New Beginnings

I've felt like the seas are changing this week as it's my last official week of work. In part, I'm excited about what God has ahead for our family - even though everyone around us thinks we should be anxious and afraid. I think more than anything I have a new routine and way of doing life for right now so I feel a little out of my "skin." I guess that's to be expected. I am so thankful that in spite of the uncertainty, that I can spend more time with Ean now. What a blessing.

I was also excited about meeting other adoptive mom's during the Ethiopia group meeting on Sunday - although I have to say that I feel more confused about the direction we should take (agency, etc.) But, we know that God will clarify with time. For now, we continue to pray about bringing a new baby home from Africa to join the Borja family. Very exciting.
Another weeks work.Still need to string it up and put wires on the earrings. There is an ivory buckle special order, you can't tell by the pic, inlaid with a brass letter "E". Lots of deer horn necklaces this week and some smaller carved trees.
There is also a sign that didn't show up in this picture that says,"Fairy Folk Welcome, a special order from Alley. See you at Market!!

"...the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid." John 14:26-27

Wow - God is really doing a work in me today. I am so emotional about the possibilities of expanding our family. We continue to pray that God will provide for our family so that we can proceed with the adoption process. It seems that Ehthiopia is the direction for us - now we wait. Today, as I listened to a children's song "A La Claire Fontaine", I was so moved by thinking of all the children around the world without a family. I instantly wanted to move overseas and work in an orphanage. I don't know - the thought of moving is growing in me...just not sure where God is leading us. For now, we wait and pray.

Well we're doing Holiday Market now...lots of fun, very busy. Here is a pic of some pieces I made last week, before they were strung..... Only one more weekend there and the three days before Christmas, come see us at the Fairgrounds in Eugene...

"In quietness and confidence shall be your strength"

It's been an interesting few weeks for us. To start, I was so blessed by my time with Ean last week and with family. It was really the first time that I was able to spend quality one-on-one time with Ean since he was born. A real treat. Aside from my dad being back in the hospital, it was a great week.

Alas, admist all the uncertainty, God is still shaping in both Carlos and I the deep desire for adoption - specifically Africa. I read this amazing book last week from the founders of All God's Children International. It's been a long time since I've been so captivated by a reading especially with every single page pointing to the amazing works of our Lord.

I still can't "figure it out" in my wordly mind how all this is going to work out given our job situation, but I am excited to finally be able to let go and wait with excitement to see how creatively God is going to work in our family in the months to come. Carlos and I agree that this is how life is going to be lived for our family going forward - asking the Lord to guide our steps and simply waiting to see where He leads. It sounds so basic and foundational as I write it, but it has not been our reality as a family. For that reason, I'm excited.

Let's roll...