Ask and Ye Shall Receive Cedar Posts.

I'm an Aires.  Something I rarely do is ask for anything. I always gotta do it all myself... I mean it freaks me out because whenever I do ask, it manifests instantly...and having that much power over the universe makes me think about the veritable wind from the hummingbird wing in my back yard effecting some dude in India out planting his corn, maybe blowin a little dust in his eyes and nose, makin him sneeze and blowing out the stitches from his recent hernia surgery.   I've always been one to just wait....and appreciate, but rarely ask.  Now Taryn actually applies this little cosmic law as a matter of course....that Law that say's ask and ye shall receive, and be thankful and it'll keep coming.  Every night she writes in her journal 10 things she was thankful for that day...every night, and she writes things she would like to happen...little prayers.... And they always happen.   Well we live in paradise but one thing we both have difficulty asking for is we don't have any...he he, so we make due.   We built our wood shed, a huge beautiful thing out of trees from the property here and from slash piles in a logged out area, and discarded roofing.( you can see part of it in the background).  Well we really need to fence some areas around here.  I miss my front yard full of flowers, but our sweet idiot dog Sweetie makes that impossible, as do the chickens and goats we'd like to keep free ranging...... SOOO, we need a lot of fences.  Well a friend of ours has a small mill and traded us for a truckload of the outer slices of trees, perfect for fences.  But we need posts, and this is Oregon and wood in the ground lasts maybe 2 years max, unless it's cedar, or treated lumber. Well we can't afford either sooo the other day a friend came over and was topping some trees and I finally decided to ASK.  I said, hey, if you ever come across any cedar for posts, let me know.  Two days later he's trimming huge cedar trees and havin me cut it up and haul it off helps him out.   SOOO, today I scored two truckloads like the one in the picture....   The fences are on the way...... and we have plenty of Pallettes for gate...... HMMM, now maybe I'll ask for gate hardware and cement.....
Look out dude in India planting corn, better get a grab on that hernia !!!

Incredible Cooling Nettle Lime Soup

Well Taryn had a craving.  She needed something cooling and refreshing, yet potently green.... An Inspiration came to me and from that OMG,
I made a very tasty amazing soup.


Incredible Cooling Nettle Soup.
A bunch of fresh nettles, enough to jam into a large pot.
1 Lime
 2 tbs.Lemon Juice
 A handfull of shredded Coconut
5 tbs.Fresh Butter more or less
2 tsp. Toasted sesame oil
Salt to taste
Cayenne to taste
Celery seed 1-2 tbs.
Coriander 1-2 tbs
Dry fruit… optional I put in some plums and strawberry leather I made
Ground almonds 2 cups
OK, first you steam the Nettles for 20 miutes...
Then you stick them in a blender and blend em up
Put em back in the pan, and save any leftover water from steaming them and make tea.
Grate up the lime rind, then add it to the soup...
Squeeze the lime into the soup and if you want you can throw the halves in and cook. 
Throw everything else in and simmer for as long as you can stand it and not eat it....

Eat it right away, or make it a cold soup...put in fridge and cool it off.. Yummy

Start with a packed full pan...add just enough water to steam for 20 minutes

 ...Puree it Up...

 Add in everything, then simmer.
We got some nice yummy organic butter from some friends with a cow, cheaper than store bought.
Taryn said it was just what she needed...and " The Best Soup Ever"

It's not Just A Wood Stove

Some folks think this is just a wood stove. But it is actually a Clothes dryer, A youghert/kefir/cheese incubator, a Humidifier an incense burner, a soup and stew cooker.. a seed sprouter...a kombucha warmer...and on top of all that it keeps the home warm..
I like the expressions
“They are, who they are” and
It is what it is”…
Because they are an expression where we remove our judgments
from people and things around us.
When we do that
Life Flows a lot more smoothly, and
We become joyful.
And we become joyful 
once we remove those judgments…
What is left,
Is Love.

Making All Things New

I've been writing about the vision that God is building in our hearts, and I wanted to share more about what He's been doing in our lives. To start, He has been building a foundation in our marriage - that is - "rebuilding." It's been a tough few years for Carlos and I through Ean's premature birth and the long search for the right person to care for Ean while I work. Needless, to say, the time revealed many weaknesses in our marriage and frankly the lack of unity and purpose.

One of the biggest blessings of this season has been the God's laying of a new foundation in our marriage. God has used this time to tear down walls and unify our hearts. I am so thankful not only for the peace and strength that it gives our family but for the model that we're now setting for our son. We hope that he sees the love and support we now share for one another.

