New Pipes for Movie Studio in Belfast

These are wizard pipes I made for a movie studio in Belfast. One is Deer Horn and ebony wood, inlaid with a turquoise eagle, the twin pipes are in Myrtlewood, they have copper inlaid celtic knots on the sides and tigers eye inlaid in silver in the front. Going to be in a movie " Your Highness"I sent them a really cool necklace with the last batch of pipes, was told today they finally received the last ones and will use the necklace.. The first pipes were sent about a month ago, they didn't get until today and had given up, so ordered more. Nice folks.

Busy Week, lot's of inlays, and my first Hard Cheese

Here is my first batch of Hard cheese, made it in the greenhouse on a hot day...Below you can see the cheese curds in the whey. It's dried for a few days now so I have to wax it... Pretty cool.

That is some of last weeks inlay work, and a pipe I finished..

Cherry Pitter

Well we went and picked a bunch of strawberries the other day, and 21 pounds of cherries....then found out the Farms cherry pitter wasn't I invented one from an old drill press stand, only took a few minutes, and rocks....