck.  I went one time out to their beautiful farm to pick up a box. These are folks with integrity...they raise their animals with love and respect. One of their beautiful milkers was looking out of the barn at me and I swear she was smiling. 
Now I have to be truthful here, when I went out there I thought maybe they were some kind of weird cult that only allowed it's members to be beautiful women. Everywhere I looked there was some beautiful woman doing was pleasantly strange.  I imagine that is a testament to the magical qualities of their Meat.
I spoke with Christine who was very nice and knowledgeable and who knew about Weston A Price...(Taryn's Hero).
Here is a link to their web site and blog where you can get an idea of what wonderful folks they are.
Their Website
So if you want to eat the way a human was meant to eat, good quality naturally raised grass fed meat, give these folks a try. We only ate meat from their farm all last year, and our health got so much better. HMM, I just realized that I didn't get the flu until we had run out of their meat for a couple of months...hmmm, could be...