Along the way as I was processing my desire for adoption, I shared with Carlos that I felt God was giving me a heart for orphans. He really moved me by stories of those that have adopted from Africa ultimately bringing Carlos and I to a crossroads. One night as I shared my heart with Carlos, he too shared with me that he had always wanted to work with orphans. Instantly, God unified us with the vision - a deep love and desire to help orphans. But how?

We continue to pray about how it will all unfold since we can't see even one day ahead of us right now:) We do feel that He has put Africa on our family's heart, and our desire to adopt is firmly planted in our hearts. So, we see what He will do. I have a sense that something amazing is going to happen especially when we go to pick up our new baby in Africa. I believe that part of the journey is picking up a new child to join our family, but God has something special planned for Carlos and I as we set foot on African soil. I suppose time will tell....

Don't Get All Worked up About it !

I see a lot of folks getting all worked up about the “state of the World”. We got the ice packs meltin, the politicians doing their normal stuff, petro and pharma companies doing all they can to destroy the health of the planet…and us. 2012 just two years away….let’s all panic and run around pointing fingers at each other getting all upset about it….

NOT !!!!
I say that it’s good to have causes to help folks and the planet around you.
But as soon as those “causes” mess up your Peace……
 you lost the battle buddy…

*** It is important to understand
 that you can not fight evil,
 you will have no success in a battle against darkness.
To fight something
 is only to acknowledge it
 in the most extreme way.
Fighting darkness only feeds it with its favorite most nutritious food
of anger and self-righteousness.
Two things will destroy darkness,
Love and Light.
It is time for folk to switch from battling darkness,
to feeding the joy.
Feed the Joy.
Joy; the sweet child of Love and Silence.
The wise person,
when facing darkness,
You know you can't hardly feel bad, and make the AHHHH sound at the same time....
this was my Facebook status today. Then I put a picture of the new logo I made for Taryn's Blog.. ( a little subtle advertising for her blog here).
A Nice place to go for a Happy Heart...

"Mailmo" Sighting!

Ah, "mailmo" what would we do without mailmo. There would be no one to wait for with anticipation. There would be no one to wave at on the road. There would be no one to ask for 100 times a day! There would be no mail. Ha. Ean's fascination with the mailman is full of such excitement, hopefulness, and joy. When we saw mailmo on our way home this past week, it really struck me when I looked at Ean's face in the rearview mirror. He was so happy. It was as if it was a homecoming for him and his best friend was finally there. And, afterwards, he had complete contentment. He was fulfilled.

What really struck me from our "mailmo sighting" was the comparison of Ean's desire to see mailmo with my own desire to be close to the Father. I have those days where I feel so close to God - fearless and confident. While other days, I can't see Him, and I just stare out the window wondering if he's still there - much like Ean for the mailman. The great thing about God is that He doesn't leave to go home to sleep or take a day off. He's with me even when I don't feel it. Carlos reminded me this morning that faith is not based on feelings which is so true. I guess I just don't want to loose the close friendship God and I have developed in this season when the mountain returns. For some reason, it's easier to find him in the valley. So, my prayer for this upcoming week is to enjoy that He is with me.

Spring Beauty

This amazing early Spring.  The pond is full of frog eggs already...yay... And look at the raindrops on the flowering Plum buds.  I took this picture two days ago, today it's blooming...  Beautiful...


The Best Meditation Technique in all of Creation forever and ever no matter what you say..

The Best Meditation Technique

He he… A couple years ago I would have pulled into a topic titled such as this, just to ream the author for their “Narrow Mindedness” . I’d tell them that there are 7 major distinct lines of Force that folks travel, and within each of these lines of force are many schools of meditation. And folks are best served to identify which of these “Ray’s” their souls and personalities are operating on, and then choose within the methods for those rays.
In each life we fall energetically under these “Rays”…..
they mould our growth into the form life
and they also outline the path back to Source…
In fact when I was pretty young I realized that one of my “purposes” was to teach about the Ray’s,
not only for the purpose of helping folks choose their “Right” path
but also so they could see their Path more clearly,
and by simply spreading the concept that there are innumerable paths
all going to the same place.

But that was a couple years ago…
and I did not take that course of Teaching the Ray’s to others,
Tried to be normal for a while
That was impossible, but my efforts were quite Valient… he he
… this Quickening that is happening now
….everything is Culminating.
All those Paths are merging now…
Colors of the rainbow….
merging into their origin .
Those rays were like the colors of the Rainbow…
They defined our beauty,
And built our Dream.
But now they are merging back into the Sun…
So I have modified my opinion on the subject.

Now the old methods of:

Using our Will

Or Expanding our Hearts

Of Balancing our actions in the World of Man

Of Harmony found within Duality

Of Conquering the Mind and Understanding the Pattern

Of Devotion

And Magic

Those we have Done….

