Saturday Market last week in May

It was a hot day ( as in excessively warm) , Erin and Julia came, it was good 2c them but don't guess they got in. I miss those guys. Taryn's Dad and Dorrie came and visited us...that was nice, we got to set up next to Nancy. The music was great...we were backed up to the stage, hard on biz wit dat last band (rockin hard and loud) so we couldn't hear customers... but there weren't that many by then anyway...and they rocked. Good day and came home to duck soup that our friend Star gave us that was magical. Well, bed time, and some more soup.
AHHHH duck soup, make you strong like man in picture..

Faery Friends Welcome

Well I'm working on two large signs for a Country Doctors office right now, they are gifts because he got a clue about my need for Vitamin D which has greatly changed the quality of my life. However I'm not posting them yet cuz they aren't quite done, rather I'm posting a pic of a small cedar sign I made for someone's garden or front door... I'll post the Dr's sign pics soon, hope to have done within a week. Well here' s the faery folk welcome sign.

Today I finished Saima'a Runes. They turned out really good. The wood was aged and spalded Huckleberry from our land here...incredible. We've been getting milk now from Ziggy. We had a scary moment when no milk would come out of her and her udder was swollen huge, afraid she had mastitis, I massaged it for a long time and soaked it in warm water, but then discovered there was a scab over the opening in her teat, I pulled it off and was able to milk her out...whew, then I've been puting comphrey on it and it's getting better..

Well here are some pics of Saima's Runes and a bag Taryn made for them out of an old wool sweater she felted and sewed.

Runes, Goddesses and Inlays

Well I plan on starting doing some Runes today from Huckleberry wood on our property. I just finished the stone in stone inlays below. I really like these, though they certainly take longer than inlays in wood, the "feel" is worth it.
You can see these at

The Portal

This is a huge door I carved for some folks. It was the first thing I ever did like this. It took quite a while because the wood the folks chose was not really carving wood, it was very dry and brittle. But I finally finished it and was very happy the way it turned out. This is the front side.
This is the back side

Top Front

Bottom Front