In and Out
Now the Paths are returning to their origin.
Now it is Merging into the Light.
So it seems to me that the best “styles” of meditation are no longer within those colored rays,
but rather should be aimed at the Light that it all came from….
Let’s begin focussing on the Light….
It’s the first thing that Was….
It’s also the last thing that is….
So let’s try focussing on that…….
Basically what I’m saying is…
We’re at the Destination…
We’re just so busy focussing on
and being
the path that got us here….
We miss the big Point,
That We Have Arrived

Time to just Let Go

Into the Light

Now it’s simply time to look up and see where all the paths are merging…

Rainbow Children

Meltin into the Sun…

Saving Seed

Saving Seed

Every year we save seed from our best crops, and there is a process to this I thought I'd share.
First we cut the seed stalks and hang them upside down in feed sacks to dry. This way if the seeds fall off we don't lose em.  Then we let them dry.  Eventually when time allows we get around to dealing with the seed....sometimes not until planting time the following year. (We have so much to do, always...that we need to set priorities).  So, once dried I rub the seeds off of the stalks inside a feed bag.
Here I'm doing coriander (cilantro seed) just in time for planting.

Next comes the winnowing out of small stems in a large bowl..
I started running out of breath blowing on it, so used technology (my compressor) to carefully blow out everything that wasn't seed...and the lighter non-viable seeds.
Check it out, nice bunch of seeds..
Then to finish it up here is a little secret of mine.... I add in diatomaceous earth (sharp bony skeletons of microscopic sea animals) that acts like little swords and cuts to shreds any little bug type varmint that might decide to want to feast on our seeds. Often their eggs will be in with the seed. Diatomaceous Earth won't hurt us to eat (if we decide to use some of the coriander in cooking, which I do a lot when we don't have Cilantro)...and it doesn't harm the seed.  (Just probably calcium carbonate and silicate).
And there you have years Cilantro crop, and seasoning for Mexican Food which I make a lot.

The Masked Man

The Masked Man

And the Sweetest Kiss

When he was a young child he had the harsh realization that he wasn't like everyone else, ...... in fact even when he was small he scared people. As a young child he felt a deep loneliness because he was "different" . He would see and hear things nobody else seemed to see or hear.. Finally one day he came up with a plan; he decided to make a mask for himself to wear that people would like. He studied the humans around him very diligently so he could learn what they liked, what made them feel good. Even at a very young age he was a skilled craftsman at the art of mask building and before he knew it he had a very special mask made for himself. It was very special because it would change depending upon the people he was with. As soon as he finished the final touches he put on his mask and walked out into the world. It was wonderful and miraculous. All of a sudden the people who had run from him in fear before, gathered close to him, they seemed to actually love him. It was a new life for him and he enjoyed playing with the humans. A few times he got so happy and sure of himself with someone, someone who had pledged their love to him, and he took off his mask. They shrieked and ran away, and never came close again. After this had happened a half a dozen times or so he decided not to dare and remove the mask again. He went through life and danced the human dance for many years, got married and had children and all that.... but through all of it he felt empty because he knew that he wasn't himself, that nobody in his entire world knew who he really was. His loneliness was so deep that his soul felt empty.

One day when he was old a beautiful young woman came up to him and asked him to take off his mask. He loved her instantly but was afraid to do this, afraid she would run away screaming. But then something special happened and this beautiful woman told him that she loved who he really was under the mask, and then she went on to describe every feature of who he was without the mask. She knew, and yet she didn't run, in fact she moved in his home with him.

The old man was truly and deeply happy for the first time in his long life so he decided to trust this precious girl and remove his mask. Then something horrible happened ... the mask had grown into his face and his face into the mask ... and he pulled and pulled, tearing away at the flesh and hair. He bled and bled but still the mask would not come off, it had become a part of who he was in the world of humans.

She begged him to remove the mask and told him she would leave if he didn't. His despair was so deep that a cry so horrible came forth from his soul. He loved the girl more than anything he had ever known, and would do anything for her.

He cried from such despair, and ripped at the mask, and bled and bled. Finally the girl who truly did love him in the sweetest purest way could bear his pain no longer and kissed the old man on his mouth. And that kiss was not like any kiss this man had ever had from his wives or lovers or children... it was this kiss of one soul, kissing another. And for the first time in his life he felt loved, and it was like nothing that had ever happened in his world before. And suddenly for the first time he felt lovable because he knew it wasn't the mask he wore that she was kissing, but him.. who he really was. And then the miracle happened and the mask that he had worn for a lonely eternity slid right off his face and broke upon the ground. When he looked at the girl he expected her to scream and run, but she stood there smiling, her face full of love and gleaming. Then the second miracle happened and she held up a mirror to him and he saw that he was beautiful ..... then she kissed him again, long and so sweetly

Can you Remember?

Can you remember when life was magical

A reflection in a pool of your dreams,

misty visions of green meadows

mountains and silvery streams.

Butterflies floating

like dancing fairies in the air

A vision so beyond beautiful

you forgot you were even there

It's ALL Sacred

It’s ALL Sacred

We’ve done some really smart things,

And we’ve done some really stupid things

We’ve been hurt

And we’ve hurt

We’ve been assholes

And practically saints.

And all that is what we’ve Been

What we are now...

Is what we choose now

And Now we can’t let what we’ve done

Or what has been done to us

Keep us from being who we want to be Now.

For what we did, and what was done to us,

we must have no shame, or guilt, or anger.

Because our job in Life is to be who we are to be

And all those things we did and that were done to us

Aided in this purpose that we were made for.

Aided us in the path to the culmination of who we are to be..

It’s all sacred


Right Side Up

Here we are in "Week 6," with a front row seat in God's work. Pretty neat. He's been doing so much in our family through this season. What really struck me this week is how much I've been living "upside down" that is trying to do things on my own. I've had many moments of completely letting go (which I never thought was possible) these last few weeks and they've been the most peaceful times of my life.

I had a great picture this week of being in the boat with Jesus. I can see the shore, and now the seas are calmer so I take hold of the rudder to steer us to land. Ah, imagine me taking control! But, as I grabbed the rudder, the peace left me and all of sudden the storm reappeared. What a good lesson - that no matter what I think I see in front of me and how it might be the "right" thing, why would I take control away from the one person who knows the plan! I want to live in peace and confidence that God will lead me. It's not to say that life is complacent or I just sit and and wait - I just need to KEEP THE FOCUS ON HIM!

We are also very excited about how much He has been doing through my time at home with other people in my life. I've seen so much fruit from relationships that intersect with our family which is yet another testimony that I'm exactly where I need to be. So, alas, it's not been about the job (imagine that!) but about establishing a foundation and casting a vision in our family. I'll post next time on the vision He's been sharing with us. It's amazing!

I love this wood

I Love this wood, and these trees. They are both in Mountain Mahogany, just different hues. They look more like stone (and carve more like stone).. Both have little tiny creatures in the knotholes of the trees, peering out.

And here is another recent one. It's made out of antelope horn, ebony and cocobolo wood...with opals in the eyes and Tiger Eye in the Third Eye...

A very powerful necklace...

Making Strawberry Swirls

It starts here in a field that was just packed with succulent organic strawberries, so many that it took no time at all to pick our baskets full

Then we made some awesome jam with just strawberries and agave nectar.... but come Feb.1st I finally realize that we don't eat bread and the jam is just sitting out there in the pantry...and I'm craving the taste of Early Summer.  So I spread the jam on the dehydrater on special sheets made for fruit leather... Then dry it overnight..

The next morning we have trays of fruit leather.....
But fruit leather is kind of a hassle storing and eating,
 so I decided to make something handier..

Peeled off the leather, then rolled it up real tight...

Then I rolled it up in the middle of the wax paper, and took it out to the shop and squished it in a vise, then hammered it with a sledge hammer, trying to mesh it into a solid chunk..

That didn't really work like I'd hoped...but OH Well.
Then I got the scissors and cut the roll into manageable sizes..

Then I took this horrible picture of the finished product.

  Now we can put it in the jar with the dry fruit, or in the trail mix jar with nuts and dry fruit...
Yummy, the incredible, intense, flavor blasting taste of fresh summer berries
....times 100...
My tongue is singing....
"Strawberry Swirls Forever"

Standing Firm

It's been an interesting week, that is "Week 5." I've been sick most of the week in what I'd consider a "fog" which has been very challenging. In spite of that, God continues to work in us. He has been leading us as a family through 2 Chronicles 20...and this week we're "standing firm."

It really hit me last night how hard it will be for me to be away from Ean again. I only pray that God will provide me strength for the transitions ahead. I trust Him with our future, and what He considers the best thing for me to do right now because I know He is preparing us for more than what we can see. So, interestingly, the "planner" in me (the one that always has to know what's coming next) is letting go. Ironically, it's more fun! I don't have to be stressed about what's ahead, but I can trust that He has a plan and knows what is best for us. Another amazing praise from this journey!

Oh, and we feel we have the right adoption agency now after much prayer and searching (which is very exciting). So, we wait...